Ask Dr. Kaye: Why do foods like lentils calm me down?

I endure anxiousness and despair and I’ve observed once I eat sure foods – roots and fermented drinks like lentils and kefir, I really feel calmer. What’s happening and what else will cheer me up?

The intestine is in fixed communication with the mind by the nervous system and by releasing hormones and chemical substances known as neurotransmitters. An excellent instance is once you really feel nervous earlier than an examination or a job interview. As properly as anxious ideas, individuals typically expertise lack of urge for food, nausea and even diarrhea.

An essential a part of this gut-brain axis is the microbiome – the billions of micro organism, viruses, fungi and different microorganisms that stay fortunately in our digestive tract. The microbiome additionally helps regulate the immune system, and there’s some preliminary proof that the well being of our intestine impacts many neurological and psychological circumstances, and vice versa.

I endure from anxiousness and despair and I really feel calmer once I eat sure foods – fermented foods like pulses, lentils and kefir. What’s happening and what else will cheer me up?

We know that stress is linked to adjustments within the variety of microbes within the intestine, but it surely’s not clear why.

It’s essential to notice that no single meals or eating regimen can remedy despair or anxiousness. But some small-scale research present that consuming a wholesome, balanced eating regimen and limiting refined and processed foods like sweets is related to improved temper in depressed sufferers. There can be restricted proof that prime caffeine consumption could worsen anxious ideas.

It actually cannot be due to the meals itself – we all know that merely taking higher care of your self and getting a very good night time’s sleep could be an essential step in coping with psychological well being points.

Foods like kefir – fermented yogurt – pulses and lentils are recognized to assist assist a wholesome and numerous microbiome. If a affected person tells me that consuming foods like this makes them really feel higher, I might encourage them.

Note: Fermented and high-fiber foods, corresponding to lentils, are tougher to digest and may trigger bloating and different digestive signs, so do not eat an excessive amount of too early. Start slowly. If somebody is scuffling with their psychological well being, it is essential to inform a physician – there’s a number of assist we will provide.

I’m getting a knee alternative and the thought scares me. A couple of years in the past I had a blood clot in my lung and I’ve been on blood thinners for the remainder of my life. Will the surgical procedure be too harmful?

Almost all medical interventions have a level of threat. This should be weighed towards the advantages of that therapy in every case to determine the very best and most secure plan of action.

Knee alternative surgical procedure could be life-changing, stopping knee ache and restoring motion.

Risks of surgical procedure embody bleeding, an infection, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT), the place a blood clot types in a deep vein, normally within the leg, and may then journey to the lungs.

I'm getting a knee replacement and the thought scares me.  A few years ago I had a blood clot in my lung and I have been on blood thinners for the rest of my life.  Will the surgery be too dangerous?

I’m getting a knee alternative and the thought scares me. A couple of years in the past I had a blood clot in my lung and I’ve been on blood thinners for the remainder of my life. Will the surgical procedure be too harmful?

Patients typically expertise numbness when mendacity in mattress or with much less motion for lengthy durations of time throughout restoration. Lack of train causes blood vessels to move extra slowly, growing the chance of clots. It is essential for anybody with a medical historical past of epilepsy to tell their medical crew earlier than surgical procedure, as this may assist them higher handle this threat.

There are additionally issues sufferers can do: Smoking will increase the chance of DVT, so stop in the event you can and keep a wholesome weight.

Patients are given compression stockings to put on after surgical procedure – these cut back the chance of DVT. Getting cellular as quickly as potential and transferring your ft and ankles even whereas in mattress can even assist.

I’ve to pee 5 instances an evening, disrupting my sleep. I attempt to keep away from caffeine and do not eat or drink something after 6pm. I had a hysterectomy 30 years in the past.

Nocturia is the medical time period for waking up repeatedly throughout the night time to urinate – and it may be an indication of many issues. In males, this can be as a result of an enlarged prostate. In girls, urinary urgency and recurrent urinary tract infections are widespread after menopause – this may be handled with topical vaginal estrogen. It’s protected for many and there isn’t any threat of HRT – in actual fact it is now an over-the-counter therapy.

Oxybutynin is prescribed for overactive bladder, however it could actually trigger unwanted effects corresponding to dry mouth. Avoiding caffeine, which is a diuretic, ought to assist, and I might additionally advise avoiding alcohol. But ingesting much less just isn’t a good suggestion. If your bladder is overactive, it is going to contract even when it’s not full. The much less you drink, the extra concentrated the urine is, so even a small quantity can irritate the bladder and worsen labor.

If your physician thinks you’ve got an overactive bladder, they could advocate bladder coaching, which goals to get the bladder to carry extra urine. This means step by step growing over time and holding for a couple of minutes when that you must go.

Sexism in drugs must cease


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Thousands of girls are being denied coronary heart assault therapy due to ‘medical sexism’, a examine has concluded.

Women typically expertise totally different coronary heart assault signs than males, together with chest ache, dizziness, fatigue, ache, or indigestion or shortness of breath.

Researchers at Imperial College London examined knowledge from 420,000 instances between 2005 and 2017 and located that one in 20 girls who had a coronary heart assault had been misclassified as not at excessive threat of dying. Some say it was only a “humorous twist” that researchers say led to tragic penalties.

Historically, girls have been excluded from medical analysis—scientists have been reluctant to check medication due to girls’s month-to-month hormonal adjustments or the potential of being pregnant.

It is obvious that extrapolating knowledge from male-only trials is inadequate. Just as a result of we’re totally different from males, it’s flawed to neglect our well being.

Are you continue to struggling to afford HRT?

The authorities’s HRT czar is stepping down after simply 4 months. Madelaine McTiernan has been given the job to deal with a widespread scarcity of some hormone alternative remedy medication, however I am unable to see my state of affairs enhancing as a GP.

Women nonetheless battle to get much-needed hormone medicine, and if something, the scarcity now impacts a a lot wider vary than it used to.

The government's HRT czar is stepping down after just four months.  Madeleine McTiernan has been tasked with addressing the widespread shortage of hormone replacement drugs.

The authorities’s HRT czar is stepping down after simply 4 months. Madeleine McTiernan has been tasked with addressing the widespread scarcity of hormone alternative medication.

Patients are being given prescriptions for HRT solely to search out the chemists have run out, that means they should see one other physician for an alternate which may take weeks. New guidelines launched underneath McTiernan’s watch imply pharmacists can prescribe the same product if a prescription drug does not exist, however many do not appear to find out about it. Of course, there’s extra work to be performed. Struggling to get HRT? Let us know.


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