After the tax cuts, experts say it’s time to buy the PS5

Almost two years after its launch in November 2020, the PlayStation, one of the main consoles of the new generation, costs about Rs 5,000 in Brazil. Of course, the high cost has alienated consumers, so President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has announced a fourth tax cut on electronic games. Still, is now the best time to invest in technology?

Playstation 5 has conquered consumers around the world. According to Sony, the console has sold 20 million units worldwide. The company does not have specific numbers for Brazil, but it is more difficult to buy here: this equipment comes to the country with limited stocks and sometimes it is difficult to get it, even if you have cash.

“Despite the high price, several units of the PS5 or its rival Xbox Series X sold out quickly when they reached the national retail market,” said Bruno Silva, a journalist who specializes in Chippu games.


Oh megacities Despite the high price and limited stock, I talked to experts in the industry to understand that the PS5 is a good time to buy.

One of the public concerns in the market for two years has been resolved, and the Playstation 5 has already garnered many titles. In addition, the console has its own important points. The best games released for the platform for Portal do Nerd editor Eric Lima are The Last of Us 2, Horizon Forbidden Wes and Elden Ring.

Eric defends the purchase at this point: “I think this is the perfect time to choose the PS5 as a console. Even more so when the new PlayStation Plus launches soon, you have more catalogs in the subscription plan. More than 400 games for 389.90 BRL a year.”

Bruno Silva believes the moment still calls for caution. “Waiting for a console is always wise. Falling prices are a trend, but even if it lasts longer due to the semiconductor supply crisis, the devices themselves have updates that fix hardware issues, and even newer models that are more efficient and less flawed. ”

The “historical trend” must also be taken into account. In the previous generation, Sony lowered the price of the first PS4 in two years to the device on the market. The PS5 is going through exactly that period. Therefore, despite the above-mentioned problems in the market, there is an expectation that values ​​will begin to decline.

Tax cuts

Now a good incentive for those who want to buy, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has announced that a new reduction in import tax (II) rates on video games, consoles and their accessories will take effect from July 1. This is the Executor’s fourth attempt at this.

The measure works as follows: the rate for importing parts and accessories for consoles and video game machines will increase from the current 16% to 12%. Screens are installed (portable or not) and the change for video games with their parts can be from 16% to 0%. The solution is that it can lead to a significant reduction in the amount paid by the end consumer.

The effects of a pandemic

The Kovid-19 pandemic is still affecting the market. In 2020 and 2021, the difficulty of finding PS5 consoles for sale has increased.

By 2020, only one company, Taiwanese TSMC, was responsible for 50% of global production of semiconductors (conductive material), which is needed for almost all types of electronic components, from cars to video games.

The technology has been severely damaged by the pandemic, production disruptions and disruptions. A scenario of difficulties has arisen with the lack of procurement of equipment such as home offices and computers and tablets, and the growth in demand.

“The shutdown of factories at the beginning of the pandemic has put in place orders that the semiconductor industry could not keep up with,” recalls Bruno Silva.

The dollar is high

The rise of the US currency against Real Madrid is another reason for the high cost of the PS5 in Brazil.

“The devaluation of the truth will worsen this scenario. Here, as video game companies produce consoles, some materials still need to be imported to complete production, ”concludes Eric Lima.

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