Are eyelash lifts secure? Here’s what you need to know before getting one

For generations, individuals have been trying to find lengthy, darkish eyelashes. Between mascara, false eyelashes, eyelash serums, and eyelash curlers, there are lots of instruments that may assist you obtain this look quickly.

Now, semi-permanent chemical processes like lash lifts strengthen lashes, curl them upwards, get rid of the need for mascara, and make your eyes look larger and brighter.

As with any chemical process, eyelash lifts can have uncomfortable side effects and a few individuals ought to assume twice before making an appointment.

Experts inform HuffPost what you need to know in regards to the security of eyelash extensions.

What is an eyelash carry?

“Lash lifts are comparable to the method of perming your hair,” mentioned Dr. LaTasha Perkins, a household doctor at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. “TThe identical chemical compounds are used to give your lashes a curlier look.”

During an eyelash carry, the technician makes use of a non-toxic adhesive to apply a silicone mildew or defend to the eyelid, the one factor touching your pores and skin in the course of the process. The technician then locations the lashes on high of the mildew, which curves, curls up and out.

The perm answer is then added to the lashes and left on for about quarter-hour. It is then turned off and changed with a tuning answer to full the method, which takes about 45 minutes in whole.

Once completed, this semi-permanent process often lasts till your lashes fall out and are changed by new ones.

It often happens after 4 to six weeks, however that time-frame varies from individual to individual, Perkins added.

Eyelash extensions are secure, however allergic reactions can happen

“Although eyelash lifts are usually thought-about secure, some individuals, particularly these with delicate pores and skin, have pores and skin sensitivities or [an] Allergy,” mentioned the physician. Marisa Garshick, a dermatologist at MDCS Dermatology in New York City.

Specifically, you could have an allergic response to the glue, which may trigger burning, itching, or redness within the pores and skin across the eyes, he mentioned.

So, if you know your pores and skin reacts to sure supplies, you might want to rethink before going to your appointment.

The chemical compounds within the perm answer can irritate your pores and skin

Perkins mentioned “there’s some hazard in utilizing chemical compounds on the hair follicles.” According to beauty firm Plume Hair & Lash Science, the chemical compounds utilized in eyelash extensions differ, however they could embody thioglycolic acid or polyacrylamide, a suspected carcinogen.

Some individuals, Perkins mentioned, can also have an allergic response to chemical compounds or normal irritation. Although the perm answer isn’t utilized instantly to the pores and skin, it may be dripped into the follicles or utilized with a non-technical hand.

“If the chemical compounds are too lengthy, the hair may also be broken,” Perkins mentioned.

However, if you go to an skilled lash lifter, they need to know the perfect time to depart them. Do your analysis forward of time to discover one of the best eyelash carry salon close to you.

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Lash lifts have gotten more and more standard and are usually secure. However, they arrive with some dangers.

Pregnant girls ought to speak to their physician first

The precise dangers of eyelash extensions throughout being pregnant are debated and opinions differ from professional to professional. However, the process is taken into account secure after the primary trimester.

However, regardless of what trimester you are in, you ought to speak to your OB-GYN before going for an eyelash carry.

Perkins, nonetheless, is one of many specialists who imagine that due to the chemical nature of the method, you ought to maintain off till you’re now not pregnant.

The chemical compounds can go from pregnant individuals by means of the placenta to the growing fetus, so docs usually advocate ready till the second trimester to dye your hair and avoiding phthalates, that are generally present in plastics and fragrances, as a lot as potential.

There are not any research on long-term results

Just like another hair in your physique, an excessive amount of chemical therapy can injury eyelashes, says Dr. Nicole Bajic, an ophthalmologist on the Cole Eye Institute on the Cleveland Clinic.

“If you consider your eyelashes because the hairs in your head, it is much less possible,” she mentioned.

“If you’re consistently placing strain in your eyelash follicles, you can have everlasting injury,” she added.

This injury can are available many types, however there’s a lack of know-how about what it could be as a result of eyelash lifts are a comparatively new process.

bajic She added that she worries about long-term results and nonetheless encourages her sufferers to go the old school manner: mascara from a good firm and an occasional eyelash roller.


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