Is Starfield just the evolution of no one’s sky?

It’s always dangerous to create exaggerated expectations for the game, but how can you not be excited when a company like Bethesda goes into fiction and promises us to explore more than a thousand planets? However, some people criticized it starfield because it just looks like a variation No human hair is expected and will this be a fair complaint?

Credit: Disclosure / Bethesda

with a trailer starfield Since Xbox & Bethesda Games has become one of the most discussed games at the Showcase, many people have linked the new game to the Hello Games structure, and this is not surprising. Then, as we travel from one planet to another, we use a laser to mine, encounter strange creatures, and explore research stations.

There are those who classify the title as “Bethesda.”No human hair is expected Ugly ”and rejecting the tastes, Todd Howard used an interview on the IGN website to explain some of the details of the story. starfieldstarting with the study of outer space.

According to the game designer, one of the concepts proposed by his team was the implementation of the hundred-day system, which allowed the player to freely explore this universe. However, this did not prevent them from vetoing ideas that were not crucial, such as the transition from space to the surface of the planets.

People ask, “Can we fly a spaceship directly to the planet?” they ask. “No,” said Howard. “We decided at the beginning of the project that the earth was a reality, but when it was in space, it was a different reality.”

For him, this transition would not be an important thing for the player, because the amount of time needed to accomplish something like this is not justified. It focused on conveying an experience that is considered fantastic when we are on earth and in space.

And to achieve this goal, Bethesda turned to what the company has been using for a long time, the procedural generation of these environments and content. Still, we can find much starfield Coming this way, Todd Howard guarantees that there is not so much hand-created content in any game made by them.

“We have more than 200,000 lines of dialogue, so we still have a lot [conteúdo] handmade and if people just want to follow the main task, the quest line, as usual in our games, they will see what they expect from us.

Howard then said that those who were less interested in following the main story could simply choose a planet, set up a outpost there, and see the sunset. There is freedom and if a person wants to spend his life within it starfield In no other way than the basic proposition, no problem.

For those who want to know the story that Bethesda will tell, it should last 30 to 40 hours, which makes the new game 20% longer than the company’s previous titles. Hundreds of hours a fall out to eat The Elder ScrollsThe time may seem short, but then the studio ignores side missions and all the additions in the game.

Credit: Disclosure / Bethesda

So what not to do less starfield it will be places for content and research. Most of the more than a thousand available planets may not differ much between them, but curiosity forces many people to jump from one place to another to find out what they can find there. Add what mods can create after the game is released, and it’s not surprising if it stays relevant for years to come. Skyrim.

Interestingly, even with such a big game, we should think that it will have only four big cities. According to Howard, New Atlantis is responsible for Bethesda as the largest city created for the game, and the center of the faction, called the United Colonies, serves as the beginning of the plot line.

There we can find many missions, conflicting groups, or improve our ship. By the way, if anyone is waiting to be able to adapt the ship, then there is something to celebrate starfield This should be an important part of the game.

With modular assembled ships, we can change from areas such as the cargo hold to the chassis, cabin and aesthetic elements. The player decides which parts he would like to invest in, making his ship a vehicle that is faster, more powerful in attack, or better equipped to cover long distances.

Credit: Disclosure / Bethesda

All of this has a direct impact on the battlefield and inspires names such as space battles, despite Bethesda’s quest for a unique experience. FTL: Faster than light the and MechWarriormaking decisions that will lead us to success or failure.

“There are several power systems on your ship,” Todd Howard explained. “A little bar FTL in terms of putting the amount of energy into the three power systems there for weapons. Then there are the engines, the shields and the gravity drive, which allows you to jump out of situations where you need some power. “

Already the effect MechWarrior Some people may feel in the cadence of a war that will happen at a slower pace than expected. The game’s designer also drew attention to an interesting feature that allows you to connect with other ships, capture them and thus control them.

As for the question starfield One did not pass No human hair is expected Improved, especially since I don’t see it as a problem. I liked the creation of Hello Games, and if Bethesda can take this concept a step further, I will only have reason to celebrate.

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