Apex Legends EA will be one of the most profitable franchises

Like it or not, their revenue-seeking path, in fact, has become a new gold mine in the video game industry as a gaming service. Not everyone is struggling to maintain the public interest, even if they do not achieve the expected success, but those who do so can do much to replenish the treasury of companies, and this is one of the cases. Apex Legends.

Credit: Disclosure / EA

According to a financial report released by EA, the game, developed by Respawn Entertainment, seems to have found its way, despite a sharp decline a few weeks after the grand launch.

Referring to the last quarter of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, the document states Apex Legends More than $ 2 billion. It should be noted that this figure represents the total amount created since the start of the game in February 2019.

However, in May 2021, former EA CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed that the title’s revenue had reached $ 1 billion, representing half of the cost. Apex Legends took place in just one year. Chris Sukh, the publisher’s current head of the financial sector, said the figure was 40% higher than the previous year and was the most successful game of the 12th season.

This increase in revenue also puts the company at a goal of $ 1 billion a year. Of course, it’s not easy to keep up with such a large cash flow, but Electronic Arts has a trick that will be used on May 17th.

This is the date on which we will begin work around the world Apex Legends Mobile, Android and iOS versions, which will bring new game modes, maps and exclusive content for mobile devices. For those who are interested, pre-registration is allowed on the official website of the game.

If the people of Respawn Entertainment do a good job and keep this version with many new features that can be seen in the game for PC and consoles, I hope that its mobile version will also be a great success. If that happens, the franchise could become even more important to EA, and if it is today placed alongside similar titles. FIFA and the Lord of the RingsImagine what the brand will become with the contribution of tablets and smartphones?

At the same time, in 2042 …

But if there is a reason to celebrate when EA arrives Apex LegendsNot to mention what should be one of the company’s biggest launches in 2021. battlefield 2042. Seeing that the number of its players (on Steam) has dropped from 51,000 to 2,200 in the last 30 days, it seems that there is still a long way to go before the state of the game is resolved, as it has suffered from a tough start.

To make matters worse, EA even included the company logo in the report, citing securities it considered to be assets, i.e., those who continued to withdraw money from its coffers. Battlefield Vbut nothing is said about the final part of the franchise. In fact, battlefield 2042 It became the subject of the presentation only when investors asked questions and it was up to the company’s CEO to try to convince them that their game plan was long-term.

“It’s one of the best franchises created by one of the biggest teams in our industry,” said Andrew Wilson. “And our expectation is that it will continue to grow and will be an important part of our portfolio for many years to come.”

Credit: Disclosure / EA

To achieve this goal, the EA commissioned Vince Zampella and Marcus Lehto to “reconsider the development process from scratch”. For Zampela, known as one of the creators of the series Call of dutyit’s to take care of the whole franchise battlefield. As for Lehto, he was responsible for the design of Master Chef and one of the fathers of the series. Halohe runs a studio in Seattle that is involved in a series related to the series.

Already connected battlefield 2042At the moment, DICE is focused on releasing game-enhancing updates, mostly to make its “core” work properly. So, when this finally happens, the studio will dedicate itself to getting the title out of its current state.

While this may seem a bit empty and difficult to fulfill, I do not rule out its rebirth. battlefield 2042. The industry has recently shown us that the first bad effects left over from the game can be reversed, and that’s entirely possible if Electronic Arts has the patience and interest to maintain your FPS. But while Battlefield V As long as it continues to attract so many players, how long will the publisher trust its successor?

A source: video player and the VG247

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