EA CEO assures that single-player games are a “significant part” of the catalog

Is this ticket real?

While revealing the latest earnings, EA CEO Andrew Wilson assured these games single player is”important parts” from the directory.

Apart from providing those games single player are important parts for the publisher, Wilson emphasized the developer’s game development processthen the development team asks two questions, how to tell rich stories and how to build a rich online community, beyond the “motivations” of the team.

However, EA’s CFO Chris Suh commented on the games multiplayer means more than 70% of publisher revenue, meaning the publisher will continue to invest in this approach. Check up:

Our players, in general, have these basic motivations – inspiration, escape, social connection, competition, self-improvement, creation – that unite us as gamers. And world-building, character-building, and storytelling are critical in realizing some of those motifs.

When we think about our portfolio and when we think about building it, we think about it in two main vectors. First, how can we tell amazing stories? Second, how can we create amazing online communities? So how do you combine the two?

So when you look at our portfolio, what you’re looking for is: How do we do it? How do we build these worlds and tell these stories? How do we develop global online communities? And how do we combine these two things to make motivations work?

And what we see when we get to that is the growth of our network, and secondly, we increase the amount of time players in our network spend on our games. And when we think about single-player games, we think that’s a very important part of the overall portfolio that we provide to fulfill these core motivations.” EA CEO said.

If we think about the impact of the model and its financial impact, I think that first of all, live services should cover more than 70% of our business on a 12-month basis. has had a proven, highly reliable and recurring revenue stream and continues to be a dominant driver in our P&L [lucro e prejuízo] a long time.

Second, we’ve talked a lot about investing in both the live service and some of the single-player title releases. So over time we will continue to invest, our long-term growth will continue to invest in the continued, sustainable operation of our live services business, and there will be some calls and puts along the way.EA’s CFO said.

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