How much do consoles consume in standby mode?

Recently, Microsoft The company has released a sustainable development report offering ideas related to the environment and energy consumption in its products. Among the measures to be taken by the company is the adoption of energy saving mode on consoles as a standard Xbox Series S and the Series X. But it’s not just that Microsoft who thinks of it.

PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch There are also ways stand by So you can turn them on and continue from where you left off, as well as sit on the couch and update your games and console as soon as you play. But the question is: is the consumption so low that it is worth keeping them in the socket for these benefits?

First, you need to understand how it works. For some time, consoles have been very similar to computers transferwith a tablet – in its operation and if they can adopt a common market nomenclature to make it available to all consumers, standby mode Consoles are not like home appliances.

In fact, they are closer to a standby modeas explained by an electrician Anrique Mattefrom the site the world of electricity:

“The standby mode of most devices is a signal and a clock light or a display that displays some information. These are mainly remote controls, because the electronics need to be turned on less to get an external command to activate. ”

He explains that he is in winter mode. “All the hardware and software is ready to go back to where it left off. On a computer, for example, pages and programs are open, but used as little as possible.

It is important to note the energy consumption of any type of standby mode. The amount may be much less than the amount consumed, but it will still affect the electricity bill at the end of the month. According to the data inmetro, standby devices cost up to R $ 2.00 per month depending on your local tariff. The cost may seem minimal, but in reality homes are full and connected, in fact, this consumption can become a problem for those who want to save energy for financial reasons. The energy matrix is ​​mostly non-renewable. In many cases, without realizing it, these devices can be up to 12% of the total consumption of the residence.

How much does the current generation of consoles need?

you are Xbox Series S and the X There are two different standby modes: the aforementioned power saving mode and the instant boot mode. Prior to the release of the above report, the second mode is usually standard in most countries where consoles are sold. It consumes more power than economical, with the advantage of loading the console faster, in less than 10 seconds, because it is technically constantly burning, consuming only less.

However, many console owners are unaware that these options have been available since the previous generation and can make a significant difference in power consumption compared to the direct one. This was the work of the environmental organization NRDC In 2021, he measured the needs of the current generation of two consoles and figured out how to classify them in terms of sustainability.

When they turn on, Series X and the PS5 Consumes 160 and 200 watts or more of power than previous generation consoles. For comparison, Xbox one while consumes up to 112 watts at PS4 137 consumes. When the same platforms start running backwards compatible games, things change a bit because they use less energy to run older games. NRDC. The current generation has an advantage in listening mode.

Both current platforms have a power level of 1 watt in the most economical configuration, without losing features such as quick resumes and stock updates. This is partly due to the introduction of SSDs, which allow faster and more efficient data access with less power consumption. However, energy is expended to maintain these amenities, and it all depends on the context in which you use them.

When turned on, consoles are a must-have. s tests NRDC When used to view current services, for example, Xbox Series and the PS5 Fire Stick TVs and, of course, smart TVs consume more than devices designed for this – about 30-70 watts, which is almost 25 times more than the consumption of special devices. This makes it questionable to use it for this purpose if your goal is to save energy.

Because of all this, this is a discrepancy between how much money consoles spend stand by Not only do you have instant access to games and auto-updates, you can decide whether or not to turn them off. Because if they spend a lot of time running games or other applications, there is little difference between unplugging and unplugging.

And for those who only turn on their devices for a few hours a day or a week, it may be a good idea to turn them off completely when not in use, even if you have to spend a few more minutes waiting for updates to load or not. Get the game exactly as you want it to continue.

Anrique Matte The standby mode of the consoles is more appropriate “Who, say, a professional, e-athlete or streamer, sometimes takes into account the need to keep the game in the same status as before?”but keep that in mind “We are in a time of savings. In addition to environmental issues in terms of energy savings, I think it is really worth considering. “

And where does the switch come from?

Although it was released a few years ago PS5 and the Series S / XThe Nintendo Switch Although it does not compete directly with the other two, it can be included in our investigation as it is the company’s latest platform. The point is that he is in his own race. Because it is based on hybrid and tablet architecture, this console should be viewed differently because of the differences between them. stand by and how much is consumed when it is loaded and unloaded while running.

And even without these variations, its level of consumption is so low from other consoles that it is difficult to classify it in any way. According to the data Nintendoconsumption transfer on sleep mode s consoles Sony and the Microsoftbut this only happens when its battery is fully charged, it takes up to 3 and a half hours to fully charge. During charging, it can consume up to 12 watts in standby mode, which consumes more than usual when it is on and playing games. It can be played in portable mode, so it is important for energy efficiency transfer a console capable of its battery life.

This puts it in another category, as the fact that it is charged forces the consumer to change the usage pattern to a device that does not always need to be plugged in, but depends on it to save the battery. accused.

conscious consumption

We live in a time when our energy consumption needs to be reconsidered with an emphasis on sustainability, whether financial or environmental. As electricity tariffs increase every month, it is important to understand how electronics work and how we can use them more wisely to reduce consumption.

In consoles, what are their respective modes stand by Although they are much smaller than they actually are, they deliver practicality and convenience due to their constant power consumption. So it’s important to understand how this fits your consumer model and how this information can help you make decisions.

Because, even if you refuse stand by It only makes a difference in the consoles, which does not interfere with the consumption of other electronics in your home, and consumes a little more energy when they are not used.

The latest generation of consoles, even transferWith a big advantage during mass updates, background updates offer faster downloads to a much faster option thanks to faster access storage systems. With that in mind, it’s easy to know what decisions to make when playing games on your consoles.

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