Fever, cough, sore throat are getting worse

  • Flu season has began early within the US.
  • Thermometers throughout the nation are hovering above 100 levels Fahrenheit.
  • According to the youngsters’s ER medical doctors, most of them are now viral sicknesses.

Cold and flu season begins early this yr. Doctors and fogeys throughout the U.S. are reporting an uptick in pediatric fevers — flu, SV and different frequent winter sicknesses are on the rise.

“What we’re seeing essentially the most are respiratory viral infections,” mentioned Dr. Melanie Kitagawa, who heads the pediatric intensive care unit at Texas Children’s Hospital, informed Insider.

But it is not simply severe, hospitalized circumstances. Smart thermometer firm Kinsa collects information from 2.5 million thermometers in households throughout the nation. They are now seeing many youngsters with fevers – effectively forward of the same old flurry of viral sickness in December/January.

Thermometer readings exceed 100 levels

Kinsa has almost 1.5 million pediatric customers ages 0 to 12 throughout the US. Currently, about 3% are reporting “flu-like sickness,” which is when a toddler’s temperature rises above 100 levels Fahrenheit, plus a cough or sore throat. This is a a lot larger proportion of circumstances reported at the moment of yr in Kinsa 2021, 2020 or 2019:

A chart showing the increase in + fever readings in thermometers across us


Texas and DC are sizzling spots for the flu

In southern states like Texas, the place Kitagawa works, the development is much more pronounced in October. In the chart under, Kinsa thermometers observe the proportion of ILI (influenza-like sicknesses) reported in 17 southern US states, together with Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky. , Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

You can see right here that the pediatric curve is steeper than the whole US graph:

A chart showing the rise in thermometer readings in 17 southern states


Federal surveillance of the flu in hospitals and outpatient clinics throughout the nation additionally displays Kinsa’s commentary. The most up-to-date flu-like sickness charges within the US embrace “excessive” charges of ILI fever in Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and New York.

The ILI is now “very excessive” in Washington too. In close by Virginia, Stafford High School canceled all extracurricular actions final weekend after about half of the varsity’s college students and employees referred to as in sick, Hill mentioned.

US flu heat map showing many southern states in red, orange

Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and New York have excessive charges of “flu-like sickness,” and Washington, D.C., has very excessive charges.


These fever, cough, and sore throat information don’t distinguish between who has the flu, who has RSV, and who has COVID-19 or one other viral sickness that causes the identical fever signs. But it is a good indication that each one these viruses are now spreading quickly from individual to individual.

If you are not sick but, “do preventative issues like get a flu shot,” Kitagawa mentioned.

Rest, hydration and Tamiflu will assist

If you or your youngster is already sick, relaxation and hydration are vital. Viral sicknesses, together with the flu, RSV, and COVID, can’t be cured with antibiotics.

Instead, whereas the physique fights the virus, signs could be relieved with over-the-counter medicines, together with fever reducers corresponding to youngsters’s acetaminophen or youngsters’s ibuprofen. A moist washcloth on the brow or a chilly tub additionally feels good for a fever, and gargling with salt water can ease the ache. Staying house from faculty or work might help stop your youngster from spreading the flu to others.

Finally, the antiviral drug Tamiflu works in opposition to the flu virus and relieves signs quicker than your physique can naturally. The drug requires a prescription and have to be taken inside 48 hours of the onset of signs. Tamiflu may also be taken prophylactically by relations of sick sufferers, that means it should stop them from getting sick.

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