Final Fantasy XVI: The Power of Oil and Nuclear Weapons

Although it’s still at least a year into its launch Final Fantasy XVI, a new episode of one of my favorite video game franchises has already created great expectations among fans. With maturity, the title should have the recommended age rating for people over the age of 17, and we are gradually finding out the reasons for this.

Credit: Publication / Square Enix

In addition to describing the game as the most ambitious in the series, producer Naoki Yoshida told GameSpot that the plot resolves the conflict of values ​​and ideals that unites different people. This often casts doubt on what is right or wrong, which leads us to Dominants.

in the world Final Fantasy XVI, Called Valisteys, Dominants – people who can summon and control monsters called Aikons. The plot revolves around these callers and the authorities they support, the plot considers what they think of society and what is right for them.

According to Yosida, the player “focuses on those motivations and struggles, and then delves deeper into darker topics when it comes to how people should live,” and he asked, “Should people live or struggle with the life they choose for themselves?” To escape such a fate? ”

With this, it will be the first episode of a major series that has received as high an age rating as the other two with a mature label. Final Fantasy Type-0 it’s a Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, they were just spin-offs.

Credit: Publication / Square Enix

However, Yoshida wanted to make it clear that this does not mean that they are looking for more violence or nudity. This need was related to the story they wanted to tell and two pieces of information revealed in an interview with Famitsu magazine.

“Different peoples in the world of Valistei are built on crystals,” explained the producer. “In modern parlance, it’s basically the equivalent of an oil-rich land.” The ether flows from the mother crystals, and countries are formed here. From there, according to the rules of each country, Aikons appear within the Dominants and are passed down from generation to generation. Acons are used in a similar way to modern nuclear weapons. ”

Yoshida said that as the mother crystals continue to dry up, these countries are going to war, and each of them wants more energy sources for themselves. Conflicts lead to the use of Aikons, which form the basis of the plot, which introduces us to the role of Clive, the eldest son of the Duke of Rosaria, but he did not have the right to rule Aikons. God for his people, Phoenix. The protagonist feels inferior because he is touched by his younger brother Joshua.

Yosida’s interview also shed light on an important part of the Square Enix trailer Final Fantasy XVI. In addition to the opportunity to see several Aikons fighting each other, it also emphasizes the famous figure in the series, the Witch. Apparently, this will be one of the main challenges of the game, because according to the rules of the Valistei peoples, each element can be represented only by Acon, but what if the Phoenix is ​​already associated with fire? The role of the Witch in history?

The producer decided to keep it a secret and said that in retaliation, Clive would embark on a mission to hunt the mysterious Dark Eikon, which would put him in front of several obstacles.

Speaking of the call, Acons, so far we have, except for Ifrit and Phoenix, Final Fantasy XVI There are still Shiva, Bahamut, Titan, Odin, Ramukh and Garuda. Others may be added to this list, and I have no doubt that there are still occasional challenges hidden by Valistea in the title.

As for the game world … Unlike Naoki Yoshid, which has become the standard in modern RPG games, FF16 This does not happen in the open world. According to him, the purpose of this is to give a global feel by allowing players to “jump” from one region to another.

Credit: Publication / Square Enix

Because the game includes six kingdoms, this design choice allows the story not to take place in a single large area. For those who prefer titles that have a lot of space to explore, this may seem like a negative phenomenon, but I believe that these small areas give us the idea of ​​being in an open world. Now, if Square Enix, as in some episodes of the series, only takes us through the corridors, complaints will be required.

But I’m just making assumptions on this part and anyway, I hadn’t been so excited about the new one in a long time. Final Fantasy. In addition to the promising war between the Aikons, this mature approach to the event could lead to one of the best divisions in the franchise. I just hope that all these hopes will be fulfilled.

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