Almond seasoning improves gut health

Summary: Eating a handful of almonds on daily basis will increase butyrate manufacturing, improves bacterial metabolism, and has constructive health results.

A supply: King’s College London

A workforce of King’s researchers studied the consequences of complete and slivered almonds on gut microbiome composition.

The research, printed as we speak American Journal of Clinical NutritionSponsored by the Almond Council of California.

The gut microbiome consists of hundreds of microorganisms that reside within the gut. These play an vital function within the absorption of vitamins and may have constructive or detrimental results on our health, together with our digestive and immune programs.

The mechanisms by which the gut microbiome impacts human health are nonetheless being studied, however proof means that consuming sure kinds of meals can positively have an effect on the kinds of micro organism in our gut, or what they do in our gut.

Researchers recruited 87 wholesome adults who ate lower than the really useful quantity of dietary fiber and ate typical unhealthy snacks (eg, chocolate, crisps).

The members had been divided into three teams: one group switched to 56 g of complete almonds per day, the second to 56 g of chopped almonds per day, and the management group to an energy-adjusted muffin as a management. The trial lasted 4 weeks.

“Part of the impression of the gut microbiota on human health is thru the manufacturing of short-chain fatty acids corresponding to butyrate. These molecules act as a gas supply for cells within the colon, which regulate the absorption of different vitamins within the gut and assist stability the immune system,” mentioned lead writer Professor Kevin Whelan, Head of Nutritional Sciences.

The researchers discovered that butyrate was considerably increased amongst almond eaters in comparison with bagel eaters. Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that’s the primary supply of gas for the cells lining the colon.

The trial confirmed that individuals who ate complete and slivered almonds improved their weight loss program, consuming extra monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, potassium and different important vitamins in comparison with a management group. Image is within the public area

When these cells work successfully, they create an excellent atmosphere for gut microbes to thrive, gut wall energy, leakiness and irritation, and nutrient absorption.

There was no important distinction in bowel transit time – the time it takes for meals to move via the gut – however the almond eaters had 1.5 further bowel actions per week in comparison with the opposite teams. These findings recommend that consuming almonds may be useful for constipation.

The trial confirmed that individuals who ate complete and slivered almonds improved their weight loss program and consumed extra monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, potassium and different vital vitamins than a management group.

Professor Whelan added: “We suppose these findings recommend that almond consumption might profit bacterial metabolism in ways in which might have an effect on human health.”

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Author: Kevin Whelan
A supply: King’s College London
The connection: Kevin Whelan – King’s College London
Photo: Image is within the public area

Original analysis: Open entry.
“Effects of Almonds and Almond Processing on Gastrointestinal Physiology, Luminal Microbiology, and Gastrointestinal Symptoms: A Randomized Controlled Trial and Chewing Study” by Kevin Whelan et al. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


Effects of almonds and almond processing on gastrointestinal physiology, luminal microbiology, and gastrointestinal signs: a randomized managed trial and a chewing research


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Almonds comprise lipid, fiber, and polyphenols and have physicochemical properties that affect nutrient bioavailability, that are hypothesized to affect gut physiology and microbiota.


To examine the consequences of complete almonds and floor almonds (almond flour) on faecal bifidobacteria (main end result), gut microbiota composition and transit time.


Healthy adults (n = 87) participated in a parallel, 3-arm randomized managed trial. Participants obtained complete almonds (56 g/d), chopped almonds (56 g/d), or an isocaloric management muffin instead of their typical snacks for 4 weeks. Gut microbiota composition and variety (16S rRNA gene sequencing), quick chain fatty acids (fuel chromatography), unstable natural compounds (fuel chromatography mass spectrometry), gut transit time (wi-fi motility capsule), stool output and bowel signs ( 7-day diary) measured at baseline and endpoint. The impact of almond form on particle measurement distribution (PSD) and predicted lipid launch was measured in a single subgroup (n = 31).


A modified remedy evaluation was carried out on 79 members. There was a big distinction in fecal Bifidobacterium abundance after consumption of complete almonds (8.7%, SD 7.7%), slivered almonds (7.8%, SD 6.9%), or management (13.0%, SD 10.2%). There had been no variations; q = 0.613). Almond consumption (complete and floor pooled) resulted in increased butyrate (24.1 μmol/g, SD 15.0 μmol/g) in comparison with management (18.2 μmol/g, SD 9.1 μmol/g); P = 0.046). Almonds had no impact on gut microbiota on the phylum degree or variety, gut transit time, stool consistency, or bowel signs. Almond form (complete relative to floor) had no impact on the research outcomes. Ground almonds resulted in considerably decrease PSD and better predicted lipid launch (10.4%, SD 1.8%) in comparison with complete almonds (9.3%, SD 2.0%); P = 0.017).


Almond consumption has a restricted impact on gut microbiota composition, however will increase butyrate concentrations in adults, suggesting constructive modifications in microbiota perform. Almonds may be included within the weight loss program to extend fiber consumption with out triggering bowel signs.

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