Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – Review

When are Eiden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes published and I mastered it quickly Oktopat traveler for its graphics. Originally, the game was scheduled for this year, but, given the circumstances of Covid-19, it was postponed to 2023. For compensation, the producer suggested to the concerned. Eiden Chronicle: UprisingA game that takes place in the same world.

Eiden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes Starting with the Kickstarter campaign, due to the quality of what was shown, it was not only important to produce the title, but also to guarantee its development. Eiden Chronicle: Uprising.

The game differs in gameplay and graphical concept one hundred heroes, Eiden Chronicle: Uprising Players eagerly awaiting the 2023 title come to introduce this new world. But will he be able to carry this weight well and guarantee entertainment for fans of the genre?

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The story is included Eiden Chronicle: Uprising this is not the best. At least not early. You are a girl from a clan in CJ, where all the villagers were forced to leave their homes in search of artifacts found by family members. As a treasure hunter, he traveled to New Naveah to try his luck.

Isha, who runs the city, came to the mayor’s office very early due to the disappearance of her father. Here, in an effort to save the city, Isha allows adventurers to explore caves for treasure, but with appropriate fees.

Initially, the player is introduced to the stamping system, which must help city dwellers complete missions instead of “sealing” them in order to obtain the most needed researcher’s license. After getting a chance to get into the role, CJ finally begins his adventure … or at least he needs to.

Eiden Chronicle: Uprising It has such a dead start that I saw myself falling asleep several times during the game. We’re talking about a 2D game that has 3D scenarios, so the exploration needs to be very well adapted to not be boring. And here, unfortunately, it is.

The Euden Chronicle - The Rise
Each dungeon has a head and you can fight it several times to collect special items. Source: PS5 Create

Inside the map are teleports that can be unlocked as you progress. However, the map is not intuitive and you do not know exactly where you are going. Even if you know where you want to go, it only gets worse when you need to teleport between poles until you find what you want.

As mentioned earlier, exploitation Eiden Chronicle: Uprising boring at first. You have to go through half of the dungeon and go back because something is always holding you back. And often boring. Although there is the possibility of teleporting to the city, sometimes there is a practical and practical contradiction that does not compensate for the fact that there may be NPCs who ask for help to change stamps on the way there. desire to graduate.

To be fair, the exploration starts after about six hours of play, and even though it’s a relatively long time, you’ll be rewarded with more action and materials to collect. In addition to more treasures and rune lenses, this is the main goal of the CJ.

Euden Chronicle - Rising
Elemental Rune lenses change the element of your powers. Isha, the magician of the group, is the most prominent character in terms of changing forces. Source: PS5 Create

Unfortunately, Eiden Chronicle: Uprising There is a problem that alienates players who do not want to dedicate themselves. As mentioned earlier, this will only happen in a few hours, and this also applies to the event.

At first, the story is not very clear, and a few other things – chaos – are on the road, and all the attention is focused on something really important. In the midst of all this, there are side quests that make the chaos worse.

The interface of the game is not well optimized, so the chaos on the screen is very confusing for the player. This confusion forced me to ignore the incident for a while and follow until everything was back to normal. Fortunately, what happens.

Over time, things get better and, as usual, CJ and his friends know that there is more behind these runic lenses than they thought. When these distortions occur, you start to have your own fun moments, which is just unfortunate and takes a long time to resolve.

The Euden Chronicle - The Rise
The game has two modes, which can be changed at any time during the game. Source: PS5 Create

On the one hand Eiden Chronicle: Uprising On the other hand, it manages to make up for its small flaws.

The overall gameplay of the game is very good and intuitive. When faced with a group of enemies, you will not be able to overcome difficulties. The only downside here is that there are annoying delays of heavy characters like Garoo, which forces you to give commands too early to correctly determine the time of the attack.

In terms of warfare, it works better than Eyew, because it has more variety to defeat your enemies. Of course, this is only possible by upgrading the equipment in the city’s stores, and may even require additional tasks to open and align them, thus increasing stocks and / or improving services.

Unlike other RPG action games, you don’t have the ability to change your weapons or armor here, just upgrade them. However, in order to compensate, several new abilities can be unlocked in this way, which increases the interesting aspect when confronted with dungeons.

Another thing that surprised me Eiden Chronicle: Uprising It’s true that you only have to press one button to control your characters. That’s right. Your whole group is divided into one of four main stages (except for the X stage where the character jumps) and when new skills emerge, the same stage, along with L3 tricks, turns your character into a real combo machine.

The Euden Chronicle - The Rise
Combined connections with other characters can be made to increase the final damage. Source: PS5 Create

But don’t think it’s easy to let go of all these abilities. As mentioned earlier, Eiden Chronicle: The Rise The city has a system of renovating and building shops. By completing side tasks and completing all the stamps on the map, Nova Naveah will be able to thrive and welcome new residents, and therefore be interested in starting any business.

The first thing that made the update difficult and should be raised here was the issue of getting Baquas, which is a local currency. Prisons don’t tickle your pockets, which makes you dependent on money for some extra quests or pawnshops. However, it will not be possible to sell anything here, because the city will charge 30% on top of the valuables and significantly reduce your income.

The second point to note is a bit positive. Despite all the difficulties, this construction system becomes addictive. Additional quests are always available and are often for people who want to start a new business or improve their store. It will not be difficult for you to give up everything you are doing to pursue what you need, because it is important to have current resources to sell, and even difficult to buy because of their high cost.

The Euden Chronicle - The Rise
Items left by managers are rare and generally more valuable. Source: PS5 Create

graphics Eiyuden Chorncles: Rising they are really beautiful. unlike the future one hundred heroes, is rising Brings scripts with 3D graphics and 2D characters. This gives the game an incredible beauty, especially in dungeons where you can see many details of the fauna, such as flowers, waterfalls and even snow. Maybe if the characters are a little less pixel, it might work better to fit in, but what they’re delivering here is already worth it.

The soundtrack, in turn, is nothing but “wow”. It brings out the sound of a classic 90s RPG and although it sounds like nostalgia, it can feel like “laziness” because everything can be improved now.

The Euden Chronicle - The Rise
In Euden, many new routes will be opened to the old places of travel. Source: PS5 Create

Eiden Chronicle: Uprising came to the fore one hundred heroesbut it is not ideal. In fact, I didn’t expect this to happen, but seeing that Rabbit & Bear Studios was able to do this with just a “change” from the main title campaign shows that they’re willing to bring something fun to warm the engines. .

The title has its flaws, but over time it rises and shows a different side that people who have played less have not seen. In conclusion, Eiden Chronicle: Uprising It will be a good buying opportunity for genre fans looking for something new.

The game will be viewed on the PS5 with a code provided by 505 Games.

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