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THE Nintendo handed back Indie worldAn event showcasing the major news of the indie market for transfer, this Wednesday (11). The presentation, which lasted about 20 minutes, included, for example, titles The cult of the LambWe Are OFK, Ooblets and others, they got release windows.


Check out all of the titles listed below:


Ooblets is a farm animal collection game where you can grow your own collection animals and take part in dance-based battles. It was released in early access mode for Xbox and PC through the Epic Games store in July 2020, but will arrive on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch by June and September this year.


Battery: Lost Haven

Baora: Lost Haven promotional photo.

Batora: Lost Haven is an amazing game that combines elements of hack’n’slash style, RPG action and super fun puzzles. Developer Stormind Games describes it as a “deep story-based” game. It will be available in September and December of this year for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Stormmind Games


ElecHead promotional image.

Developed by a man named NamaTakahashi, ElecHead is a cute and adorable platform game that uses electricity as its mainstay. You use it to solve puzzles, move platforms and much more. It’s already available for PC, but the Nintendo Switch will arrive from June to September this year.


a sound

Image of audio journalism.

Soundfall is a rhythm shooting game with musical gameplay. Then you control the girl who is the guardian of Harmony, who is responsible for saving the world from the symphony. You can play it alone or with 4 players. It will be available from March to June this year for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation consoles, Xbox and PC.

Dustic games

wild frost

Wildfrost publication photo.

Wildfrost – A tactical deck builder created by Deadpan Games and has beautifully illustrated maps to use and win in the fight against cute and dangerous snow creatures, as well as map partners and items. It will arrive at the Nintendo Switch later this year.



TABS promotional image.

TABS or Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a physics-based combat game developed by Landfall Games. You can play as samurai, knights, fencing and more in battles with more than 100 wobblers on each team. It is now available for Xbox Series X | S and PC, but will be coming to the Nintendo Switch from June to September.

Landing games


Advertising image of Gunbrella.

Gunbrella is a noir-punk action-adventure game developed by Devolver Digital and Doinksoft, with many side zipper battles and platforms and some traverse mechanics that seem very interesting. It will be available for the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

digital return

We are OFK

We are the public image of OFK.

So far confirmed for PS4, PS5 and PC, We are OFK will also be coming to the Switch. The game is an interactive series about the formation of a musical group of four friends, led by player Itsumi Saito, who has to pay for his dreams, friends, meetings and rent in Los Angeles. This is Team OFK’s first title, which will be available every week after it launches new episodes. The game will come to Switch from June to September 2022.

OFK team


Silt PR.

Silt, an underwater adventure game with puzzle elements from Spiral Circus Games, also appeared on this Wednesday’s broadcast (11). The game, which has an artistic style in black and white, takes the player on a journey into the depths of the ocean, where you have to solve puzzles and unlock mysteries and control creatures to go deeper into the darkness. Silt will come to the Switch next June.

Spiral circus

Mini highways

Mini Motorways promotional image

The Mini Motorways, strategy and puzzle game will be available on the Switch this Wednesday (11). Motorways is a direct continuation of the Mini Metro, developed by the Dinosaur Polo Club and created by the New Zealand studio. To get through the levels, the player must design and build roads to connect different areas of the city.

Dinosaur polo club

Wayward Strand

Journalistic image of Waveward Strand.

Wayward Strand was an interactive story in 1978 at a flying hospital. The protagonist, Casey Boumaris, is a teenage journalist who has to reveal the secrets of the airship and learn more about its inhabitants. The Ghost Pattern game will come to Switch on July 21, as well as for PS4, PS5 and PC.

Ghost Pattern

The cult of the Lamb

Advertising image for the worship of the Lamb.

Cult of Lamb, created by Massive Monster and distributed by Devolver Digital, will hit the Switch in 2022, with no date set yet. In the adventure, action and strategy game, you play like a little lamb who has to travel through mysterious and diverse realms to spread his word and destroy unbelievers and create a faithful community of worshipers to become the only true cult.

digital return

Another Crab’s Treasure

Another promotional image of Crab's Treasure

Another Crab’s Treasure, Aggro Crab’s second game, opened this Wednesday in Indie World (11). The game is a fun live game involving a hermit crab Krill looking for a lost shell. In the complex adventures of the underwater kingdom, the player must improvise shells with what he has to defend himself from enemies. The game will come only in 2023 for Switch and PC.

Other names are:

  • OneShot: World Machine Edition – Launch by June and September 2022
  • Gibbon: Beyond the trees – Available this Wednesday (11)
  • idol manager – Available Aug. 25
  • Card Shark – Order and free demo available this Wednesday (11)
  • Golf curse – Launch by June and September 2022
  • The Book of Babylon – Launch from September to December 2022
  • OPUS: An Echo of a Star SongAvailable this Wednesday (11)

Agro crab

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