I’m an expert on viruses and I warn you, even if it’s open, don’t go here – don’t beat it

Although we all want the pandemic to end, it is not. Although the incidence is increasing in many areas and safety precautions have been removed, it is recommended that COVID be avoided because of the long-term side effects that can be detrimental to overall health and symptoms that can last for months. Eat it or not! Health Talked to different virus specialists, what they need to know about COVID now, when to wear more masks and where to avoid the disease. Keep learning to learn more – and don’t miss out on keeping yourself and others healthy Have you had COVID before? These signs “may never go away”.


Dr. J. Wes UlmTrained by Harvard and MIT, MD, who has a background in MD, bioinformatics, gene therapy, genetics, drug discovery, consulting and education, says: We ignore its ongoing danger – first and foremost on a mass scale, as we know, long-term COVID and accumulated damage to the body can occur even in mild cases in healthy people. The four-letter abbreviation for “severe acute respiratory syndrome.” Active COVID infection actually impairs lung function, but within two years its onset has been known to be a SARS-CoV-2 vascular pathogen that has alarmed the world. And SARS-CoV-2, one of the most common receptors in the body, is ACE2. As it enters the cells through, it causes serious pain. Risk on the spectrum of vital organs of the body in a rare way for infectious diseases.

As tragic as the death of 1 million Americans from acute COVID is tragic, the virus’s greatest threat to U.S. society is its potential to gradually destroy the organs of victims of each new infection. Thousands of cuts, maybe you have millions of Americans. In particular, over the past few months, doctors and researchers have been able to paint a grim picture of how secretive and extremely dangerous COVID is for the human body; it’s not just like the flu or the flu, even if it’s the same for many at first (like this, HIV). Numerous studies have shown that seemingly harmless retention of COVID-19 can also lead to serious consequences such as hypercoagulability (blood clotting) and pulmonary embolism, diabetes mellitus (type 1 and type 2), and persistent pulmonary dysfunction. heart disease, liver and kidney disease, brain disorders and immune dysregulation. In addition, herd immunity is almost impossible due to the anxious skill of SARS-CoV-2 mutation and immune avoidance, and our immune system’s difficulty in permanently “remembering” the molecular signs of COVID spike protein after vaccination and natural immunity. Attempts to obtain it with recurrent infections pose a serious threat to the functioning of the body and tissues of the infected person. In many cases, the ever-increasing motive — what seemed to be the soft brushes of the virus, which COVID patients barely stopped for a day or two — suffered from various documented diseases in a matter of weeks or days. moon road.

SARS-CoV-2, in other words, is one of the most dangerous microbial enemies we face as a society, it has the ability to systematically spread measles and several other pathogens, as well as the ability to liquid mutations. It gives him the strength to quickly escape from the usual mechanisms of herd immunity. And now it has armies of almost 8 billion people around the world, which can spread across borders in a way never seen before for infectious diseases that devastated communities until the 20th century. In the United States and the United Kingdom, two of the worst-hit countries, there have been reports of a shortage of a stable workforce that has taught millions of Americans and Britons who have long struggled with the effects of COVID-19. . If officials use a simple “destroy” strategy for each new COVID option, we will be a disaster for American society for months and years because millions of Americans are struggling with the consequences of organ failure. The risk accumulated along with each infection. It is difficult to deal with such a stubborn enemy, who returns again and again with a new wave every few months. But this is actually a war that is part of our generation; SARS-CoV-2 is a force of nature and will not slow down for our convenience, and we will either ignore it or reject it at our own risk. “

A woman walks into a crowd at the airport station wearing a surgical mask.

Dr. Mary Rogers, “I recommend following the guidelines and recommendations given by government officials and health professionals in your area. If masks are not required in your area, I recommend monitoring them in the area where you live and if they are on your face. If you have COVID-19,” he said. If you are more vulnerable or around people who may be mentally retarded, consider wearing them at home and in public, then I recommend using them. “

The mall is crowded

Summer came and we were tired of the isolation, but Dr. Rogers: “People don’t wear masks, including at concerts, in grocery stores, and so on.” If this is the case, I recommend that you take appropriate precautions, including getting vaccinated and strengthening, wearing a mask, trying to keep your distance from others, and taking rapid tests and / or testing to prevent the spread of “(including BinaxNOW Self Test by Abbott)” It helps to get. ”


Dr. Rogers recommends staying away from bars and restaurants in busy areas. Some bars and restaurants still have mask mandates, so you can remove your mask while sitting, which can spread. If you go to a bar or restaurant, I recommend eating in addition to the temperature rise. , to avoid crowded times, I recommend getting vaccinated, getting vaccinated, getting vaccinated before and / or “self-testing”.

a variety of food buffets

Who doesn’t love a good buffet? We may be tempted to enjoy the spread of gourmet cuisine, however Dr. Syeda Amna Husaina physician who has partnered with Abbott does not recommend it. “People are touching their noses and mouths and then the spoons and containers on the buffet line, so there is always the possibility of contracting any type of infection, not COVID.”

An African-American man wearing an antiviral mask shows his thumb during a coronavirus vaccination and approves of Covid-19 vaccination

Wherever you live, follow the basics of public health and help stop this pandemic – get vaccinated or raised immediately; If you live in an unvaccinated area, wear teeth N95 face maskDo not travel, stay away from social groups, stay away from large crowds, do not enter the house with strangers (especially in bars), practice good hand hygiene, do not go to any of these to protect your life and the lives of others 35 Where you hold the COVID.

Wes Ulm, MD, PhD, physician-researcher, musician (J. Wes Ulm and Kant’s Legend) and novelist, and has a double MD / PhD from Harvard Medical School and MIT. He is part of the heroes of the COVID crisis due to his ongoing efforts to find drugs and in the public health arena.

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