Brazilian indie game discusses the future of Earth

Game Drops received official information from the studio. The Brazilian indie game discusses the future of planet Earth. See details below.

Video game developer PlayPlay Studios announces the debut platformer title Big Earth for PC starting June 23, 2022 on Steam. Apart from challenging puzzles and stunning visuals, the game also offers a different perspective. Seeking to strengthen the conversation about environmental protection, about the relationship between man and nature.

In the adventure, players are reduced to Dr. Kyle Seed – Chief Scientist at Big Earth Labs – is on an epic journey through Earth’s most important biomes in search of the resources and equipment that will restore it to its normal size and save humanity’s future. The gameplay experience includes building platforms using seeds and energy capsules, solving puzzles, changing the speed of time, and viewing stunning visuals inspired by the planet’s fauna and flora.

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Big Earth Labs

In a world where all natural resources are consumed, the work of the Big Earth Laboratories is one of the few ways out of the global crisis of ecological destruction. After an accident in his lab, Dr. Kyle shrinks his size using technology used in environmental protection efforts. Now he must find the equipment to restore the planet and save the future of humanity, as well as restore it to its original size.


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Brazilian indie game discusses the future of Earth. Photo: Publicity/Steam

An indie game with a purpose

The game was developed by brothers Kayo and Daniel Zilli over five years and countless sleepless nights. Big Earth is an independent game developed entirely in Brazil that aims to entertain, entertain and start a conversation about conservation and the future of planet Earth.

– All the power of Unreal Engine: The game, which has been in production for five years on the Unreal Engine 4 platform, uses the latest resources and tools available in the language to create an immersive and amazing environment that can delight even the most experienced players.

– Thinking, but not only: Based on more than 15,000 original photos of plants, insects and animals taken in nature reserves around the planet, the game faithfully recreates biomes such as rainforests, temperate forests, deserts, tundras and more.

– Original soundtrack: Big Earth is a beautiful platformer wrapped in a brooding soundtrack. The track is inspired by the scenarios of the game and helps create the perfect atmosphere to engage the player during the gaming experience. The soundtrack is completely original and composed by Daniel Zilli.

– Adaptive HUD: Hide the interface (Heads-Up Display) and enable photo mode to capture and share the best moments in the game.

About PlayPlay Studios

PlayPlay Studios was founded by brothers Kayo and Daniel Zilli in 2017 and has since been dedicated to the development of their debut title Big Earth. Based in São Paulo, the company is independent and its mission is to produce games that are relevant and purposeful to future gamers. For more information about the company, visit:





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