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Things are a little hectic in the emulation business.

In case you didn’t know, it’s already possible Run up to GTA IV on Android more or less and Dark Souls 2 on ultra incredibly satisfying.

However, there is another very hot branch, which is the branch of unofficial ports of Android games.

It’s not about emulation, or fan-made games.

Here are games that have been converted to native APKs for Android or received a compatibility layer through software, a “semi-emulation” type.

The games in this list can be played locally and offline on Android.

In this video you will see the best games that are not available on Google Play.

Video content:

Hollow Knight by Dan Cooper

Dan Cooper’s Hollow Knight is an Android port of the canceled PS Vita version.

Despite the Russian name, the developer took an unfinished Vita version and merged it with the PC version.

It’s so good that someone decided to port the game to Android.

Since there’s very little official information on the subject and the project’s Discord is closed to new users, I can’t tell you whether it’s Dan Cooper himself or another developer who ported the game to Android.

About Hollow Knight, this game is almost unanimous when it comes to indie metroidvanias. A game that promises you nothing and delivers everything. A giant, with many challenges and impressive knowledge.

I saw a great game. Thus, the Silkson sequel was the most popular game at Summer Game Fest 2022.

This port received an update a few days ago that even added several languages, including Portuguese.

The update also brought improved on-screen commands, which are shared with gameboard+ gambiarra.

However, keep in mind that this is not a full port yet. There are some bugs. But if you just want to experience the game on Android, then this port will give you a good idea of ​​what it’s like.


Celeste is another modern and challenging platform game that got an unofficial version for Android.

The Android version of Celeste runs on FNA Player.

FNA is an implementation of the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 libraries converted for Android.

Using FNA, it is possible to play the PC version of Celeste just like a native Android game.

Since this is a raw port of the PC version, a Bluetooth or USB controller is required.

In Celeste, you must help Madeline face her inner demons as she climbs the mountain. A journey of self-discovery filled with endless challenges and hidden secrets.

To play, just get the PC version, download the files to your mobile phone, put them in the Android/Data/FNADroid.Player/files/ folder and install the FNADroid.Player.apk file.


Well, DevilutionX kind of breaks our “not on Google Play” argument, but its core file doesn’t.

You must have purchased Diablo 1 from GOG.COM or downloaded it from there….

Download the DIABDAT.MPQ file in this application folder and Diabo 1 in Portuguese, all configured to work on Android.

And these are ideal children.

Diablo 1 is a game that requires no input. Possessing atmosphere and value in building environments, this game makes the player feel as if he has actually entered the catacombs of hell.

A masterpiece of PC gaming that can be enjoyed in all its glory on mobile.

DevilutionX download link

Doomsday 3

Doom 3 isn’t the most famous game in the franchise, but checking out this shooter on your smartphone is a bit of a treat.

There are two versions of this port, the most recent one is through the Dante engine, which is nothing more than a port of the Doom 3 engine for Android.

But there is a version with Source Engine, which also works very well.

This hack has been around since 2014, but it’s limited to the most powerful smartphones. However, any average mobile phone today runs Doom 3 on Android.

It is at your discretion. Try both and see which one works better on your smartphone.

Even though it’s not a game in the making, Doom 3 seems to me to be a good FPS to play on mobile, especially with this drought we’re in for story-based shooters.


If you paid attention to the previous game, you probably heard the magic words “source engine” and thought, “Hmm, Valve’s shooters would be cool” on mobile, right?

But they are on my holy cell phone… unofficially, of course!

The first thing we’re going to talk about here is the obvious choice….and another example of a game that should have been on mobile for the ages.

Portal is a game design class. The game was developed by a group of college tech students who were later hired by Valve.

The portal was released to the world in 2007.

That’s what Valve was at the time, a game company focused 100% on innovation.

Mixing a puzzle with a shooting game, we control a character trapped in a special laboratory.

We are accompanied by artificial intelligence, which at first seems benevolent. But when we solve the puzzle, we see that its main purpose is to end our lives.

This game has never been officially translated into Portuguese, but if you have access to the PC translation patch, use it, because the story of this game is amazing.

GLaDOS’s dialogue is incredibly cynic. Voice actress Ellen MacLaine’s performance is Oscar-worthy.

Portal full game. A beautiful demonstration of the perfect union between art, refined mechanics, impeccable game design and storytelling. One of the best first person games in gaming history.


The sequel to this game, Portal 2, is equally great, but as of yet there is no way to play it locally and offline on Android…

Even if….

The same guy who ported Source Engine, Discord, and Youtube user Nillerusr is working on a bug fix to bring Portal 2 to Android.

Note: Yes, we know that there is an Nvidia portal on Google Play, but it is only for devices of this brand.

Half Life 1 and 2

And speaking of good game design, we have to talk about Half Life.

Which game would you place in the legendary pantheon of the greatest games of all time? Along with Red Dead Redemption and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The last of us…? ehhhh no!

Half Life 1 and 2

It’s ironic that the game from which Counter Strike was created is better known for its story and mechanics than its gunplay.

Half Life has influenced game developers around the world, including Cory Barlog, the director of the new God of War, as well as the first game in the new Tomb Raider trilogy.

But then again, what’s so great about Half Life, and Half Life 2 in particular?

The amount of innovation in terms of technology and storytelling makes this one of the most important franchises of all time.

Over time and even today, Half-Life 2 impresses with its perfect blend of gameplay and interactive elements. From facial expressions to a rich and detailed world.

Half-Life 2 drew attention with facial expressions and character movements, something that even the next generation games lacked.

In Half Life 1, we follow Dr. Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist who works at a research facility called Black Mesa. The site conducted several experiments with the newly discovered alien crystal.

An experiment goes wrong and several portals open with strange creatures taking over the facility.

What seems like a typical “Doomsday” focus on killing the master and closing off the opening to the rest of the world takes a surprising twist at the end.

Half Life 2 picks up 20 years after the first game. Only seconds passed since the 1 ended for Freeman.

Aliens invaded the earth and destroyed 90% of the earth’s population within 7 hours. The rest are slaves in small towns.

Gordon then appears in one of these cities, City 17. This place is a desert, the people are afraid, and the atmosphere seems to be in 1984 and false, with peace.

Freeman then goes underground to join the last resistance trying to free humanity from the aliens.

Yes, we have wasted a lot of time talking about Half life, but it is the game that best fits the current scenario of mobile gaming.

After all, with a dearth of quality offline shooting games on Android, why not play one of them the best shooter of all time.

Scroll of peoples 3

As with several games on this list, someone ported the engine from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind to Android.

Today, the game is so easy that it works on literally any mobile phone.

Imagine there: a huge offline RPG game full of features, offline and in Portuguese? Considered by many to be the best of the franchise, Morrowind led the way for subsequent games in the franchise, including the legendary Skyrim.

The beauty of this game is due to the freedom given to the players. Nothing is explained by arrows and map symbols in your face. The player must discover everything on his own.

Morrowind has a character creation system that may seem complicated today, but it’s simply awesome. And dialog options? Each NPC has a large amount of interaction options, questions, and answers.

You’ll be amazed at Morrowind because everything is automatic these days. Don’t be surprised that it’s called an “RPG simulator” because you live like a character in the game.

Created in 2002, Morrowind is another classic product of the Internet era. Social media didn’t even exist, so producers had no way to create absurd hype like they do today.

Back then, the game had to be great, otherwise companies would go bankrupt in no time.

Morrowind was born with this goal in mind: to save Bethesda from bankruptcy.

This was reported by Todd Howard in an interview with the cinemabend website

“There were six of us then, right? The studio became so small that I was directing Morrowind, but at the time, when you got to that point, there was an element of fearlessness. What could be worse? We will leave work.

Well, let’s give it all we’ve got. Let’s put all our chips on the table. This is the game people want from us, this is the game we want to make.”

Fortunately, Morrowind was a success, selling 4 million copies.

And how does the port of this miracle work on Android?

Morrowind runs incredibly smoothly and already has dozens of community plugins and patches. Including Portuguese translation patches.

The OpenMW engine port already provides an optimal configuration of screen commands.

Just like the process source engine, FNA and Dante Engine, you download an APK that is a ported engine and that in turn runs a PC game on Android. You can do it legally too, just get a PC with games purchased on Steam or GOG.com and copy the PC game files to your mobile phone.

Another Metroid 2 remake

AM2R or another Metroid 2 remake, as its name suggests, is another remake of Metroid 2 with improved graphics and sounds from the Game Boy PC version.

This remake has also ended up on mobile with an amazing and very well adapted version for Android.

The only issue here is the system version as this game APK requires at least Android 9.0 or higher.

About AM2R, it’s a 2D action game with a large map and lots of exploration.

What’s surprising here is that the Game Boy’s screen has been optimized for widescreen displays. With that, the look and feel of the native aspect ratio game combined with the pixel art has a very beautiful look to it.

The result was very good. It looks like a normal simple game that you start playing and don’t want to stop.

Like all the games on the list, this is an offline game.

Link to download AM2R on Android

Surprised by these games? Also check out our other videos with APK games not on Google Play.

Big hugs and until next time!

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