Dr. Carrie Jose Health and Vigilance Bar Why Should Pain in the Should Not Go Away

Statistics show that shoulder pain affects about 15.4% of men and 24.9% of women. The prevalence of shoulder pain also increases with age, especially for people over 50 years of age.

There are many causes of shoulder pain. This is the most mobile joint in your body, so it is more prone to injury. But why – for some – does it just seem like it won’t last long?

The first reason is a misdiagnosis. Here are some examples of his appearance.

Your MRI will tell you that you have a rotator cuff tear – so you have surgery – but the pain will come back or it won’t go away completely as they say. You’ve been told you have impingement syndrome, so you’re going to have arthroscopic decompression surgery – no luck. You may have been told that you have tendonitis in your shoulders and need a cortisone stroke, followed by physical therapy. No, that didn’t work either.

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