Gaming Laptops: A Secret Truth You Didn’t Tell

you are gaming laptops is an alternative for users who need more powerful computers, but don’t have the money to build a desktop with a high-end processor and GPU. For a long time, Nvidia and AMD have been offering mobile versions of graphics cards, but in recent years both have claimed that there is no difference in the way their sister works with a special notebook.

Alienware m15 R6 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni / Meio Bit)

Today, most gaming laptop manufacturers, especially those equipped with the latest generation of GPUs, like to brag about their product features, but the truth is that even when sharing a name, there are differences between a desktop and a laptop, or even a mobile phone. Computers with similar configurations.

energy issue

The question is how much power the laptop consumes and how much is focused on the GPU, which directly affects its performance and overall performance. The dashboard has a special power card at the user’s disposal to ensure the full operation of the special graphics card and can replace it in case of problems with electricity.

Laptops, whether gamers or not, can’t afford it. The design of a mobile computer should take into account how much power the kit needs and if it is a dedicated GPU, it is important to provide adequate power for optimal performance. This specification is measured by TGP, Total Graphic Power, which requires inclusion in the specifications of gaming laptops with Nvidia GPUs from May 2021.

This game was created to reduce the confusion when buying a laptop, so that the consumer would know how much power the GPU consumes and what its actual clock is, but after a year, not everyone adhered to the practice, which created embarrassing situations. .

Website as of February 2022 notebook check Equipped with the RTX 3070 Ti graphics card, MSI has served as a benchmark between two different models of gaming laptops. In tests, the Stealth GS66 performed 15% lower than the Vector GP66 in the 3D Mark, even using the same GPU.

One explanation for this is that since the Stealth GS66 Vector is thinner than the GP66, it consumes less energy, so there are no overheating problems; The problem is that this reduction has a direct impact on the performance of the GPU, in which case it is not enough to see the model equipped on the laptop.

The Lenovo Legion 51 Pro powered by the RTX 3070 Ti was better than the Gigabyte Aero 16 using the 3080 Ti in the 3DMark (Credit: Digital Trends)

The Lenovo Legion 51 Pro powered by the RTX 3070 Ti was better than the Gigabyte Aero 16 using the 3080 Ti in the 3DMark (Credit: Digital Trends)

Website Digital Trends Conducted similar tests, but using two laptops with a remote GPU. The Lenovo Legion 5i Pro, equipped with the RTX 3070 Ti, used Gigabyte Aero 16, which used the RTX 3080 Ti, to score almost 2,000 points in 3DMark ahead of the benchmarks.

Once again, it should be noted that the second is thinner than the first, which explains the discrepancy. With less power, the video card will not be able to achieve maximum performance and results

Gaming laptops, TGP and specifications

As mentioned above, Nvidia has begun to require manufacturers to specify exactly how much power the GPU embedded in their gaming laptops in the product specifications on the official pages, but most OEMs ignore the instructions at all or hide behind confusing pages and links.

For example, Dell publishes information on TGP and power consumption of video cards on a separate sheet, which should be available when available through the “help me choose” link in product settings.

It should be noted that Nvidia is not entirely sacred, with more transparency. The company recently dropped the Max-Q and Max-P marks for the GPU, with the former focusing on maps that consume less power, which is lower than those classified as Max-P.

However, the end of the nomenclature does not mean the abandonment of practice. It has become more difficult for the consumer to determine which gaming laptop is more powerful, and even among models that use the same GPU, theoretically weaker ones have performed better than the upper class.

Samsung Odyssey 2 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni / Meio Bit) / Laptops

Samsung Odyssey 2 (Credit: Ronaldo Gogoni / Meio Bit)

In the ideal scenario, manufacturers should clearly and concisely specify how much power the GPU needs in their laptops, so that the user can decide which model to choose. Ventilation-friendly design offers an even larger and heavier housing, giving the video card more power and 100% performance.

Apparently everyone wants to sell OEM and their product may not be competitive, even if they use the same GPU, they don’t mention the TGP and clock and power specifications. The end of Nvidia’s Max-Q and Max-P nomenclatures also pleased them in this respect, as it exacerbated the confusion.

Finally, for those who want to play computer games with maximum productivity, the best option is to build an improved desktop, but those who do not use needles will have to pass a big test. To find a laptop that suits your needs, the rocky road and your video card will not work 70% because it does not have enough power.

Source: DigitalTrends

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