Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse, a war-filled RPG, is now available

THE Kabam has just announced the start Disney Mirrorverse: MirrorverseA team-based RPG developed in collaboration with disney the and Pixar. The game is free and available for download from the App Store and Google Play around the world. In it, players enter an unprecedented divergent world filled with the world-famous Disney and Pixar movies. The magic of good and evil affects these complex worlds and turns the characters into caretakers who are ready to face the constant threat and destruction, trying to dominate the Mirror.

Watch the world start trailer:

We were delighted to see the great news from fans and players around the world with the release news and pre-registration period.“, he said Seungwon Lee, Executive Director of Kabam. “It has been amazing to work with our colleagues at Disney and Pixar to develop this new divergent universe imbued with our fans and mobile players. Our Kabam product development team has taken the time and effort to create this amazing, deep and highly interactive RPG game for mobile phones. It will be a completely new experience. We are happy to share Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse with today’s world”.

With stunning 3D animated characters and environments, players form an unprecedentedly strong team of guards and take full control of them in this real-time action game. Pregnant Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse, they gather different characters and form strong teams to take part in the battle. Each guard has unique abilities, such as the armored Sully, the great space inspector of Star Command Buzz Lightyear, the dragon magician Maleficent, and many more guardians ready to fight those who want to conquer the Mirror.

Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse Features:

  • DIVERGENT DISNEY RRATIVE AND BATTLE IN THE UNIVERSE – Experience a new story that truly captures the dynamics of Disney and Pixar characters as they protect the Mirror Glass from the danger of being smashed.
  • CHOOSE AND ADJUST AMAZING 3D CHARACTERS FROM DISNEY AND PIXAR – Explore new worlds filled with Disney and Pixar’s sophisticated details and 3D characters in this action game. Discover the fascinating stories of these guardians and discover their real and amazing special abilities to face epic battles and adventures.
  • MAKE A TRUE INTERESTING ACTION MASTER – Manage a team of guardians and monitor the guardians’ actions, team strategy and special attacks, feel the excitement and excitement of real-time combat, or have the guardians automatically face the enemy.
  • GO TO EPICAL MISSIONS AND PLAY NEW DISNEY STORIES – Unlock unique stories, fight broken enemies, win rewards and restore Mirrorverse worlds and characters destroyed by enemy magic:
  • STORY MODE: Experience an amazing storyline with quests and missions to complete. Discover the history of the Mirrorverse and the eras of isolation, discovery and destruction.
  • EVENT MISSIONS: With monthly updates, we add new chapters to the main story quest, or stories with selected characters and villains where players will face off and compete.
  • STORY MISSIONS: Connect to Disney and Pixar real-life content and events, and participate in limited time quests that offer unique characters, rewards, and elements of progress over a period of time.
  • ALLIANCE MISSIONS: Join the alliance and work as a team to complete stages of the story and earn level rewards while playing quests against other alliances!
  • TALENT OF TALENT: Players use thematic guardians to get elements of progress and move forward through increasingly complex matches.
  • DANGEROUS PRISONS: Players compete in dungeons with other players and alliances around the world to earn elements of progress and other valuable rewards.
  • CONTENT MONTHLY LIFE: Experience Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse The new characters are constantly evolving and expanding with regular releases, story chapters, story quests and more.

For more information: www.disneymirrorverse.com.

Disney Mirrorverse: Mirrorverse now available for iOS and Android.

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