Check out the PlayStation Store releases from June 12 to June 18, 2022

June 12

The wine story (PS4, PS5) – June 12th

Become one of the largest wine companies in the world with the adventure of a young entrepreneur whose little dreams come true.

June 14th

Merlin’s hand (PS4, PS5) – June 14th

The Hand of Merlin is another Rog-light RPG where Arthurian legend encounters space terror. Gather a party of three heroes and take them on a difficult journey from Albion to Jerusalem. Examine in detail the medieval lands on the threshold of the Apocalypse. Trade with merchants, upgrade your heroes and find ancient relics. Look for the lost fragments of your soul scattered in many universes and save as many worlds as possible.

Hard Hat Edition on the children’s site (PS4) – June 14th

Children had more opportunities to see the operation of large equipment. Now put your child in the driver’s seat: Bertha, Dizziness, Nuts, and Coffee Break Band. Guide your child through the real excitement of using heavy construction equipment. Kids offers 100% real video with interactive answers on the Site. Your child is driving real monster cars on a real construction site, not cartoon characters. With Kids On Site, they dig the ground, swim a broken ball, make new friends, and most importantly, have fun.

Zorro: Chronicle (PS4, PS5) – June 14th

Play as Zorro or his sister Ines in this secret action game inspired by the Zorro The Chronicles animated series. Release the people, restore justice, and mock Sergeant Garcia by signing the sword!

June 15th

Thunder Kid II: Null Mission (PS4, PS5) – June 15th

The robot empire is back and this time they want to kidnap all the people! Take control of the Thunder Kid again, rescue all the hostages and find the location of the mysterious new enemy leader before it’s too late! Destroy enemy bots and challenge huge opponents in a mix of unique retro styles. Like the previous game, Thunder Kid II: Null Mission is a 3D run n ‘gun action game with a retro style and third-party perspective. By changing this view, it is possible to add elements of the shooting hell genre and preserve its basic characteristics. You have to run, jump and shoot as if you were not there tomorrow. It’s all in different and colorful 3D environments, from caves, swamps and cities to the sky. And, an electrifying soundtrack to complete the package!

DEATHRUN TV (PS4) – June 15th

Live from the biggest studio… A show where rivals risk everything to get “likes” from viewers around the world 24 hours a day. The fun never stops! You will have to survive the angry mutants to increase the speed of the bubble, avoid bullets, and raise the level of your opponent with many weapons. The high visibility of the bullet hell tests your reflexes in every arena.

Dadish 3 (PS4) – June 15th

When his children board the bus for a dubious field trip, Dadish goes out to look for them until they turn into radish soup! Along the way, he dives into a sewer, gets lost in the desert, rides a dolphin, and meets his wife, who has unwittingly divorced him. Help Dadishka save his children once again, his most interesting and difficult adventures.

June 16th

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge (PS4) – June 16th

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge brings together Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Rafael in an amazing side-sliding game that is reminiscent of the legendary Turtle’s 1987 style and pays homage to classic TMNT games like Turtles In Time.

autonauts (PS4, PS5) – June 16th

Autonauts is a game that offers personality and innovation to players of all ages to explore the unique and colorful world of coding and creation. Create a strong Bot workforce to automate everything in your camp; Teach them what to do and expand their brains and operational capacity with countless updates and options. Create dozens of different Workerbots to make simple craft products and designs from plants and turn your new planet into a fully functional home. The Autonauts console version is a new player experience that offers fans an advanced tutorial and framework that allows them to improve their coding skills faster and more efficiently. Conveniently encode mechanical assistants and show them step-by-step what to do, whether cooking, farming, mining, construction, etc .; then sit down and watch the automated “ant farm” perform its functions.

The gardens in the middle (PS5) – June 16th

The Gardens Between is a surreal puzzle adventure in which two best friends Arina and Friendt travel through the mysterious world of beautiful garden islands. They wake up in a living, dream-like world that reflects the most important monuments of friendship, full of adventures that began after they became neighbors. You control and manage time to help Arina and Friend solve puzzles and unlock garden secrets. Together, you will explore memories of a flourishing friendship.

Hard 2 (PS4, PS5) – June 16th

The fastest racing game in the universe. Redout 2 is a sequel to Redout, a classic arcade-style racing game that has received rave reviews and praise from critics. Achieve impossible speeds in attention-grabbing futuristic races, one-player campaigns, or multi-player competition.

Crazy Chicken Xtreme (PS4) – June 16th

In the mystical forest camp, hunt down naughty moorhooks, throw them on the castle walls, or test your shooting skills in a medieval market. If a chicken comes in front of you, set it on fire! Whether with a gun, rocket launcher or chicken hammer, it’s all there. Replenish your ammunition and enjoy shooting! The chickens will give you slippers, otherwise they will be on the grill!

Jumping rough (PS4) – June 16th

You play as Lump. He is stuck in a hole and trying to get out. There are a number of obstacles in his path that Lump will overcome.

June 17th

Oxide chamber 104 (PS4, PS5) – June 17th

Combining Escape and Action Game Oxide Room 104 is a player’s physically dangerous game set inside an old motel. At the mercy of a stolen, brutal scientist and in pursuit of a dangerous creature, you should try to escape mentally, just as you would in real life. Can you get out of the oxide? It all starts when he wakes up naked in the bathroom of a motel room and doesn’t know what happened. Remember that the agreement was wrong, but now the main thing is to try to escape from that dangerous place, no matter what. From now on, everything you do will lead you to the end. And who cares, my friend: of all the possible ways, there is only one good way … There are many options and ways to solve the situation, as well as different ways. Some actions can change your perception of the environment and even lead to unexpected results. Remember that any wrong decision can be the difference between life and death.

Soul system (PS4) – June 17th

System of Souls is a first-person puzzle platformer. During a series of tests, the L-064N Aura, a super-advanced AI, will reveal ION’s neurotechnological objects and the events that led it to its current path. The story seems to be based on a simple explanation, but the player gradually reveals the feelings and experiences of other robotic creatures like him, which leads him to doubt the truth told to him.

Barn Finders (PS4) – June 17th

From old watches, musical instruments, antiques, gold and weapons to old cars and motorcycles, look for valuables hidden in abandoned barns and sell them for a profit. Run your family business. Look for valuables and sell them at your pawn shop. Every product has a meaning. So grab it all and look everywhere! Participate in auctions and sales to access private property. Who knows what kind of dusty treasures he will find there? Go to 12 unique places and find their secrets in America (very similar to real America, but not at all). Palaces are just the beginning.

The Jumping Hot Dog (PS4, PS5) – June 17th

Join BIG H on its exciting kitchen tour and jump on it! Enjoy colorful comic graphics accompanied by atmospheric music.

To warn: It should be noted that since Sony has not released an official list, we do not officially know what will come to the PlayStation Store. That said, we found out above by researching the topic. We will have a few more releases during the week, and the above games can be postponed without notice. In addition, games marked as PS4 only may end up bringing the PS5 version to the same day – PS4 and PS5 may have the same version of the titles announced on the same day.

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