Forza Horizon 5 will receive an update with new Hot Wheels cars and co-op mode

The game takes on the expansion of Hot Wheels on July 19th

THE Playground Games – developer Forza Horizon 5 – Released a new update with several new features for the racing game. The upgrade includes new cars, performance optimization, fixes, as well as support for collaborative storytelling and a new language.

The new co-op mode can be played by up to six people, and all players in the group are rewarded with the highest score, even if the player has not yet completed the course. From some cars Hot tires unlocks festival playlists and begins to appear in lotteries.

Check out the cars that will be unlocked with the new update below.

The playlist of the festival will open

  • Hot Wheels 2JetZ 2018 (June 23-29)
  • 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula-S (June 30 to July 6)
  • 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee (July 7-13)
  • 1957 Hot Wheels Nash Metropolitan Custom (July 14-20)

rotating machines

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  • 2012 Hot Wheels Rip Rod
  • Hot Wheels 1949 Ford F-5 Double Customized Hot Rod
  • Ford Mustang Hot Wheels 2005

switch to car

  • 2021 Aston Martin DBX (June 23)
  • Lexus RC F Track Edition 2020 (June 30)
  • 2019 Nissan 370z Nismo (July 7)

In addition to the story and additions to the game, the game has received several stability and performance improvements. On the computer, players received a graphical version of temporary anti-aliasing (TAA).

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Check out all the news of the new update below.


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  • New localization languages ​​have been added
  • Subtitles for Danish, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, European Portuguese added
  • European Spanish, Italian and Korean languages ​​were added
  • A new Forza EV Rivals story has been added
  • Horizon Story Co-op added
  • The TAA option is enabled while playing on the computer
  • Improving sustainability and performance
  • The hood and bumper camera solve the problem of getting too dark in the evening and during the day.
  • The “It Just Works” award in the 9th series now opens when players complete the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Car Mastery art tree. Prior to this upgrade, players who meet this requirement will need to select and drive a car. Unlock the successful reward.
  • All players will now see their Creative Hub level increase as expected.


  • The operation has been corrected using the image mode
  • Work with gift cars has been repaired

Festival playlist

  • The problem that players may lose from the Daily Challenge program has been resolved


  • The match between the players in the Joint Season Championship has solved a rare problem that could lead to the player getting into the wrong situation.
  • The problem of falling into the wrong car class in an online race has been solved
  • The problem that led to the disappearance of the Horizon Arcade events has been resolved
  • The problem was solved so that the players on the convoy could not see other members of the convoy


  • A duplicate car filter has been added to the car selection screen filters
  • Freeroam converted features for Ferrari California T and McLaren 650 S Spider added
  • The Volvo logo has been updated
  • 93 Permanent idle RPM on Nissan 240SX SE
  • The Forza Aero Splitter has been removed from the Maserati MC12
  • The sound of the Lamborghini Diablo 97 engine was corrected at high RPM
  • The problem with the interior panel of the Audi RS4 Avant and the 2011 RS5 cab has been resolved
  • Improperly adjusted Mercedes C63 AMG reverse result corrected when using Liberty Walk body kit


  • Series 6 and 7 car horns have been added to EventLab
  • Orbital camera option added
  • Added step rotation
  • New camera speed settings have been added
  • The problem that players who enter the EventLab events with a full convoy could be lost has been resolved
  • The problem of not loading the stadium floor was solved when the nearby event started
  • The issue of details will remain in Fryoam
  • Show only routes and events with customized import rules
  • The problem that disappeared when one of the flood lights was installed was solved

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