Check out the upcoming indie games from Devs 2022 coming to PlayStation

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Ten years ago, I helped create Devs Day with my best friends at Double Fine and iam8bit. The goal was to create a festival of games that put developers first, highlighting the most unique, creative and artistic indie games you can find around the world. Celebrate what these games look like and the creators behind them.

Since then, we’ve helped promote more than 500 titles, including Death Door, Toem, and Axiom Verge 2 highlights of the past year, through our free public support event in San Francisco and our digital stores. Today we are back with our last harvest. Games for Devs Day: Summer Game Fest Edition. This is another amazing list of games of all shapes and sizes. Here are some highlights coming to the PlayStation.

Team Flies

Part of this amazing game is an open world and a partial flight simulator – and you’ll play it fly! You will be given a list of wishes that you will complete before you die. But the life of a fly is short, and the list is long! Go ahead, learn the instrument, get rich, read a book, go on tour, meet, get drunk, make someone laugh or enter the world of art! And if you don’t want to achieve your goals in life, hang up, clean your wings, and watch TV. Make the Most of Your Time! Because we all die.

– Michael Frey and Rafael Munoz, Play

Date of issue: 2023 | Developer: Playables | PS4, PS5


Immerse yourself in the adventure of relaxation, minimalism and color exploration. Flow into the mysterious river with Naiad, mix with its fauna and flora, and uncover the little secrets. Enjoy a rewarding experience with a dreamy and original visual style. Learn to swim like a duck, swim like a fish, run like a frog, and meet lovely friends like butterflies, rabbits, turtles, snakes, and crocodiles! Help them find their way and avoid obstacles. The 16-episode journey takes you through beautiful forests, dark caves, happy waters, calm lakes, and much more to the sea. A very personal and unique game created with love by a personal developer.

– Alvin, HiWarp

Date of issue: October 1, 2022 | Developer: HiWarp | PS4, PS5

The animal is good

It can be difficult to talk about a game full of secrets that can be revealed without breaking the surprise. Animal Well is, from the outside, a puzzle-platform reconnaissance game, but this description reveals the deep secrets inside. Some puzzles are simple. Finding others is a little harder. And others may not look like puzzles at first – or they may need to address a community of players.

– Billy Basso, sole developer, shared memory

Date of issue: In late 2022 or early 2023 | Publisher: Shared Memory | PS5

Escape Academy

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the Escape Academy, an educational institution dedicated to the art of Escape. As a promising new student at the Academy, you will train with our strong faculty to become the best Escapist. Start the lesson with one player to eat take a friend! Escape Academy is fully played locally or online on a split screen through a two-player joint game. In between classes, don’t forget to explore the Escape Academy campus and meet colorful characters, each an Escape art expert and some with unsolved mysteries … are they often fatal? There is only one way to know this! Play over a dozen handmade escape rooms created byroom designers to avoid real life In the Coin Crew games when the semester begins on July 14th on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

– Wyatt Bushnell, Co-Founder, Coin Crew Games

Date of issue: July 14, 2022 | Publisher: iam8bit | PS4, PS5

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