Capcom Arcade Stadium 2, save and emulation

Let’s get straight to the point: Capcom Arcade 2 Stadium this is a collection for enthusiasts of the golden age of arcades. It brings together 32 of the studio’s titles, including classics like TV series Street Fighter the and darkstalkersand others traces the fascinating evolutionary chronology of Japanese production.

But not everything is perfect: it makes the mistake of duplicating titles from its other recent collections, and with fewer resources, not to mention title packs. ipsis litteris the originals, with some perfumes, are always at odds with a powerful enemy: The emulation.

Capcom Arcade 2 Stadium combines classic titles and some obscure titles (Credit: Disclosure/Capcom)

A more eclectic collection

Capcom Arcade 2 Stadium Success in offering a diverse selection of titles. There are 32 in total, some of which are considered important to the developer, e.g SonSon (free to play), his version of the classic Chinese novel journey to the westof which manga/anime Dragon Ball also taken.

In the 1980s and 1990s, there are a few games that were popular with the after-school beat-up generation, such as Knights of the Round, A magic sword the and The king of dragonsContains RPG elements, such as a variety of shooting 1943 Kai, Black tiger, Eco Fighters the and The Last Dueland Arcade titles long forgotten, like those two Mega man, The Power Battle the and The Power Fightersit ditches the platform game and focuses on battles against robot masters.

There are even two collections within the pack, each combining three different games: sports Capcom Sports Club and classical three miraclesA platform that combines two well-known games for fans Midnight Wanderers and shoot them down Cart.

For an arcade game that uses the graphical style of Mega Man 7, the two Mega Mans are a lot of fun (Credit: Playback/Capcom)

both of them Mega man For arcade that uses graphic style mega man 7So much fun (Credit: Playback/Capcom)

While there’s a good selection of fighting games (more on that below), the focus is relatively obscure Saturday Night Slam Masters, which features Mike Haggar trading blows with multiple opponents in the ring, is one of the few arcade games that explores the wrestling genre. You can also find puzzles here, for example Block Block, cookies the and Don’t pull (Title 3 three miraclesand least remembered).

Additional perfumes include several different screen filters to mimic old arcade monitors and TVs, with different art and frames, including a typical tilt that simulates a cabinet. All games are displayed in their original aspect ratio, be it 4:3 or vertical for some photography, but you can adjust the zoom closer or further away or choose the full screen option, which of course distorts pixels.

Finally, there is leader boards Online mode to compare scores with other players, challenges for each title and the ability to rewind the action and go back to a previous point to avoid mistakes and stupid deaths. You can also choose between Japanese or Western ROMs.

Saturday Night Slam Masters features Mike Haggar (Final Fight) and yes, the art is by mangaka Tetsuo Hara, Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star (Credit: Reproduction/Capcom)

Saturday Night Slam Masters Mike Haggar (the last fight) and yes, the art was by mangaka Tetsuo Hara Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star (Credit: Playback/Capcom)

Capcom album with duplicate stickers

This is the great Achilles heel Capcom Arcade 2 Stadium. Same as before Capcom Arcade StadiumSome of the titles collected here, especially combat titles, can be found in other packs, e.g Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Capcom Beat ’em Up Bundleand last Capcom Fighting Collection.

Currently, the titles released so far are the three main titles in the series darkstalkers (the first, The Night Warriors the and Vampire Savior), Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Editionthis is the first Street Fighteralso known Fighting Street.

Except for the latter, the others suffer from the standard limitation of the collection: unlike the copies included in previous collections, none of the games here support online play. Play for two can only be done locally.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo had already been introduced Capcom Fighting Collectionand it doesn’t have online features here (Credit: Reproduction/Capcom)

It’s a shame as it limits the ability to enjoy the trio with other people around the world. Street Fighter Alphait delivered great quality titles and added memorable characters to the franchise such as Rose, Charlie Nash, Sakura, Karin, R. Mika, and the invaluable Dan Hibiki of series protagonists Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia. Fighting Artfrom then-rival SNK.

It also served to rescue several fighters from older titles for modern games, such as Gen, Adon, and Birdie from the first. Street Fighterand Guy, Cody, Sodom and Rolento de the last fight.

“Let’s make money” or imitation?

Technically, there is no difference between the stock ROMs Capcom Arcade 2 Stadium and Arcade originals. There is also a special “chip” button to add credit and play. The intention was to appeal to older gamers between the ages of 35 and 55 and recreate the feeling of playing in old arcades in detail.

This is a good initiative from the point of view of game preservation, the topic we are discussing. Of course, there are people who don’t stop emulating these games, they can find the same ROMs on the internet and run them on their PCs or special devices technically for free (except for the hardware costs).

Play Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors’ Dreams It gives me mixed feelings (Credit: Playback/Capcom)

Capcom even realized that this was driving down initial sales figures Capcom Arcade Stadium, which initially only allowed the purchase of more games in bundles. It later released the option for the player to take each title separately, a standard strategy Capcom Arcade 2 Stadium.

Both methods are valid depending on the context. For example, Nintendo continues to have a chaotic strategy of “preserving their brands” with new games, while not averse to emulation at all, which means nothing to save individual titles, such as the decision to sell expired games. ; work Super Mario Bros. 35 it was practically non-existent and worse.

Capcom, as the owner of the franchises, has the legal right to profit from older games and at least tries to make those titles available for each new generation of consoles. There are serious people in the market (such as Phil Spencer) who defend emulation as the only alternative to unpublished rescue games, or as the last line of defense against sector amnesia.

I accept the scenario that a studio can keep their classic games alive even if they pay for them, but in all cases most emulation advocates prefer not to open their wallets; in my understanding, even with its flaws, Capcom Arcade 2 Stadium much more than some companies.

I’m looking at you, Nintendo.

Capcom Arcade 2 Stadium – Data sheet

  • Platforms — PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows (reviewed on PS5, copy provided by Capcom);
  • Developer — Capcom;
  • Distributor — Capcom;
  • Rating system — 12 years.


  • A wide selection of games and a great variety among genres;
  • Rare, obscure titles that have long been (legally) extinct;
  • Multiple customization options.


  • No online multiplayer;
  • Repetitive games from previous builds;
  • Capcom requires collections to be split into multiple volumes.

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