Here’s how to prepare for your daily drinking session

Vdining out, darting, day drinking—whatever you call it, if you’ve had an alcoholic day of fun, you’ve probably had some pooh-pooh experiences you’d like to forget.

HOLIDAY: An entertaining meal (perhaps a little bit too many good deals on drinks) or a tailgate on a hot back-to-school day just seems… worse than usual, doesn’t it? This is honestly because sometimes they happen for several reasons. “Many of these causes are related to hydration,” says author Dr. Ariel Levitan, MD, an internal medicine physician. Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear Your Confusion About Vitamins and Health and co-founder of Vous Vitamin.

To begin with, according to Dr. Leighton, alcohol generally dehydrates you quickly—and to add insult to injury, daytime drinking usually happens on hot, sunny days when people are at risk of dehydration. Another reason is that drinking during the day usually lasts much longer than at night. Sometimes people drink at the same pace as they would at an evening event, not realizing that they’re drinking two to four times as much at the beach or at the game. Whether it’s drinking on the beach all day, going to a sports game with a cold beer, or heading to a winery for a bachelorette party on a sunny Saturday, these events all involve lots of sunshine and a day of talking and walking. , a long drive or all of the above. “That’s why a drink during the day sometimes makes people more thirsty than a glass of wine at dinner,” says Dr. Levitan says. “The cold temperatures and the intention to sleep after drinking alcohol, combined with the intention to sleep, does not deplete your body nearly as much as the sun, swimming, going places or driving home from the game.”

Additionally, as we already know, alcohol impairs your motor skills and your thinking. “Another danger of daytime drinking is that you’re less aware and in control of your body, which can often lead to injuries. Of course, due to the weight, sprained legs can lead to car accidents.” Levitan says. “With more minor injuries, they can occur after a day of drinking because people sometimes want to maximize their day and get on with things.”

TL; DR? The cards are definitely stacked against you when you’re drinking during the day, but there are plenty of ways to set yourself up for a less painful time tomorrow. So how do you prepare for your daily drinking routine so that you have the most fun and feel great afterwards? Continue reading

It ends (relatively) well, so how to prepare for a day of drinking

1. Stay hydrated before your daily drink

“To prepare for daytime drinking, I recommend heavy hydration and start seriously a few days in advance,” says Dr. Levitan. “I recommend fluids and electrolyte supplements if possible.”

Another key reason to stay hydrated is that it’s easier to stay hydrated than to realize you’re low on fluids after it’s too late and then try to make up for them in your daily drinking activity, says Andrea Paul, MD, a physician and health consultant. For lighting laboratories. “The ethanol in alcohol is also a diuretic, which means it causes you to excrete more fluid than usual.” Paul says. This side dehydrates the alcohol more. You want to prepare for your exciting day, so staying on top of 60-80 ounces of water is a great way to prepare.

2. Pack electrolyte replacement drinks, tablets, or mixes

“The important thing to remember about hydration is that it’s not just water: electrolytes are important, too,” says Dr. Levitan says. “When you go out in the sun and drink, you lose a lot of electrolytes and important minerals.” This is why people realize that they are dehydrated and immediately drink water, but still do not feel better. To avoid this unfortunate scenario, she recommends moisturizing consistently before your event and continuing throughout.

3. Eat and use sunscreen before drinking

“A big mistake people make, especially when drinking during the day, is not eating enough before drinking alcohol,” says Dr. Paul. “Eating a diet with a good balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins allows for better absorption of alcohol and less chance of toxic or adverse effects.” Proper sun protection (sunscreen, hat, loose but covering clothing) should also be worn as this will help prevent additional side effects from sunburn or overheating.

4. Plan to drink less than you think you should

According to Dr. Levitan, being modest about drinking alcohol during any event is an important part of avoiding hangovers. “On the one hand, these people often consume more during the day than at night. But sugary drinks often mask the strength of the alcohol you’re drinking, so they can quickly cause a hangover,” he says.

Not drinking any (or enough) water, then suddenly gulping it down when you’re fussy, often causes nausea and vomiting, says Dr. Levitan adds. “Vomiting is a huge dehydrator, so you don’t want to drink too much, and you don’t have to guzzle water suddenly to replace lost fluids.”

5. Remember to use caution

Again, you’ll be more active at night than if you went to a bar or restaurant, because drinking during the day is more traumatic. Caution is always important when drinking, but this especially Perfect in hot sunny environments or around water. Of course, if you have been drinking alcohol, never drive or operate machinery under the influence.

All in all, you can enjoy your weekend drinking every day without having to recover from too much work. It’s easy to lose track of time and the number of drinks you’ve had when you’re in a stimulating environment like the beach for long periods of time. Staying hydrated, pacing yourself, eating regularly, and bringing sources of electrolytes with you can all help you feel your best at the party.

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