Ignoring the signs of death, I planned to bury myself – don’t make my mistake

For two weeks, my mother planned her funeral, ignoring the signs of bowel cancer.

Tasha Tor-Straten, 49, cleaned up the blood in her stool as a sign of “work or parental stress.”

However, when the blood became “too much”, Tasha reluctantly turned to the GP – he sent her for a colonoscopy.

Two weeks later, a mother from Rochford, UK, was told that she had colon cancer that had spread to her lungs.

The ruined Tasha returned home and began planning a funeral for her final journey until the window of hope opened a year later.

Her mother was treated for stage 3 cancer after doctors found that her lungs were harmless.

She received four rounds of chemotherapy – during which Tasha contacted Deborah James for support.

Dame Deborah, the star-studded speaker of the day known online as Bowel Babe, was awarded the title of “Demad” this month for her “tireless campaign” to raise awareness about bowel cancer.

Commenting on her fight with cancer, Tasha said: “I can’t tell you how I felt when someone told me that I had an incurable disease.

“I was only 44 years old, I had young children and I was in a new relationship, and suddenly the carpet came off under my feet.

Thor-Straten was told he had colon cancer that had spread to his lungs.

“I feel very happy to be here again today, so I now work as a lifestyle coach, helping other cancer patients understand how their diet improves their health during treatment.”

Tasha, who moved to Russia with her new partner before being diagnosed, described how she ignored the symptoms of bowel cancer.

He added: “I ignored the blood in my stomach.

“I didn’t think about it at all, and I thought it had to do with things like work or parental stress.


Tasha Tor-Straten
Thor-Straten was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and was fit for invasive and life-saving surgery.

“I went to GP surgery twice and refused to say anything because I was afraid of the process and what might happen next.

“At that time, I had other symptoms, such as stomach aches and back pain during exercise, but I overestimated it.

“Because there was so much blood loss just before Christmas in 2016, I reluctantly went to the doctor and he sent me for a colonoscopy.”

In January, two weeks after the colonoscopy. On December 27, 2017, Tasha was brought in for her results.

He was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer and was offered palliative care.

“It was very shocking and devastating,” Tasha added.

Tasha Tor-Straten
Tor-Straten said he was shocked by the diagnosis.

“I never thought my symptoms could be colon cancer. I was healthy, in good health, and taking care of my diet, and I had no history of it in my family.

“It’s not just cancer, it’s too hard to understand that I’m going to die from it.”

But when Tasha returned to the hospital in February 2017, everything changed for the better.

He said: “After a follow-up examination, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. That gave me a window of hope. ”

He said he was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and that his new findings made it suitable for invasive and life-saving surgery.

He says: “There was no time like today.

“I went for surgery in February. 28. They cut off the cancerous part of my intestine, which was about 35 mm thick, and then had to reattach my intestine. ”

After the operation was successful, and after a few weeks of recovery, Tasha began chemotherapy.

He said: “I could not cope with the first two cycles of chemotherapy, so my doctors extended the interval to give my body more time to recover.

Tasha Tor-Straten
Thor Straten was cured of cancer in August 2017.

“However, my side effects have been severe, including extreme fatigue, sadness, nerve pain and a negative reaction to sunlight and cold.”

It was during this treatment that he contacted Deborah James.

He says: “I saw on social media that he could not sleep because of the treatment. I wrote to him because I was having a similar experience.

“It was great to talk to someone who understood exactly what was happening. He gave me some advice, and it was a real comfort. ”

In August 2017, Tasha was completely cured of cancer.

This story originated in the beginning The day and reproduced here with permission.


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