GX.games: Discover a free online gaming platform

When individuals come together to create something they are truly passionate about, the craftsmanship and quality is always palpable. Indie games are no different.

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That’s why GX.gamesa platform full of indie games for you to play, now gives you access to two amazing next-gen indie games GameMaker free every month. Visit https://gxc.gg/pt-br/ for this.

GX.Games a platform where independent game creators meet the Opera GX browser audience. In this move, the GX team will bring more indie games into the spotlight and offer them for free to the general public to enjoy and fall in love with.

Every two weeks, GX.games adds a fantastic new premier indie game to the platform that users can play for free for up to three months.

Besides, GX.games will also be the destination for a number of exclusive game releases and demos in the coming months, such as the highly anticipated game. Metroidvania war oriented, windmillsshould debut on the platform in October.

Seals of Bygone and others

Coming players GX.games this summer they can play Seals of the Ancestorslike a class-based survival rogue-like where players don the mantle of Siler to fight the forces of chaos that have awakened on Earth.

This is a fast-paced game in which you advance through worlds using your hero’s special abilities, battling others, collecting and upgrading weapons, and facing unique bosses. The game is great if you need to warm up before your next CS match with your friends, but beware, you might get addicted and spend the afternoon playing it.

totems a relaxing totem building game where you can put your feet up, explore the land, and hunt down rebellious spirits. Gamers who love survival and crafting games will feel right at home with it – endless exploration, gathering resources, crafting, upgrading and building new totems is really rewarding.

This game is recommended to relax with a drink at night. Dogworld is a platform shooter set in a world full of dogs, where humanity must be saved from the evil clutches of an AI known as Daddy. Worth checking out with its unique art style and fun and engaging gameplay.

A sheep a metroidvania platformer where you step into the shoes of a shape-shifting protagonist as they explore an uncharted platform and collect samples of all the organisms that live there.

Unique graphics and good vibes make this brilliant little title an experience to play, which you can find on every console from Switch to PS5.

In hell You’ll play as Rose, a human trying to escape Hell, fighting off waves of enemies, picking up new weapons, and reclaiming her soul. With each level you have the opportunity to upgrade your character and weapons to ensure you are ready to take on powerful enemies and bosses.

Tunnel of Doom is a rogue-lite action hybrid that mixes tower defense with melee and ranged combat gameplay. Mixing genres with resource management and dungeon crawling is a great way to start the day.

Opera GX

To try these games for free, users will need to open or download them Opera GX. They can access GX.Games on the website or directly in the GX corner in their browser.

They, including premium indie titles, can be played without creating an account or downloading any of them.

GX.games is also home to hundreds of adventure games created and shared on the platform using GameMaker, the millions-downloaded 2D game development engine that’s part of the family. Opera Gaming.

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