Did you know that melanoma occurs on the scalp? Experts point out the main warning signs

According to a dermatologist oncologist, melanoma can seem wherever on the pores and skin. (Photo by way of Getty Images)

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After a terrifying expertise with melanoma, a British journalist urges individuals to concentrate to pores and skin adjustments.

In a BBC News essay, Sarah Lee wrote that she did not discover the mole on her head till July 2021. She took a photograph of her scalp to see how her hair dye had light, solely to discover a black patch as an alternative.

The 29-year-old took her issues to her physician, who informed her it was only a “fungus” and nothing to fret about.

Lee continued to watch the web site, and inside months seen “satellite tv for pc” moles. When she went again to the physician, she was informed that scalp most cancers was “unimaginable” as a result of hair blocks the solar’s ultraviolet rays. Lee was additionally informed she was too younger to have pores and skin most cancers.

If you notice a change in size and/or color of the mole, get it checked out by your doctor.  (Photo via Getty Images)

A mole that adjustments dimension or coloration will be the first signal of melanoma. (Photo by way of Getty Images)

Frustrated, Lee bought a second opinion and found that melanoma was the most harmful type of pores and skin most cancers. He was later identified with stage three malignant nodular melanoma.

Dr. Harvey Lui, a dermatologic oncologist at BC Cancer, says that though melanoma is uncommon on the scalp, pores and skin most cancers can develop wherever.

“It can occur on the soles of your toes, it could possibly occur inside your mouth, and it is not an space that will get quite a lot of daylight,” mentioned Lui, a professor of dermatology and pores and skin science at the University of British Columbia. Yahoo Canada. “Melanoma can develop wherever on your pores and skin.”

A dermatologist examines a patient's mole with a magnifying glass in the clinic

Melanoma is one in all the most harmful forms of pores and skin most cancers. (Photo by way of Getty Images)

What is melanoma?

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, melanoma is a most cancers that begins in the melanocyte cells of the pores and skin. Melanocytes make melanin, which supplies coloration to your pores and skin, hair, and eyes. There are 4 forms of melanoma, together with superficial spreading melanoma (the most typical) and nodular melanoma.

“When these cells turn into cancerous, they appear to have a better likelihood of spreading regionally or spreading to different components of the physique via the blood or lymphatic system, so we consider melanoma as the most severe of all pores and skin cancers,” Lui explains.

“Melanoma can develop wherever on your pores and skin.”Dr. Harvey Louis

Changes in mole dimension or form are often the first signal of melanoma pores and skin most cancers.

“Most melanomas begin out as flat spots on the pores and skin that are likely to broaden, develop back and forth, and infrequently have an irregular sample of pigmentation,” Lui says. “But with nodular melanomas, they’re thicker at the starting, and when sufferers develop nodular melanoma, they are usually extra aggressive.”

Who is in danger for melanoma?

Melanoma can have an effect on anybody, no matter gender, age, or race.

There are danger components that can enhance an individual’s likelihood of growing the illness, together with private or household historical past, extreme solar publicity, and light-weight pores and skin, eye, and hair coloration.

The Melanoma Network of Canada notes that the main explanation for melanoma is extreme publicity to ultraviolet radiation from the solar or tanning beds.

Lui added that sunburns are additionally in danger.

Ask a family member or hairdresser to tell you if they notice spots or moles on your scalp.  (Photo via Getty Images)

Although that is uncommon, Dr. Harvey Louis says melanoma can happen on the scalp. (Photo by way of Getty Images)

Watch for brand spanking new moles and adjustments in current moles

As with most cancers, the earlier melanoma is detected, the higher the likelihood of remedy and survival.

In Lee’s case, the melanoma had unfold to her cranium by the time she was identified. The journalist needed to take away 24 lymph nodes and bear two forms of focused remedy to forestall recurrence.

According to Louie, the necessary takeaway from Lee’s story is that she adopted the authentic mole, seen adjustments in it, and continued to hunt medical consideration.

“The backside line is, if you know you’ve been to a well being care skilled and it appears good, if there’s one other change, it must be re-evaluated,” Lui says.

Louie provides that melanoma on the scalp will be troublesome to diagnose as a result of, not like different components of the physique, it is not typically checked. This is often seen first by a hairdresser or a member of the family.

Minimize outdoor time between 11am and 3pm when the sun is at its strongest.  (Photo via Getty Images)

Protect your pores and skin with sunscreen, sun shades, and a hat when you’re open air. (Photo by way of Getty Images)

Apply sunscreen when going outdoors

To scale back your danger of pores and skin most cancers, it is necessary to guard your self from the solar’s UV rays.

  • To shut: Protect your pores and skin as a lot as doable when you are out in the solar. Wear hats, lengthy sleeves, and light-colored clothes, in addition to sun shades that defend towards UVA and UVB rays.

  • Use sunscreen: Experts advocate utilizing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater when open air.

  • Reduce your outside time between 11:00 and 15:00: This is when the solar is at its strongest. If doable, attempt to train outdoors these occasions.

  • Shadow Search: If you have to be outdoors on a scorching day, attempt to keep away from direct daylight and search shade as an alternative.

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