How to share on Xbox One and Series S / X games?

Xbox Gameshare allows you to share the game on your main console and another Gamepass or Xbox Gold membership. With the advent of the Xbox One, this feature has been highly anticipated by users and has given your friends and family access to your library.

The process is simple, with your friends accessing your console as the main Xbox, or you can mark someone else’s console as the main Xbox – allowing other people to use it to download your games.

You will need…

To share games on your Xbox, you’ll need an Xbox One line or two newer consoles (X, S, or X / S). If you want to access someone else’s account in the same place, you don’t have to share passwords – keep your personal information safe.

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However, when using or lending your games to someone else, you need to allow access to both accounts with your login information and password. With that in mind, check out how to configure sharing below;

How to configure sharing

Follow these steps to configure;

1. Log in to your Xbox Live account on your Xbox console;

two. Press the Xbox button and go to the “Profile and System” tab;

3. Select the “Add or Transfer” button and click the “Add New” button. In this step, you will need to use the person’s email address and password;

4. After adding your friend’s personal information, go back to the “Profile and System” tab, click the “Add or Transfer” button and go to the second account;

5. Once you have logged in to a shared account, go back to the “Profile and System” menu and select “Settings”;

6. In the settings, click “General”, then “Personalization” and then “My Basic Xbox”;

7. Select “Make this my main Xbox”;

8. The above steps should be repeated on the participant’s console.

How do I remove an account from my Xbox

The first person accesses the second person’s account, contacts, and so on. Assuming you don’t have unlimited access, you can remove their account without retaining access to the Game Pass subscription if the main Xbox option remains unchanged. To remove it, simply go to “Settings> Account> Remove accounts” and select the first person’s account from the list.

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If you want to restrict access to your account or sell your Xbox, you need to know how to remove your primary Xbox and remove your account. Just click the “Remove this Xbox as primary” button, and then select “Remove this Xbox as primary.” All your games and bonuses will not be available on other profiles.

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Things you need to know

1. Limited number of shares

Sharing can only involve two users at a time, and the main Xbox can only change five times a year. After a limited number, it is set automatically until the time expires.

2. There are no offline games for borrowers

While making someone else’s Xbox the core of your account, the borrower needs to be connected to the Internet. Anyone with a basic Xbox can play offline because their digital licenses have been transferred to them.

3. Additional accounts with disabilities

Additional accounts of the user who borrowed the main Xbox can be accessed only when the subscriber logs into Game Pass. Therefore, they will need to log in to the account as usual, add and transfer to an additional account. Just press the Xbox button, go to the “Profile and System” menu, and use the “Add or Transfer” button.

4. Play the same game on different consoles at the same time

These two players can play the same game on other consoles at the same time. Xbox only prevents them from using the same account on both devices. That way, anyone with a basic Xbox should be using their own account.

5. Works only with digital games

Game sharing includes only digital copies of games, as physical copies can be accessed on the same console at the same time.

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