Get ready! Here comes the wave of “Like Dead Space” games

The gaming industry is accustomed to living on the waves, with genres, styles and themes alternating between consumer tastes and developer interests. It seems that there is Japan in the background of every game released a few years ago, and then it’s the turn of the Vikings to come forward, and now we are following the rise of terrible titles, some of them Dead Space.

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Among these new projects is, of course, one that is directly related to the creation of Visceral Games Dead Space Remake. Promising to preserve the original story, but using the events of its successors, the task of the responsible group is to better align the name with the canon of the series.

We can also expect the addition of a lot of content that has been cut from the original, as well as the removal of game elements in the opinion of fans. Finally, the people at Motive Studios, which is developing this new version, intend to take advantage of accessibility features.

Using the powerful Frostbite Engine, the game is being radically rebuilt with no lighting effects, shadows, a better audio design and no boot screens.

If the development is in accordance with the previously announced plan, Dead Space Remake Released on January 27, 2023 with PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X versions.

However, if you want a new story, but drank directly from the source dead spaceThe best option goes by name Callisto protocol. Developed by Glen Schofield, the creator of the horror game, inspired by the new title, it is easy to see him as a spiritual successor.

His story took place in 2320, and he placed us in the Black Iron Prison called Callisto on Jupiter. As Jacob Lee in prison, we must do all we can to survive the alien invasion and for those who know him. dead spaceHe knows that this means a lot of torture, a high dose of tension that flies everywhere in the gut.

Released on December 2, Callisto protocol expected by many to be one of the best releases of 2022. Striking Distance Studios will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X.

Among the news offered at this year’s Summer Game Fest is to help add it to the list of games that mix horror and science fiction. Fort Solis. Developed by Fallen Leaf Studio Indians and with the help of Unreal Egine 5, game engineer Jack Leary must answer a call to the station and Mars, where he finds that the local team is missing.

With a third-person event, we will have access to nine sites, and exploration and storytelling promise to be the highlights of the game. According to the developer, each of these places will have several underground levels, in addition to the area on the surface of the red planet, and the player will decide whether to go through them or not.

It should also be noted that dubbing should involve celebrities from the games. So far, Troy Baker has played Joel The last of us; Roger Clark, Arthur Morgan Red Dead Redemption; and Julia Brown, in the Abigail series alien.

The release date has not been announced yet. Fort Solis and the only platform certified to get the game was PC.

Finally, another that seemed to follow in his footsteps dead space This is called a game daily. Even those with good memory may not remember it, but it was announced in 2012 and we have hardly heard the title since.

Of the four games mentioned here, this is supposed to be the farthest from Visceral, a game that works in the first person and pits us against robots, not aliens. However, his futuristic vision of the ’80s, moon-based location, and tense atmosphere make association possible.

With the release of the PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X, there is no word on when. daily It will eventually become available and after a long time in production this can be a problem. So far, only a teaser has been released, which may indicate that the project has many more times ahead.

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