I’m a Doctor and I warn you, don’t go here, even if it’s open – Eat it

While it’s good to think that COVID is gone and everything is starting to recover, in reality the virus hasn’t gone anywhere and in fact cases are growing again. Many states are seeing growth and new options are constantly emerging. In response to an increase in cases, New York Times Many schools and colleges are tightening closed mask mandates to help prevent the spread of COVID, and experts warn that precautionary measures are still important. Eat it or not! Talk to your health doctor. Tommy Mitchell, Certified Family Physician Unified Wellness Strategies who now explains what they need to know about the virus and COVID foci that should be avoided. Keep learning – don’t miss them to keep yourself and others healthy Signs that you already have COVID.


Dr. Mitchell says, “According to him Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, More than 55% of the country has high or moderate levels of COVID in the community. COVID has killed more than one million Americans in 19 and that number is growing every day. From wars in Ukraine to racist shootings in grocery stores, serious disputes over abortion rights, several murders in Texas and tragic school shootings, and much more. Therefore, it is difficult to pay attention to COVID-19. The COVID 19 interview is not the main topic right now. Heck, to add more interest, we are now fighting monkeys. I don’t know about you, but it breaks my heart to hear these headlines. ”

face mask policy

“The answer is yes and NO,” Dr. Mitchell says. “Currently, the risk of infection is lower, but if you are not careful, it can still be transmitted. There are reports of asymptomatic carriers of the virus who infect others without knowing it. .. The chances of everyone being in the precautions and wearing a properly installed N95 mask are tripled with their vaccinations., Very low. But only one asymptomatic person is needed to infect others. The good news is that COVID is very serious. and the risk of death is very low for young people. Most people who are infected with the virus have little or no symptoms. g Health conditions are at high risk of developing severe symptoms. If you hold it, you have severe symptoms The probability of occurrence is relatively low, but they are not zero. That’s why I would advise you not to try your luck. ”

A family with two children wears a mask and goes on vacation at the airport.

“The simple answer is no, travel is not safe now,” the doctor said. Mitchell emphasizes. “The CDC For all countries that have issued Level 2 or Level 3 travel councils, this is a significant risk. Also, since masks are no longer mandatory, it’s free for everyone. There are many unknowns now. Therefore, in order to play safely, I recommend avoiding travel if possible. “

The nurse holds a test tube with blood for the 2019-nCoV test.  Blood test for new coronavirus

Dr. “The highly contagious Omicron subvariant BA.2 is now the dominant coronavirus strain in the United States, causing more than half of all Covid-19 infections last week,” Mitchell said.

A woman wearing a medical mask is receiving an injection as a hand vaccine.

Dr. Mitchell says, “The virus is not gone. The virus is doing things that have been trained to mutate and multiply so that it cannot be released by its host (human immune system). Like other living organisms, viruses are fighting for their viruses. The pandemic is not over. We have the opportunity to influence public health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing the burden of chronic diseases with a healthy, active and integrated lifestyle. “

A doctor holding a syringe in a hospital.

According to Dr. Mitchell said, “Dollars are growing for many reasons and I believe there are many more. Decreased immunity to vaccination with the passage of time. 5) Decreased social distance and the restoration of normal life. “

The woman on the plane disinfects her hands with gel and disinfectant during the flight

“The CDC has issued 2nd or 3rd level travel tips for all countries, which means high risk, ”explains Dr. Mitchell.“ Also, since the masks are no longer mandated, it is free for everyone. There are many unknowns now. Therefore, to play it safe, I recommend avoiding travel if possible. But at the same time, millions of people have canceled their travel plans, and for various reasons, they have to get on a plane and spend their lives. Now I know what you’re thinking: “I’m wearing a mask on the plane, I’m cleaning my hands, so I have to be good!” Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Both the CDC and the WHO agree that aircraft are high-risk areas for transmission of diseases such as COVID. This is because the air in the planes is recycled and does not pass through the filters between the flights, in other words, all the viruses or bacteria on the plane continue to circulate. In addition, most people take off their masks during the flight (i.e. for food). “

A girl enjoying a concert at a music festival outside.  -

Dr. Mitchell says, “I understand; people love to sing, dance and shout during concerts. But add a noisy, sometimes closed show with people who are drunk; you’re asking for trouble when it comes to COVID.”


Dr. Mitchell warns us: “We’ve all seen what happens when a COVID lands on a cruise ship. It can quickly spread to the ship, leaving passengers and crew sick and quarantined for weeks or months. For a long time, the ship, I recommend avoiding cruises.”

open meals

“Eating at home is probably one of the most risky activities you can do right now due to COVID,” the doctor said. Mitchell says. “There is less ventilation when you are at home, so all the viruses or bacteria in the air can circulate and infect people. In addition, many people take off their masks while eating, which increases the risk of spreading. So if you choose to eat at home, I recommend it I recommend doing it with people who take precautions.

“Eating outdoors is safer than indoors because there is more ventilation and less risk of spreading. But you need to be careful when eating out, because you can always be in close contact with others. That’s why I recommend eating out with people who are comfortable and careful. . “

A group of friends eating a beautiful meal together
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“Meetings are still dangerous now, whether they’re at home or outside,” he said. Mitchell says. “Because they’re often in close contact with others and increase the risk of transmission. In the last two years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in COVID cases in the weeks leading up to big holidays or family events. It’s hard to be optimistic when the world changes. It’s getting out of control.” Every day a new headline is published announcing a tragedy or a tragedy. It is easy to become depressed and even cynical about the state of the world. Despite all the darkness, we must not forget that there are still moments of light. Some people dedicate their lives to making the world a better place. And some ordinary people show great kindness and compassion every day. In the dark, it is very important to pay attention to the light. It may not create all the headlines, but it still exists – and it gives us good hope for the future. “


Wherever you live, follow the basics of public health and help stop this pandemic – get vaccinated or raised immediately; If you live in an unvaccinated area, wear it N95 face maskDon’t travel, stay away from social strangers, stay away from crowds, don’t go into the house with strangers (especially in bars), practice good hand hygiene, and don’t go to any of these to protect yourself and others. 35 Where you hold the COVID.

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