Is it Covid, Flu or RSV? The chart compares the differences in symptoms

Together, Covid, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are inflicting a nationwide wave of respiratory sickness.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, roughly 76% of US hospital inpatient beds are full. Pediatric beds are at comparable ranges, however six states have 90% or extra of pediatric beds crammed, in line with an NBC News evaluation of HHS knowledge.

Covid, flu and RSV could be troublesome to inform aside as a result of they share many frequent symptoms. But figuring out which virus you have got is helpful as a result of it will decide what therapy you’ll obtain and the way lengthy you may be in isolation.

Certain indicators – or symptoms or illness development – assist distinguish every virus. Here are 5 elements to contemplate.

Some symptoms are particular to sure viruses

A runny nostril, cough, congestion, or sore throat could be attributable to certainly one of three viruses or the frequent chilly. But lack of style and scent is extra related to Covid than flu or RSV. A rash, on the different hand, is an indication of a severe RSV an infection, often discovered in kids or older adults.

However, the solely method to discover out is to get examined.

“I do not assume anybody is ever going to belief you to say, ‘Hey, pay attention, I believe you have got a virus primarily based in your symptoms,’ and say what sort of virus it is,” stated Dr. Frank Esper, a pediatric infectious illness specialist at the Cleveland Clinic.

Are the symptoms approaching steadily or immediately?

Flu symptoms have a tendency to seem extra immediately than Covid or RSV.

“Influenza classically begins first with a excessive fever, which occurs in a short time. It’s a little bit of a distinction with RSV and Covid, the place we take into consideration a gradual development of symptoms,” stated Dr. Scott Roberts, an infectious illness specialist at Yale Medicine.

How lengthy has it been since publicity?

Diseases have completely different incubation durations – the time between publicity and symptoms. On common, flu symptoms develop two days after publicity to the virus, RSV symptoms final about 4 to 6 days, and the typical incubation interval for Covid is three to 4 days for the omicron variant.

“If I am going to a celebration and have symptoms the subsequent day, it might be the flu as a result of it could be as brief as a 24-hour incubation interval,” Roberts stated.

Age makes an enormous distinction in the symptoms and severity of the illness

While RSV is unlikely to make wholesome adults severely ailing, Covid and the flu actually can.

“In common, should you’re a younger wholesome individual or you are not too previous and also you get very sick, it’s not RSV,” Roberts stated.

The teams most weak to extreme RSV infections are infants, kids with lung illness, individuals over 65, and other people with weakened immune techniques.

Symptoms might range relying in your age and immune system. Many kids are uncovered to respiratory viruses for the first time this 12 months as they return to common faculty and socializing, so their our bodies might have a tougher time clearing the an infection, which might result in extra widespread symptoms.

According to Esper, virtually 1 / 4 of kids have gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea, abdomen ache or vomiting) on account of viral infections. It is much less frequent in adults with seasonal flu or RSV.

However, individuals with weakened immune techniques usually tend to develop extreme symptoms or pneumonia from any of the three viruses.

See which virus is spreading the most in your neighborhood

Disease consultants anticipate a rise in Covid circumstances over the holidays as individuals journey and keep dwelling. According to NBC News, the common each day variety of circumstances reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has elevated by practically 11% in the previous two weeks.

But it is troublesome to find out the extent of native Covid unfold, as many individuals use dwelling checks. RSV and flu checks, on the different hand, are executed in a health care provider’s workplace or ordered by prescription.

RSV an infection seems to have peaked nationally. Although the CDC doesn’t hold a nationwide rely of RSV circumstances, the weekly variety of optimistic checks exceeded 17,000 in the week ending in November. 5 to 9,000 for the week ending Saturday.

On the opposite, the variety of flu sufferers is growing. The nationwide charge of optimistic flu checks elevated by about 8% in the week ending in October. Up to 30-15% for the week ending November. 13. Hospitalizations for the flu are the highest for this time of 12 months in greater than a decade.

Esper stated he expects the Cleveland Clinic to “get the flu” in two weeks.

Image varies by area. In the Northeast, Roberts stated, “Over the final couple of months, we have seen a rise in RSV and it’s truly plateaued — which is nice information — after which the flu, simply in the previous couple of weeks we’re seeing an exponential enhance.”

“In the southeastern United States — Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi — they’ve seen the reverse. They’ve seen the flu enhance first, and now you are seeing RSV catch up,” he added.

Available therapies and vaccines

Unlike Covid and the flu, there aren’t any vaccines or universally prescribed therapies for RSV.

“RSV scares me the most as a result of there’s in all probability nothing you are able to do about it and a whole lot of younger youngsters have not seen it. We’re actually seeing file will increase in our pediatric hospitals,” Roberts stated.

To shorten the length of flu symptoms, docs often prescribe Tamiflu or certainly one of three different accepted therapies. For some individuals with Covid, docs might prescribe Paxlovid.

Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House’s co-ordinator of the Covid-19 response, emphasised the advantages of flu vaccinations and the covid enhance.

“Right now we have had a whole lot of flu, there’s nonetheless a good quantity of RSV, there’s nonetheless quantity of Covid, individuals have to get vaccinated,” Jha stated at a briefing on Tuesday. “It’ll hold you out of the hospital.”

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