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Holidays are back, baby. This means that most people will be completely wild for at least three days this summer, drinking a warm pint at 11.30am and using a trash bag as a raincoat. For some, festivals are a great place to get MDMA, cocaine and other mind-altering substances. Whether it’s the constant access to bright lights or the feeling of a big children’s playground for adults, taking drugs to relax and music festivals have always been together.

But what is raised must go down, and what is raised must be lowered again. Unfortunately, this inevitable trajectory is particularly dirty, which is fueled by feeding with high grain bars, chewing gum and zero showers. On the Monday after the festival, you smell the unwashed belt and long for the warmth you never saw as a child.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with your crisis – or at least get through it. With that in mind, I called Guy Jones, a senior scientist at The Loop and technical director of Reagent Tests in the UK, as well as Julia Gerrini, chief pharmacist in Medino, to find out how to prepare for the worst Monday.

Your test. Medications.

To prepare for a commune, it is important to know what you are getting first. Fortunately, many festivals now have test tents run by The Loop, and you can buy test kits very cheaply online. Also, please do not buy random pills from the guy behind the portal at 3am.

“Many drugs are visually similar to MDMA. We have seen an interesting trend in suppliers making caffeine similar to MDMA rocks; Even veterans who use drugs can’t tell them apart, ”Jones told VICE.

“The worst counterfeit substances we come across are called catinons, which are often referred to in slang as ‘bath salts,’” Jones added, referring to a group of drugs that contain mephedrone. “There is noise in the beginning, and they will disappear quickly. So it takes a little longer for the user to get where they want to go. “

Jones says the effects of cathinones last about an additional six hours in the body for each dose taken. “So, if someone takes five doses, he will not be able to sleep for 30 hours. It turns out to be really pathetic. You have to deal with lack of sleep, you feel paranoid and your heart is pounding. It is easy to get rid of it through trials. ”

If you are using MDMA, take it only once to avoid compression

Although some studies have shown that MDMA doesn’t really lead to communities, it still has a reputation for making you feel like a shit in the next few days. The reasons for this are being discussed (is it a decrease in serotonin, or is it just that you danced straight for 24 hours?). In any case, it can make many people feel inferior and cry at random and inappropriate moments.

You might think it’s a good idea to take another pinger and beat it, but it’s not really a good idea. Chasing the euphoric noise of the first night will be to no avail and will worsen your coma.

“The thing with MDMA is that once you drink it, you’re done [your] serotonin. Your system is broken. Taking MDMA on the second or third night will significantly reduce the effect, says Jones VICE, adding: “Even if you take the same amount, the effect will be exponentially worse.”

Extras can help, but no silver bullets

Unfortunately, there are no special pills that will make you feel normal. But, according to the anecdote, there are things you can do to make things easier. When I spoke to festival goers, some swore that 5-HTP – a serotonin-boosting supplement – is known to soften the edges of a particularly bad communion. Others call it magnesium, a mineral that helps stabilize the mood.

As a pharmacist, Gerrini is often asked about treatments for unpleasant ailments. According to him, some supplements are not harmful, but they should be taken safely. “By increasing your serotonin levels, 5-HTP can help you counteract the sudden lows you feel,” he said.

“However, 5-HTP should not be taken 24 hours before or after taking MDMA because it can lead to serotonin syndrome, excessive serotonin accumulation, which can range from mild symptoms such as tremors or diarrhea to seizures or muscle stiffness. . ”

Take a nap…

Whether someone thought it was a great idea to play Jamie xx’s remix of the song “On Hold” for the sixth time at 5:00 am, or because it had never been done before, or if you used enough stimulants to keep your eyes physically closed, you may be tired.

Jones emphasizes the importance of sleep, which is reasonable because sleep heals the brain and gets rid of any toxic waste. Sleep not only allows you to rejuvenate your body from losing consciousness on a yoga mat for three nights, but also helps you to return to health and prevent disease.

Jones says sleep is especially important after drinking cocaine and mixing it with alcohol. “Cocaine and alcohol prevent the breakdown of the other in the body, prolonging the duration of each drug and increasing its toxicity,” he explains.

“Cocaine helps you feel healthier and less intoxicated, and alcohol reduces anxiety about overuse of cocaine. .

Eat something really nutritious

You can tell yourself that you only have four Mars bars and a pack of Menthos on the weekends because you’re so responsible for spending £ 15 on a chewing burger, but a £ 55 bag tucked in the cover of your phone says otherwise.

Stimulants like MDMA and cocaine kill your appetite, sometimes for days. If you really feel like eating something, Jones suggests choosing something that will help you feel better.

“In general, eating healthy and making sure you have the nutrients you need is valuable when your body is under stress. This does not mean giving him more calories in the form of crisps and sweets, but in fact a different balanced diet.

Go folk or something. Don’t give in to the urge to order a plate of greasy beige – it will only make you worse.

Remember, there is a reason why you feel so scared

Okay, yes, maybe you stumbled so hard that you thought all the kiosks at the festival were free. This does not legally justify stealing four pairs of handmade earrings from a permanent jewelry stand, but it does explain why you are crying.

“If you’re having a very serious and emotional accident, it could be because you’re taking a very stimulant drug,” says Gerry.

“These neurotransmitters are naturally released in smaller amounts from your brain, but they are usually reabsorbed. Entertainment drugs prevent this reabsorption by overstimulating serotonin and dopamine receptors, but when the effect is reversed, your natural reserves are depleted.

In other words, you are not just accidentally unhappy because you are a dangerous person and life is disgusting and gray now. The chemistry of your brain just makes you feel that way. And the good thing is that it doesn’t last forever! The effects of most communities subside within two to three days, but each person’s body processes the removal process differently, so it can vary from person to person. Either way, remember: it will end soon!

And if you more Need advice on how to manage your comedones, here are the anonymous anecdote tips I collected while researching this article. Enjoy!

“Coca-Cola to feel something from Burger King.”

“Dogs – dogs don’t judge you.”

“Stay in bed all day, watch Netflix, get Deliveroo at about 4:30 p.m., take a shower, and take a short walk with another friend you’ve just opened.”

“Pub. Or, really, sign up for another festival. “

“Seeing Dave in Glastonbury, raising a child and seeing him sing ‘Thiago Silva’ is instantly serotonin.”

“Soup with salt until I die.”

“My medicine is toast. Just wonderful. The food was very painful, but the toast changed it for me, man. In the background was a BBC documentary about fishing – I remember it well. And they are eating me toast. Toast changes everything for you. ”

“My advice is probably to stay away from drugs if you don’t break it. Anxiety is something I’ve been doing for the last year and, frankly, it’s much better than the costs at these events. If you can get them, run as soon as you can, go home, take a shower, find a pet dog, have a romance, and spend the rest of your unhappy day with Hinge. ”

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