How to repair your GI tract to lose weight healthily

Do you want to enjoy the magic of high energy, painless joints, good sleep, fading flaps and overall health? Then start with a little spring cleansing of your bowels, says JJ Virgin, who has helped repair women’s gastrointestinal tracts for 25 years.

It turns out that most of us eat at least one food that our system cannot tolerate, which leads to chronic inflammation of the delicate digestive tract. “Inflamed tissues secrete chemicals that suppress metabolism and almost all aspects of health.”

Fortunately, Virgin’s actions make it easier to identify the culprits and heal the damage. “Your abdomen will be noticeably flatter in three days – then weight loss and improved health will not snow,” she says. “I had a girl whose friends thought she had plastic surgery. The difference is quick and noticeable! ”

Note: Talk to your doctor before trying any weight loss regimen or new diet.

Nutrition pro, JJ Virgin, 58, lost pounds on his plan!

Why repairing your GI tract can help

How can we not tolerate certain foods? According to experts, there are many reasons for this. For example, microscopic particles of cheese can come out of the gut, and every time we eat dairy products, we develop attacking antibodies. As Vincent Pedre, Ph.D., noted, we may also struggle to break down certain proteins, such as gluten in wheat. Virgin adds that each of us can cultivate impatience at any time; Symptoms include abdominal pain, constipation, skin pain, fatigue, aches and weight gain.

To reduce which foods may be a problem for you, Virgin suggests temporarily giving up gluten, soy, milk, eggs, corn, peanuts and refined or artificial sweeteners. “I’ve found that these ingredients can be a problem for women, so you take them all out first,” she explains. “The main thing is to rest your GI tract for 3-4 weeks and then check the food one by one. You can re-add all those that do not cause symptoms. “

Delicious healing

As you relax and repair your GI tract, build your diet around healthy foods, especially fiber-rich foods such as anti-inflammatory options, fish rich in omega-3s, and good fats. “I like to shake once or twice a day because they allow you to drink flaxseed, cabbage, coconut milk and other anti-inflammatory ingredients,” says Virgin.

Bonus: A blender breaks everything down, so your digestive system does less work. For the same reason, the Virgin has allowed you to spend at least 12 hours between dinner one day and breakfast the next. “It gives your GI tract a break, so it’s easier to heal any damage to your body.”

Why do Virgin tips help reduce belly fat?

If any part of us is irritated or inflamed, the body draws fluid into this area as a buffer against further injury. “If you have an inflamed gastrointestinal tract, you’re holding fluid in your stomach,” says Virgin. “You lose that ‘water weight’ as the inflammation subsides.”

Growing research also shows that abdominal fat and intestinal problems are closely linked. One reason for this is that inflamed tissues “talk” to the immune system by releasing compounds called cytokines. The problem is that too many cytokines block insulin, making it difficult for the hormone to take blood sugar to the cells that are burned for energy. “Instead, most of the sugar becomes belly fat,” Virgin says. In addition, because insulin does not work well, we take supplements and prevent excess insulin from burning the stored fat.

Fortunately, “healing your gut eliminates the problem,” says Virgin. Also, as the inflammation subsides, everything works better. Virgin notes: “It makes them feel great because people stick to my eating habits!”

The story of Kelly Bigelow

When Kelly Bigelov’s naturopath’s daughter told her about the Virgin Diet, she was hospitalized several times a year for diverticulitis, an inflammatory bowel disease. “I read a lot of diet books, but it felt like it was written for me,” recalls the 57-year-old Michigan grandmother. He soon switched from regular milk, bread, and eggs to healing cocktails, sweet buns, and herbs. eaten burgers. Her stomach ached and the scales dropped. “I was reducing the size every two weeks. It really moved me after a lifetime of hardship. ” Kelly’s gut seemed to heal until she gained a happy weight. Her diabetes also recovered. “JJ Virgin saved my life,” she says. “I will eat like this forever. I haven’t felt so good in 20 years! ”

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Leslie Mayorga’s success story

Before and after Leslie Major lost weight
Before and afterChristopher Carder; hair, makeup and stylist Donna Martin

Leslie Mayorga, who lives in the trash while caring for her disabled granddaughter, weighed up to 250 pounds. As he tried to move around, his acid reflux became severe. “Tests showed erosion of my esophagus,” said the 61-year-old retired nurse. “All the sugar I ate was inflammatory, but I knew it was more than that.” So Leslie went on a self-destructive diet, replacing inflammatory foods with soothing vegetables, fruits, beans, and vegetable burgers. He also finished dinner early and allowed his system to rest overnight. Without limiting portions, Leslie lost weight in the first month. Within 12 weeks, she was able to sleep comfortably and her reflux medications were halved. “I am proud of the strength that my 42-pound grandson can carry,” says Leslie, who has reached the weight she loves within a year. “It changes lives!”

Funfetti Smoothie

Looking for a delicious recipe that contains Virgin tips? Try this smoothie with your favorite protein powder!

Ingredients (one serving):

  • 1 can full-fat coconut milk, refrigerated overnight
  • Stevia powder to taste
  • 2 tablespoons protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon almond oil
  • 10 ounces of unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon flax seed
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon almond extract
  • Scatter the natural rainbow

Put solid objects on top of coconut milk. add sweetness; Beat until hard peaks form. Set aside. Put 5 ice cubes in a blender and all the remaining ingredients except the batter. pour into a glass; add attachments.

This article was first published in our Women’s World magazine.

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