I survived cancer, inflammatory arthritis and gallbladder removal

  • Antonia Hall said it was a “Best Storm” that included a number of health issues.
  • He said he initially refused to admit their cruelty and continued his life as a “worker.”
  • Now he has written a book about the importance of positive thinking in the face of similar challenges.

Most cancer patients rest after chemotherapy, but Antonia Hall said she did not follow the oncologist’s orders, sitting for up to 16 hours a day and disobeying.

“I was determined to create my own brand,” the publicist-sex therapist told Insider, “I didn’t put my health first and I didn’t listen to my body.”

Her cervical cancer went into remission in 2007. But Hall cancer cell four years ago. During his treatment, he sometimes worked in bed.

According to him, he lost a terrible weight and reached 76 kilograms at a time.

However, the 51-year-old woman said that until May 2019, after she was diagnosed with cancer but had severe back pain, she finally heard what the doctors had to say. They told him to rest at home, leave the 16-hour workday, and sleep six hours more than usual.

“I knew I had to change my life if I wanted to survive,” Hall said. At the age of 47, he was hospitalized for four nights before being diagnosed with spondyloarthritis, an inflammatory disease of the joints and spine.

Now he has written a self-help guide, “A Happy Man’s Textbook: A Practical Guide to Healing the Body, Mind, and Emotions with Joy and Pleasure,” in which he explains how he abandoned the punishment schedule in favor of a peaceful life.

Hall quit his job and focused on his well-being

He said he decided to split his time between the comforts of Los Angeles, California and Maui, Hawaii, where he focused on doing things for himself, such as meditating on the beach. This awakening, he said, inspired him to publish his previous book, The Best Guide to Multi-Orgasmic Life.

“I hope I have an orgasm every day,” Hall said. He became a vegetarian and, according to him, swore to use cannabis in medicine mainly in the form of vaginal suppositories to alleviate the symptoms of his health.

However, according to Hall, although his mental health has improved, some of his physical problems have worsened and others have appeared for the first time.

Antonia Hall wears a blue T-shirt and black pants near her home in Maui, Hawaii, and poses with sticks to support her as she walks.

Antonia Hall completed a walking stick to help her walk around.

With the permission of Antonia Hall

He said his spondyloarthritis had worsened so much that he had to bend over and use a walker.

Then, in August 2021, he said a stone had formed in his gall.

The hip had to be replaced because the joint was broken

“I had an emergency operation when my gallbladder was removed. As a precaution, the bowel was removed and a lymph node was taken for a biopsy,” he said.

Then, three months later, Hall was told that his pelvis was partially damaged by spondyloarthritis. According to him, he underwent hip replacement surgery and was hospitalized for 17 days.

Antonia Hall, wearing a long dress and sunglasses near her home in Maui, Hawaii, with a former walker.

Antonia Hall said she weaned the pedestrian and now uses sticks to get around.

With the permission of Antonia Hall

Referring to a 2000 film about the rarity and catastrophe of the weather, Hall said:

He added, “After all that I’ve been through, I’ve learned that I’m happy to be alive.”

He said he believes the “positive thinking” that emerged after his second cancer in 2019 helped him better. According to him, he weaned the pedestrian and now uses sticks to stand up and walk around. His illness has largely subsided, and he said he is “looking forward to what will happen in the future.”

“The doctors and nurses asked me why I was on good terms,” ​​Hall said, adding, “I think these challenges gave me a purpose.”

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