Ashley is unbearable, but the problem is bigger

Ashley Graham, Leon’s partner resident Evil 4one of the most intolerable and problematic characters games. The girl, who was reduced to the role of a weak girl, was discredited by the public, and the players went so far as to arrest her or kill her. Hope the problem with Ashley is unbearable and will be redesigned for the protagonist Resident Evil 4 remakes.


At one point in the development, Ashley apparently wanted to be Leon’s assistant – an assistant who helped the protagonist on a journey. We meet him at the beginning of the game from the church, and from then on he spends almost all the way on our side. However, the girl did not actually collaborate with the adventurer. It is, unfortunately, the greatest burden.


It is clear that the 20-year-old daughter of the President of the United States has no tactical knowledge. Growing up in the reality of privileges and privileges, it is natural not to know how to use weapons to protect yourself and to be in a situation where an underground organization wants to take over you in any way.

Ashley does not evolve during the narration, and is not limited to being completely weak and hopeless in any and all situations. The girl, who was always crying and talking in a sobbing voice, kept saying, “Leon, help me!” he shouts and calls for help from the player.

Here’s the problem: I, as a player, wanted to tell him to shut up the whole game. And I hated to see myself here.

Even Ashley’s programming seems to irritate her. With non-directional movements, the ally constantly enters in front of the player, impeding the movement and putting himself in a dangerous position. Faced with this, I made it a habit to ask him not to move at the beginning of the room until he had destroyed the enemies in the area and was safe to continue.

Judging by the first meeting with the powerful Regenerator, the most inconvenient situation for me in Resident Evil 4 was the sequence in which you had to protect the house from the zombie horde. After meeting Ashley, Louis Sera first said, “I see the president has equipped his daughter with a lot of ballistics” – and at that point the camera goes down to focus on the girl’s chest. That’s when I realized that not only half of the actors (and the monsters) wanted to capture Ashley as someone who had the opportunity to portray her sexually.


The unprotected girl archetype is one of the most repetitive scenes in games. By putting them in situations that need to be saved, this kind of representation deprives the female characters of power and restricts their right to be heroes.

Julia T. In his article “Gender Media: The Impact of the Media on Gender Attitudes,” Wood analyzes the low coverage of women in the media, which is a major way of distorting the truth. The author argues: “Constant distortion leads us to believe that men are indeed more than women and, moreover, that men are the cultural norm.”

“Men are generally described as active, adventurous, strong, sexually aggressive, and less involved in human relationships,” the author notes. “Equally consistent with cultural views on gender, the description of young, thin, beautiful, passive, dependent, often incompetent, and dumb women as sexual objects” – and the fact that this description fits Ashley perfectly, doesn’t do me any harm. not right. surprise.

In her book, Amazing Girls: Media Interests and Celebrity Culture, Sarah Proyansky emphasizes the central role of the media in society, turning girls and women into “fabulous and sensational visual objects.” The effect of female representation in Resident Evil 4 has the same effect, so it should be problematic.


Proyansky also warns that a non-representative media representation “warns all women that failure is always possible and should be avoided with regular devotion.” In other words, distorted female representations reiterate the need to meet social expectations about women’s bodies and behavior.

The impact and importance of representation in games and other media is indisputable. Therefore, seeing hypersexual characters like Ashley, assistants, escorts, non-actors and subordinates should go down in history.

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