F1 Manager 2022 will be released on August 25 for the PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Frontier Developments has announced that F1 Manager for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) will release 2022 on August 25th.

Check out the new trailer below and lots of new information on the PS Blog.

The Frontier Developments team is thrilled to be working on a sporting title that is growing in popularity. With a new generation of drivers, exciting adventures and sensational action on the track that will take F1 to new heights, we are pleased to offer everyone the opportunity to step into this exciting world of motor sports.

More and more people are interested in the process that has led not only to F1 cars and drivers, but to the teams as a whole and to the amazing performance we’ve seen on the circuit. Using Frontier’s experience to create a deep, differentiated and rewarding management experience, we show players everything they need to lead a successful builder, and then hand over the keys to being a team leader.

Whether you create a racing strategy for your drivers, use your budget to expand your business and develop your car, or research a database of real drivers and staff to attract new talent, the fate of your team is entirely up to you. .

As you can see, F1 Manager 2022 has a lot of elements that will hold you back – because they don’t fit in a single post! For now, we’ll explain a little more about your role in the race weekend. As a team leader, in addition to spending a lot of time dealing with off-schedule issues, you control a variety of factors within the F1 tracks – all in a genuine, on-air quality experience that allows you to watch the drama from anywhere. corner ..

take measures

Each F1 race begins with training sessions that begin on a weekend. This track time is valuable for preparing the team, especially the drivers for the weekend. Just like in real sports, F1 Manager 2022 will allow you to collect data and turn opportunities to your advantage as your cars travel.

During the three training sessions, evaluate the performance of your vehicles, increase your drivers’ familiarity with the layout and all the new parts you have installed, and get feedback on your vehicle’s condition. Because your team has a backup driver’s cell, you can put that driver in one of the vehicles for training and help improve their performance.

The art of the fastest rotation

Here the competition intensifies. F1 qualifying sessions determine the race grid and can seriously disrupt your best Sunday strategy. The purpose of the qualification – to give drivers the best opportunity to record the fastest time – is easier said than done…

With nine more teams competing to avoid losing, your task is to make sure your cars are on the right track at the right time. Once you have selected the tires and fuel level, you will need to monitor the session timer and assess the traffic on the track, the level of retention, and even the weather conditions to avoid any surprises. If you can do all this and your drivers are confident in training, then you have a chance to qualify for a good position.

Race Day: Strategies for Success

Good results in the qualifying session indicate good preparation for Sunday’s race, but that’s not all. Use the information and knowledge you gain to select a racing strategy for drivers, including pit stocks, tires, and even to create a level of effort on each leg.

During all the activities on the F1 Manager 2022 track, you get a lot of information and options in real transfer style to keep track of everything that is happening. Switch between on-board and track cameras for each car, view all live weather times, track track conditions and more. Ask racing engineers to give drivers specific instructions, such as how to drive easily, how not to cross curbs, and how to avoid competing with their teammates. Many real world drivers and engineers have real audio calls in F1 Manager 2022 that you can listen to while in action.

You can adjust your racing strategy at any time – this is very important, because every race can lead to unforeseen events, which your team leaders must respond to. You need to know how to quickly adapt your approach, from a sudden downpour to a car accident, a reliability problem, or even a red flag stopping a race. Take it all in and use all the options we’ve barely described here, and maybe you’ll end up celebrating the event with your drivers on the podium.

Make all decisions in F1 Manager 2022

Creating a path to fame over the weekend is just the beginning of your role as F1 Manager 2022 team leader. In between races, you will be responsible for expanding your team’s GQ level, developing new car parts, motivating the team, and searching. and hire great talents, make the board happy and much more.

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