Elden Ring Swallows Kirby and Highlights Xbox Series (USA)

In the midst of a semiconductor crisis, whoever can provide more consoles has a better advantage. And if it has the same social and critical success as Microsoft’s pair of consoles Elden Ring, we have a recipe for a wonderful cycle of goodness. At least in the United States.

ancient ring”Holds the lead for the second month in a row (credit: ArtStation)

Below are the December figures for the world’s second-largest gaming market. The calculated period was five weeks from February 27 to April 2, 2022.

Period → March (2021) March (2022) The difference
Software: games, subscriptions, MTX and DLC
(Includes consoles, PC, VR and mobile)
$ 4.71 billion $ 4.11 billion – 13%
Hardware $ 680 million $ 515 million – 24%
Accessories $ 296 million $ 227 million – 23%
TOTAL: $ 5.69 billion $ 4.85 billion – 15%

Despite the spread of the pandemic factor (except for the semiconductor crisis), we are now seeing the factor of 9th generation consoles and their high value in games. Demand for content has slowed, but revenue has not fallen as much as projected growth in the next generation: new consoles are selling what they can, and buying more expensive content will reduce overall demand.

LOST Collection (US retail)
Period → from January to March
Starting in 2021
from January to March
Starting in 2022
The difference
Software: games, subscriptions, MTX and DLC
(Includes consoles, PC, VR and mobile)
USD 13.05 billion USD 12.13 billion – 7%
Hardware USD 1.41 billion USD 1.2 billion – 15%
Accessories $ 708 million $ 592 million – 16%
TOTAL: USD 15.16 billion USD 13.92 billion – 8%

In summary, we softly see a decline in hardware due to a shortage of chips and a decline in demand for digital content. According to the NPD group, the ranking of the best-selling games from February 27 to April 2, 2022:

U.S. Sales Rating for March 2022

NPD group data is considered not only as standalone software sold on physical media as well as games sold on PSN, Steam and Xbox Live sites.

  1. Elden Ring;
  2. Grand Tourism 7;
  3. Kirby and the forgotten place *;
  4. MLB The Show 22 #;
  5. Horizon Forbidden West;
  6. Pokemon Legends: Arceus *;
  7. WWE 2K22 *;
  8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe *;
  9. Call of Duty: Vanguard;
  10. Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

* physical media only.
# Includes MVP and Deluxe editions only.

Multiple platforms Elden Ring now it is the best-selling game of 2022 and the second best-selling game in the last 12 months. Call of Duty: Vanguard in this regard. Already exclusive Grand Tourism 7 came in second in March. Considering only the month of issue (29 days sale)The Grand Tourism 7 the highest revenue of the entire franchise.

Exclusive to translate, even with a more select audience Kirby and the forgotten place worked well and ranked third in sales in North America in terms of physical copies. Speaking of Nintendo, the hybrid console remains the sales leader.

However, the Xbox Series X | S consoles have topped Bruce since the beginning of the year, with Microsoft second only to U.S. console sales for three months in a row. is it a sin

This simple Xbox Series S provides more stability and cheaper price than its stronger brother, the Series X. Since both versions of the PS5 rival use the same chip, they end in the middle of the crisis. The supply deteriorates and sales do not meet demand. Luckily for Redmond’s giant, it has the same supply issues as the PS5 in its X series, but at least it turned out to be a cake icing on the collection.

Although data on console revenue are available, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain specific console sales figures in the United States. Since Microsoft and the NPD Group only confirmed that March 2022 was the best March for the Xbox division, that number is higher than the 433,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold in March 2011.

Platform December (2021) January February March
Nintendo Switch 1,300,000 units information not available information not available (better) than
433,000 units
Xbox Series X | S 975,000 units information not available information not available more than
433,000 units
PlayStation 5 800,000 pieces information not available information not available information not available

Sources: Games Industry, IGN US, Install Base, NeoGAF, NPD Group, ResetEra and Venture Beat.

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