I eat only meat – lost 30 kilos and now have clear skin

A self-proclaimed “yo-yo dieter” turned “meat eater” goes viral together with her anti-vegetarian rant.

A girl claims she’s lost 30kg by consuming a meat-based food regimen – forgetting fruit and greens – and gaining hundreds of thousands of TikTok views within the course of.

TikTok sensation Courtney Luna, 38, spent years chasing fad diets earlier than deciding six months in the past to eat burgers with cheese and butter, steak and bacon. She says she has lost weight, improved her complexion, and is best than ever.

Even higher, she says she feels much less anxious and is off medicine.

“I only eat meat and animal merchandise, so a number of burgers, patties, eggs, steak, bacon, a number of cream, butter and cheese,” the Californian carnivore informed Kennedy News. “I do not have any greens or fruits, I do not even have spices. Fruits and greens may cause many issues for folks. . . and folks with autoimmune illnesses or skin situations could also be delicate.

A California carnivore eats only animal merchandise to remain wholesome; nevertheless, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention differ. It recommends a “selection” of fruits, greens and grains to be a part of a nutritious diet, together with low-fats dairy sources and numerous sources of protein.
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Luna claims she will get all of the vitamins she wants from animal merchandise and needs to keep away from the “fuel and bloating” that comes from greens, and avoids the carbs and sugars present in fruit.

“I get all of the vitamins I want from meat. I don’t need fuel and bloating from greens. As for fruits and greens, it’s not good to eat fatty meals, and additionally to make use of carbohydrates and sugar,” he stated. “You have to decide on one gasoline supply. Either you are burning fats otherwise you’re burning carbs. I really feel fats.’

A woman eats a stick of butter
In one of many viral on-line clips, Luna takes a chew out of a stick of butter. Note: The Healthy Eating Diet for Americans 2020-2025 really useful by the USDA is 2.5 cups of greens, 2 cups of fruit, 6 cups of complete grains, 3 cups of dairy, 5 grams per day. fats and only 5.5 centners of meat per day.
Kennedy News and Media
She started this unusual diet with her husband six months ago, and Luna's results have been amazing.
Luna began the weird food regimen six months in the past together with her husband Jeff, 40, and says the outcomes have been superb.
Kennedy News and Media

Critics on-line stated her food regimen was harmful and might result in excessive ldl cholesterol, coronary heart illness and different well being issues, however Luna did not care. She needs to make this food regimen work for her and claims it’s the key to her well being.

“It goes towards every thing we’re informed is wholesome for us,” he stated. “Over the previous two years, I have opened my eyes and blindly believed every thing we had been informed. There are so many questions.”

a woman who eats meat
With her excessive food regimen, Luna claims to have lost 30 kilos, improved her complexion, and cured her nervousness.
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For breakfast he takes two patties, 1 / 4 of a pound, dipped in three tablespoons of oil; for lunch, it’s extra with bacon; and for dinner he eats steak and “brutal ice cream” with cream and egg yolks.

Notice that not a single fruit or vegetable is seen.

meat and cheese plate
Meat, cheese and butter – oh my. He eats only animal merchandise daily.
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“If I ate a bit of fruit proper now, it might create a sugar craving, and earlier than it, I’d be craving a McDonald’s McFlurry,” he stated.

Luna cannot cease craving sugar and seems to be ahead to consuming meaty meals daily.

“All needs are gone,” he stated. “Once you get sugar out of your system, you will not have these cravings. Being with him and figuring out that he can be scrumptious, there isn’t a want. If I had something, it might be slippery.’

meat and fat
Critics on-line chastise Luna for consuming meat, with some unable to inform that her food regimen is only a joke.
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So Luna eats three meals a day – with none snacks, as a result of her meals are “so filling and so filled with fats” – and she says she by no means will get bored with the monotony.

“People ask me if I’m bored of consuming the identical factor. It’s very unusual, however I do not. “I get excited daily about my burger patties and steaks,” he stated. “I’ve heard that when people who smoke give up smoking, their sense of style is revived, and since I’m consuming meat, my complete physique feels prefer it’s craving meat. It’s very fascinating and scrumptious.”

Luna began this uncommon food regimen six months in the past together with her husband and the outcomes had been superb.

“The principal motive I tried it was as a result of I felt so horrible and torpid. I would get up feeling drained, and it dramatically improved my power,” Luna stated, citing a 30-pound weight reduction and clearer skin. “I have good digestion, no fuel or bloating from fruits and greens. My temper has improved so much. “I’m off medicine for nervousness and despair.”

Courtney Luna
Luna says folks do not perceive her way of life.
Kennedy News and Media
He has gone viral a number of instances on TikTok the place he posts his meals and different info.
Kennedy News and Media

In reality, Luna says it was the primary time she tried a food regimen that did not concentrate on weight reduction in any respect. Now he claims he is discovered one thing that works for him, and it is “sustainable.”

“I was on common keto that allowed me to eat fruits and greens. I tried Weight (*30*), the grapefruit food regimen, I tried it,” she added.

His diet is meat and milk
Despite what others say, Luna credit the food regimen with serving to her attain her peak well being.
Kennedy News and Media

While she admits to hating the web documenting her food regimen journey, Luna insists it is as a result of she “would not perceive.”

“They suppose my ldl cholesterol goes to be horrible, my arteries are going to get clogged and all these misconceptions that come from consuming crimson meat,” she stated. “When they do a examine on individuals who eat crimson meat, they don’t seem to be simply consuming crimson meat, they’re additionally consuming carbs. They’re consuming steak and potatoes.’

meat and eggs
Luna’s food regimen consists of meat and dairy, and she fully avoids fruits, greens, and carbohydrates.
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She has greater than 70,000 followers on TikTok, the place she shares movies of what she eats in a day and different food regimen info. He even went as far as to criticize registered dietitians, saying folks should not “blindly” belief them, however viewers argued again within the feedback, with many unable to inform if the creator was joking or not.

“Are you actually going to do that or are you joking,” wrote one person.

“It’s keto,” emphasised one other.

“Girl your food regimen scares me however your hair seems to be so edgy,” joked one other.

“This is absolute bullshit. A wholesome, balanced food regimen wants a stability of fat and carbs,” one other person wrote in one other video.

“Insanity. The information is glowing: fruits and greens are good for you, one other agreed.

If “new info comes out” that their food regimen is not as wholesome as they thought, they will “rethink” – however till then, Luna, if her blood and thoughts aren’t working, it is all meat. “good” well being.

While web trolls have criticized her for consuming crimson meat and anxious about her well being, Luna claims she has by no means been higher.
Kennedy News and Media

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention begs to vary. They provide a “selection” of fruits, greens, and grains to eat, together with low-fats dairy sources and quite a lot of protein sources.

According to the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans really useful by the US Department of Agriculture, a nutritious diet consists of two.5 cups of greens, 2 cups of fruit, 6 cups of complete grains, 3 cups of milk, and 5 grams of fats per day. and only 5.5 centners of meat per day.

But this made the carnivore could not ignore it.

“I’ll do that without end if it retains working for me and we do not be taught something new. I have an open thoughts,” stated Luna. “Maybe sooner or later, when I’m 75, I’ll eat a bagel or one thing, however proper now it is not doing me any good.”


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