Check out the PlayStation Store releases from July 31st to August 6th, 2022

July 31

The Jumping Sushi: TURBO (PS4, PS5) – July 31

Join BIG S on his exciting journey through the kitchen and make it jump! Enjoy colorful comic graphics accompanied by atmospheric music.

August 1

Gallery (PS4, PS5) – August 1st

Written and directed by Paul Rashid, Gallery is a fusion of hostage thriller and social drama with the cinematic aesthetics of an FMV game and global film festival. Filmed over 6 weeks in February and March 2021, the play immerses audiences in an interactive experience between two time periods – 1981 and 2021 – both of which are cleverly presented in a nuanced story of significant political, social and cultural significance in UK history. . Players will face over 150 decision points in a story filled with mystery and intrigue.

Wump Jump (PS4, PS5) – August 1st

Join Wump on a journey through a dangerous swamp. Along the way, you will encounter various obstacles and challenges that will test your skills. If you defeat them, you can save the Vump.

August 2

FROG (PS4, PS5) – August 2nd

Join Renata as she enters the world of mystical ruins with the titular FROGUN! Frogun is an old-school platformer with the soul of the PS1/N64 era, where your frog-shaped grappling hook is your best friend! Renata’s parents are world-renowned explorers, archaeologists and inventors who travel the world, uncovering the secrets of the past and bring her with them on their expeditions. However, in their final adventure, they decide to leave him at base camp – the ruins of Beelzebub are considered too dangerous! For three days he waits, his pride hurt and his mind bored, until he realizes: if they still haven’t come back, something must have happened to them! In a hurry, he grabs his parents’ latest invention, Frogun, and sets off to the ruins to save them and prove he’s just as capable!

August 3

south of the circle (PS4, PS5) – August 3

South of the Circle is an emotional storytelling experience with a deep, multi-layered story. The main plot explores the consequences of life choices, the choice between career and true love, and the alternation between past and present. You play as Peter, a Cambridge academic who is shipwrecked in Antarctica during the Cold War. As he searches for help, Peter is drawn back into his past to see how the pressures of power and his own ambitions have led him to this crisis. There is a love story between him and his Cambridge classmate Clara, and Peter realizes the weight of all her promises. Like childhood memories, there are promises that stay with us forever.

August 4

QUByte Classics: The Thunderbolt Collection by PIKO (PS4) – August 4th

Your goal is simple: destroy all incoming enemies before you reach the final boss of the stage, make it easier and faster by collecting items and power-ups to improve your health bar, increase your speed and upgrade or get new weapons. You lead humanity to survival. The Thunderbolt Collection is a collection of two vertical scrollers from the 1995 Thunderbolt series. to enhance your experience: controller remapping that allows players to customize controller buttons, different screen types and save states.

Winderia’s wind (PS4, PS5) – August 4th

The Tetra Quartz, the source of all life, had been contaminated, and now there was a strong feeling that something very bad was about to happen. Shan, a young boy from the Wind Civilization, embarks on an adventure to cleanse the tainted Tetra Quartz and save his childhood friend. Destroy the dark clouds of death with allies from different places and reach the future in a fantastic adventure! Fly around the world with the Flying Beakle, updated with parts for available regions. Use them not only in turn-based battles, but also in dungeon tricks when combining characters’ abilities. Find Quartz to strengthen your team, gain skills and techniques. Not to mention an entire world drawn with nostalgic pixel art!

Sword & Fairy: Together Forever (PS4, PS5) – August 4th

Enter an realm that blends ancient mythology with traditional Eastern aesthetics in Swords and Fairy: Together Forever, the latest standalone entry in the nearly 27-year-old RPG franchise! Weave your own story between the three clans of Human, God and Demon, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever introduces you to a cast of memorable characters, each with unique personalities, motivations, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. They can only create the future together! Guide them in this compelling standalone chapter that pays homage to the series’ great legacy and serves as a jumping-off point for Swords and Fairy newcomers. Sword and Fairy: Together Forever features not only the most advanced graphics in the history of the series, but also dynamic real-time combat mechanics with full freedom of movement and fluid animations of screen-filling abilities. Switch between playable characters and strategize on the fly! Along the way, you can also meet and take care of spiritual creatures who will help you. Discover interconnected environments, equip your party with new skills, play mini-games and more as you explore this beautifully crafted RPG action epic, complete with unique outfits and weapon skins to enhance the experience!

August 5

GigaBash (PS4, PS5) – August 5

GigaBash with Chaos Power Stone, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Battle of the Monsters in dizzying proportions of the classic kaiju (Japanese giant monster) movies. Play as an evil Titan or a Titanslayer robot weapon; summon lightning from the sky, use a radio tower as a club, or turn an entire neighborhood (and your enemies) into a giant blizzard. Take enough damage to transform into his final form, the monstrous titanic S-Class.

After the wave: the crash (PS4, PS5) – August 5

After Wave: Downfall is where the player fights monsters and completes various missions with a cool ship. Deatrix took over the world and released a mysterious meteorite, causing a great flood. Players can upgrade their ships to fight the toughest enemies. A Local Co-op mode that allows the player to team up with others on adventures.

gigapocalypse (PS4, PS5) – August 5

As children, playing with our fire-breathing dragons makes us feel powerful, and wreaking havoc is one of the most memorable childhood memories for most of us. Now, Gigapocalypse lets you step into the shoes of these giant monsters. It’s a 2D destruction game with pixel graphics inspired by the classic Japanese Kaiju movies. Gigapocalypse includes a selection of different “Gigas” in the prehistoric era, the unknown space, the lost past. Each Giga has unique abilities, mutations, and many skins that you can unlock as you level up.

abyss (PS5) – August 5th

Earth, 3024. Natural resources are scarce and human life is in danger. Desperate to find new energy sources, ASAN creates a biomechanical robot named Nep2no that can withstand extreme depths in hopes of finding new energy sources. After years of exploration, a new source of energy called Gaia has been discovered. Your mission is to explore the depths and find the Gaia energy stones. To do this, you must control Nep2no by neutralizing gravity and the surrounding darkness with the help of a slowly fading light.

Crazy Chicken Jump ‘n’ Run traps and treasures (PS4) – August 5th

Deep in the jungle, Crazy Chicken searches for a long-lost legendary temple where, according to legend, a vast and valuable treasure is hidden…strangers, forest spirits and lost aliens. Crazy Chicken will have to jump, swing, fight and even shoot to find a treasure hidden deep in the jungle: the WHATSIT mascot!

Roll The Cat (PS4, PS5) – August 5

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to a cat meowing? Roll The Cat is exactly that! In each level you have to push the cats back to bed. Only then will you convince them to go back to sleep. Use your spatial logic to try to get the cats back to bed. A simple and relaxing puzzle game!

Sofia and the Ancient Clan (PS4, PS5) – August 5

When a talented young witch begins to question the rules and teachings of her magical clan, the entire kingdom turns against her! When the true and dangerous nature of her former mentor is revealed, Sofia must uncover the hidden truth and fight for his survival. Freed from her clan’s secret traditions, Sophia discovers new ways to use her magical abilities and body to reach her full potential. Can Sophia surpass her former mentor to become the most powerful witch and save the kingdom from a hidden evil? Sofiya and the Ancient Clan is a traditional side-scrolling action platformer with vibrant pixel art and fluid animations. Run, jump and cast spells as you explore hills, forests, caves, walls, graveyards and more. Activate hidden switches, open new platforms, disable guards or use magic to defeat the relentless monsters, ghosts and various enemies. Fight monster bosses at the end of each area. Winnings will be rewarded with spicy photos to view in your gallery!

The Jumping Nuggets (PS4, PS5) – August 5

Join BIG N on his exciting journey through the kitchen and make it jump! Enjoy colorful comic graphics accompanied by atmospheric music.

August 6

The Jumping Pizza: TURBO (PS4, PS5) – August 6

Join BIG P on his exciting journey through the kitchen and make it jump! Enjoy colorful comic graphics accompanied by atmospheric music.

To warn: It’s worth noting that Sony hasn’t released an official list, so we don’t officially know what’s coming to the PlayStation Store. That being said, above we found this topic through research. We will have a few more releases during the week, and the above games may be postponed without notice. Additionally, games marked as PS4 only may end up getting a PS5 version on the same day – titles marked as both PS4 and PS5 may only have one version per day.

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