Another 18 British children have contracted mysterious hepatitis.

Another 18 British children have contracted mysterious hepatitis.

  • This brings the total number in the UK to 240 since it was first observed in January
  • There were 170 cases in England, 32 in Scotland, 21 in Northern Ireland and 17 in Wales.
  • The advanced theory is that the strains of the flu have become more severe

Another 18 British children have contracted mysterious hepatitis, which has caused many cases around the world.

Health officials announced new cases today, bringing the total number in the UK to 240 since it was first observed in January.

Of the confirmed patients, 170 were in England, 32 in Scotland, 21 in Northern Ireland and 17 in Wales.

They are mainly found in children under the age of five, but a “small number” of children over the age of 10 have also been eliminated.

Researchers still do not know the cause of the life-threatening liver disease, but they say that the main culprit was a cold.

The advanced theory is that children’s immune systems are weakened by the closure and closure of schools during a pandemic.

The complex has been observed in about 650 children in Europe, the United States, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

At least a dozen teenagers have died and ten need liver transplants. No children have died in the UK.

Mysterious hepatitis has been reported in the United States, Western Europe and several other countries. Around the world, at least 12 teenagers have died and dozens are in need of liver transplants

Announcing the new cases today, Dr. Sophia McKee, Director of Incidents at the UK’s Health Safety Agency, said: “The risk of children becoming infected with hepatitis remains very low.

“Regular hygiene measures, including regular washing of children’s hands, can help reduce the spread of many common infections, including adenoviruses.”

The common culprits – hepatitis A, B, C, D and E viruses – have been removed from recent laboratory tests.

Experts are now working on the theory that they are caused by a group of viruses that cause the common cold, called adenoviruses.

It is unclear whether the mutated strain of adenovirus has become more prevalent, or whether the lack of social contact during the pandemic has made children more vulnerable to current strains.

Dr. McKee: “We warn everyone to be careful of the symptoms of hepatitis, especially if you are looking for jaundice or yellow eyes and see a doctor.”

UKHSA officials said there was no evidence for the Covid vaccine because it was most common in children under five.

They are expected to issue a preliminary report next week.

Symptoms of the disease usually begin with diarrhea or pain. It can then cause yellowing of the skin and eyes.

The U.S. registered 216 cases in 37 states, with Mississippi and Utah being the latest to grow.

No new deaths or liver transplants have been reported in the last seven days, with the total number of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) weekly updates remaining at 14 and six.

The agency did not disclose the whereabouts of those killed due to “confidentiality issues,” but at least one said Wisconsin health officials.

Globally, the UK has now registered the most confirmed and dubious cases of any nation, but this may be due to stronger controls than other nations.

Top experts fear that health officials do not understand what is behind the plight of at least 520 children worldwide since March.

Although mild inflammation of the liver is not uncommon in children, it is a severe disease, as seen in these cases.

Mysterious liver inflammation has also occurred in more than 200 cases in 37 states in the United States.

Q&A: What is the enigmatic global hepatitis and what is behind it?

What is hepatitis?

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, usually caused by a viral infection or liver damage from alcohol consumption.

Some cases resolve on their own, there are no problems, but some may be fatal, and these patients need a liver transplant to survive.

What are the symptoms?

People with hepatitis often experience fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, light stools, and joint pain.

They can also suffer from jaundice – yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.

Why are experts worried?

Hepatitis is more common in children, but experts have found that the current epidemic is more frequent than expected a year later.

According to the World Health Organization, the origin of the disease is unknown and serious.

What are the higher theories?

weakened immunity

British experts, who are tasked with investigating many diseases, believe that the endless cycle of blockades may have played a role.

Restrictions can weaken children’s immunity because they are at higher risk for adenovirus.

This means that even “normal” adenovirus can have serious consequences, because children do not respond to it as before.

Adenovirus mutation

Other scientists say the adenovirus may have “special mutations.”

This means it can be contagious or can improve children’s natural immunity.



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