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Oh Summer Game Fest This was followed by Devder’s Day after Thursday (9) Double Fine focused indie games. In its tenth edition, the event unveiled new titles such as Time Flies and offered more details of previously published games, e.g. The planet Lanaand confirmed the date of the next Annapurna Interactive Showcase: July 28. Stay tuned for all the announcements below.


Team Flies

Time Flies is a fun game with minimalist graphics about human life. The game converts the lifespan of different countries into seconds, resulting in time to explore the open landscape. The game was developed by the Swedish studio KIDS and is expected to arrive in 2023 for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC.


The planet Lana

Wishfully, an amazing platform game from Planet of Lana has released a new gameplay video that shows the protagonist looking for his sister and exploring forests, rivers and caves with his partner Mui. Planet Lana is scheduled for 2022 for Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC via Steam.


Chu-chu Charles

Chu-chu Charles is a terrifying first-person survival title in which the player must explore the open world and escape the bloodthirsty, fleeing train. The game was developed by Two Star Games and is scheduled for release in early 2023 for PC via Steam.

Two star games

Escape Academy

Coin Crew Games’ Escape Academy has received new information on the stream, including release date: July 14, 2022. Escape Room is a themed adventure game that can be played by one player or two players together, will be released for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC and will be available when launched on Xbox Game Pass.

Coin Crew Games

A little to the left

A Little to the Left is a puzzle and fun game by Max Inferno. At each level, players need to interact and sort out everyday objects, and different solutions are possible. The title is scheduled to be released in 2022 via Steam for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Max is hell

Bear and Breakfast

The player was given the day of the release of the incredibly beautiful Bear and Breakfest, hotel management adventure game, directed by Bear Hanck. The Gummy Cat title will arrive on July 28 for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

cat cat

The animal is good

Pixel art opened with the Metroidvania Animal Well game trailer. The player controls a clear amoeba, which must explore a maze full of mysterious animals. Released by Shared Memory, the game has no release date, but comes for PS5 and PC via Steam.

Shared memory


Produced by sole developer Hiwarp, Naiad is a Zen adventure and exploration game in which the player controls a nymph through rivers and seas. The name is scheduled for 2022 for PCs and consoles.


The root of the pacha

Developed by Soda Den Studios in Argentina, Roots of Pacha is a Stone Age life simulator where you have to help your clan create the tools to shape humanity. The demo of the game is now available on Steam.

Soda Den

From: Memories in the middle

Desta: The Memories Between is a new project by the authors of Monument Valley. The title combines elements of roguelike, turn-based RPGs and sports genres to bring you to explore conflicting dreams and fears. The game appears in the early stages of development.



SChiM is a minimalist 3D platform game where you have to go through the shadows of objects and people and move forward through scripts. Developed by Dutch studio Ewoud van der Werf, the game has no release date yet, but will be released for PC via Steam.

Ewood van der Werf

Fox and Frog Travelers: The Demon of Adashino Island

Fox and Frog Travelers: The Adashino Island Demon is an adventurous game in which the player controls a fox and explores a Japanese city where he is forced to flee a dangerous creature. The title does not yet have a release date or platform.

Rias Beach

Double world

Another Japanese title featured in the show is Goodbye World from solo developer YO FUIJI. Reminiscent of the Undertale game and the process of creating a video game, the pixel backwards adventure game is scheduled for PC in 2022 via Steam.


to be born

From developer Madison Carr alone, Birth is a point and click puzzle game with minimalist graphics reminiscent of Tim Burton’s animation style. In order to create a creature in the game, you need to collect the organs and bones of animals. The game will be released in August this year.

Madison Carr

How to say goodbye

How to say goodbye – this is a tragic journey in which a group of ghosts must come to terms with their death. The narrative game with puzzle elements is scheduled for 2022 and will be available on PC via Steam.

Florian Weltman, Baptist Portefais, ARTE France

Little Nemo and Slumberland’s guards

At the end of the broadcast, Peter Berkman’s new project of the Anamanguchi group was briefly discussed. The game, which will be a colorful subway, is currently in the crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter.

Peter Berkman

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