Chile pierced in its attempt to sustain Ecuador in the world

The attempt to expose Chile to its rival Sudamericano, Ecuador, from the Copa del Mundo fraternity, when a panel disciplinary organization rector of the football world recalls a declaration that Ecuador has an unclassified role. .

The case of Byron Castillo in Torno defensa, who never came to Chile so far in Colombia, is that there are three more people who can figure out the documents that are identifiable as equatorial. The Football Federation of Chile presented present documents, including certificates of origin, which, in turn, represents its recitation.

Accompanied by the norms of FIFA, the alignment of a juggernaut could not be allowed to take place in the first quarter of the quarterback who played football.

Ecuador quadrato en cuarto lugar en las eliminatorias del continente, con lo que obtuvo una de las cuatro plazas de pase automotico asignadas a Sudamérica para el Mundial. But Chile has always excelled that Ecuador perceives the same parts of the classification in which Castillo participates, and that its rivales in these encounters receive three points per part. The Chilean functions have calculated that this formula will change the results of the classification in Sudamérica and bring Chile to the World Cup in Ecuador.

The FIFA says that its functions have been incorporated into all the parts of the house because it involves Peru, because it competes in an international class that never fails. responder.

Chile dijo que apelaría el fallo.

“We are convinced with the decision,” said Eduardo Carlezzo, who represented the Chilean federation. “This is one of the prince of Prussia, much like Colombia like Ecuador, who has never been able to fight against Colombia. For the sake of it, we will hope and hope that these evidences will be considered in its totality ”.

The Ecuadorian federation of football emit a communication We hope that Chile will present its demand in Mayo, in that it recovers from the “infundados rumors” about Castillo, from whom it seems that it was a quadruple of jurisprudence and deportation.

“We are categorically trying to find someone who pretends to participate in the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, which will continue to be legally in the cancha”, according to the federation.

The Castillo has a lot of variations, so let’s find out more about the ins and outs of Ecuador analogy centsos de dio lugar san queiones no more. Temerosos an error that pudiera poner en pesiro las esperanzas de Ecuador en la Copa del Mundo de este aoo, los responsables de su federación nacional de fútbol habían aplazado la incorporación de la selección est aeros.

Among the two, he was the president of a special commission of inquiry into the fact that Federaci paren had a great deal to suggest that Castillo was Colombian, although the Chilean functionaries argued that they were corroborating.

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