Alan Wake has been announced for the Remastered Switch

Publisher Epic Games Publishing and developer Remedy Entertainment released the Nintendo Switch version today. Alan Wake Remastered.

The companies opened a release window for the Brazilian spring of 2022 (between September and November), which promised a local (and only digital) version of the game on the Nintendo console, with news to open in the coming months.

See the full Remedy Entertainment report:

We launched it last year Alan Wake Remastered For Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Today, we are pleased to announce that players will be able to visit Bright Falls on the Nintendo Switch. Alan Wake Remastered The platform will launch this fall. The game will be released only as a digital version of the Nintendo Switch and will work locally on the hardware. We will be showing more in the coming months and are happy to share the story Alan Wake with Nintendo fans for the first time.

Learn more about the game below:

About the game

In this award-winning cinematic action thriller, troubled writer Alan Wake sets out in search of his missing wife, Alice. After a mysterious disappearance from Bright Falls in the Pacific Northwest, he finds pages of a horror story he wrote but does not remember.

Wake is compelled to challenge his sanity, for with each page the story becomes a reality in his eyes: an unnatural form of dark enmity draws everyone against him and turns him against himself. He has no choice but to resist the forces of darkness armed with his flashlight, his revolver and his ruined mind. He seeks an answer to the mystery of his mind and leads him to the terrible depths of the night.

Alan Wake Remastered The expansion of the main game and its two stories – Signal and Writer – now gives you a complete experience in amazing 4K graphics. The tense, episodic story is full of astonishing twists, heartbreaking thrillers, and battle sequences that require more than a bullet to overcome the darkness. The game’s regular scenes, the role of its eccentric characters, and the spectacular landscapes of the Pacific Northwest have been enhanced to give an equal experience to its visual impact and its disturbing atmosphere.

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