Final Fantasy: The Games in the Series from Worst to Best (Ranked)

series Final Fantasy He was one of the people responsible for defining the RPG genre. As such, its popularity was expected to create quite a fan base and spawn several titles for the franchise. Final Fantasy XVI at the latest, coming in mid-2023.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled another list in worst to best format, considering only the notices of the principal titles found Metacritic. For cross-platform games, we take into account the highest rating obtained by the section in question.

Take a look at the 10 titles in this ranking – five best and five worst – below.

“Worst” franchise games

Final Fantasy – 74

The first title in the series had a challenging mission to introduce the world to a new saga with previously unknown concepts. So one would have to imagine it wouldn’t be the highest rated in the franchise, but it’s still a good game.

Final Fantasy II – 77

This may be the weakest of the franchise for many. Much of this is due to its confusing evolution system.

Here, it was possible to get some improvements in each conventional battle, such as attack or defense, which did not make him a crowd favorite, even offering news as a character with a name and known allies.

Final Fantasy III – 80

As with the first title, this third entry in the series features a quartet of characters leading a mission for the Crystal of Light.

Here is one of the news stories Ability to choose different classes for charactersin addition to containing the iconic call on It is compatible with almost all other games.

Final Fantasy XIII – 82

History Final Fantasy XIII puts the player in control Lightning bolt in it a story that brings something a little different from previous titles, as it exhibits more linear exploration. This has caused some to turn their noses up, along with other elements that aren’t quite so average.

Final Fantasy V – 83

Like the third game, this entry brings an expanded system of professions as an asset, in addition to a separate evolution option for the fighter and the chosen class. Definitely a good game, but it doesn’t shine like the others.

best of the series

Final Fantasy VI – 92

The third game in the series in the Western market (sixth in the official timeline) The history of the Super Nintendo franchise closed with a golden key. A game with a tighter plot could have more than one character as the main character, as well as Kefka and her cruel laugh.

Final Fantasy VII – 92

The first entry in the original PlayStation series certainly caught the attention of many gamers, showing Cloud and his party battling against Sephiroth. In addition to the incredible soundtrack, it was the first 3D title in the franchise and made a huge technological leap in terms of graphics.

It’s also worth noting that the title will get a three-part remake, with the second episode coming in 2023.

Final Fantasy XII – 92

In addition to bringing the story, another game that includes a part of the gameplay with a class system dlots of twists, great spell system and other elements that makes it the third best in the franchise for critics (and, of course, for the public).

Final Fantasy X – 92

We’re down to the franchise’s second best Final Fantasy. The tenth title shines in several ways, and the main one of them is the system Grid sphere: with it, the characters take completely different positions depending on the amount of points invested, for example, the sorceress Yuna can be more resistant or the swordsman Auron becomes a healer.

Final Fantasy IX – 94

Here we are at the top of this list. The title features a war between nations, allowing you to explore the progression of the story while playing minigames like Tetra Master and Chocobo Quest. In addition, its soundtrack is very memorable, and even the battle system, which many consider a bit simple, does not detract from its brilliance and importance on this list.

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