EA no longer uses the FIFA name in the simulator

The novel to renew the contract between EA Sports and FIFA is over. As the name EA Sports FC was registered in 2021, many rumors began to circulate about the end of the partnership, which began in 1993. With an official note this Tuesday (10), Electronic Arts confirmed what everyone expected: FIFA 23’s latest game signed with the world’s largest football company.

From July 2023, the franchise will cease operations and allow EA Sports FC. The new initiative, however, is of the same quality, according to EA. The company has confirmed that it will retain the licenses of more than 300 IP sports partners and provide the same experience as the current name. In addition to clubs from the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and Premier League, a number of players are also following the company in the next move.

Cam Weber, executive vice president of GM EA SPORTS & Racing, spoke about the future of the simulator:

We are excited to build a global future for football with all of you and share more information about EA SPORTS FC in the winter of 2023. The future of the sport is very big and bright, and football fans are coming everywhere. corners of the world. Global football has been a part of EA SPORTS for almost thirty years – and today we guarantee that it will remain so for the next decade.

The rumors about this modification are old and all started with a struggle between Electronic Arts and FIFA to renew the institution’s brand rights. At the time, some analysts said it would be difficult to prolong the struggle and even sever the partnership once and for all. But EA Sports doesn’t seem to care.

Above, you can see EA Sports’s official Twitter post on the issue – it even received a response from the official PlayStation profile that “it’s in the club”. Is there an upcoming partnership?

(Source: EA)

Partners reinforce the importance of EA Sports FC

Below you can see what some of EA’s best partners have to say about the company’s new chapter in football history.

Premier League “EA SPORTS is a valuable partner of the Premier League and we look forward to working together in the new era of EA SPORTS FC.” – Richard Masters, Executive Director of the Premier League

LaLiga “EA SPORTS represents the pinnacle of today’s and future interactive football experiences and we are proud to have worked with them for more than 20 years,” said Javier Tebas, LaLiga’s president. “We work in partnership with EA SPORTS FC to provide an innovative and authentic experience and to grow our love of football together around the world and for years to come.”

“We have a wonderful partnership with EA,” said Bundesliga CEO Donata Hopfen. “EA SPORTS is an established and valuable part of the football world and we are happy that everything will happen as a result of our innovative partnership. We look forward to joining Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 EA SPORTS FC.

UEFA “With our common commitment to serving football fans around the world, we look forward to continuing our partnership with EA SPORTS FC and providing players with a real gaming experience in their favorite club competition.” – Guy-Lauren Epstein, UEFA Marketing Director

CONMEBOL “Connecting football fans with their clubs, players, competitions and friends through a digital experience is the pinnacle of the future of the football fandom and we are delighted to partner with EA SPORTS FC to bring these adventures to football fans around the world.” – Juan Emilio Roa, CONMEBOL Director of Commerce and Marketing

NIKE “We look forward to continuing and expanding our long-standing partnership with EA SPORTS by serving athletes at the crossroads of sports, games and culture,” said DJ van Hameren, Executive Vice President and CMO, Nike Inc. “Our partnership with EA SPORTS FC will truly improve the way our communities play and connect with sports.”

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