After I was diagnosed with hypochondria during childbirth, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer

The new mother says she was diagnosed with cancer while giving birth by caesarean section, and doctors diagnosed her with tumors in her ovaries, lymph nodes and abdomen.

Lois Walker, 37, said her startling diagnosis came after experts dismissed her ongoing symptoms as “anxiety” and called it “hypochondria.”

A new mother from the UK said she has had a stomach ache for more than 12 months – but her son Ray was born in 2021 through a C-section to make a correct diagnosis of stage 4 cancer.

The three said they called their doctor 20 times during the pandemic, went to the emergency room again and again, prescribed medication for anxiety and warned their mother to stop breastfeeding.

After his doctors finally found the cancer, he underwent six rounds of chemotherapy and two surgeries. But now they say there is no way to stop the disease by killing him.

“It was totally satanic,” Walker told the Southwest News Service. “They call themselves medical professionals and they have to take care of us, but that’s negligence.”

Walker and his partner Dale Whistow with their son Ray. A Dove Valley Practice spokeswoman told SWNS: “We are saddened to hear Ms. Walker’s concerns about her care. We reviewed Ms. Walker’s care and referrals for tests and shared with her at the time.
Lois Walker / SWNS

Walker first experienced unusual bath habits and abdominal swelling in June 2020, but after his first visit to Dove Valley Practice and Barnsley Hospital in the UK, he was told he may have irritable bowel syndrome.

When he consulted a general practitioner because of the worsening of his symptoms, he was offered only medication to calm his hypochondria.

“I went to the doctors, but I couldn’t tell them anything new because they always had the same symptoms and they treated me with antacids,” he said. “Then I was told there might be health concerns, so they put me on citalopram.” Citalopram is a drug used to treat depression, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Lois Walker and Dale Vistu
He had been battling strange and painful symptoms for a year before being diagnosed. However, a spokesman for the Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “We urge any patient with concerns about the care received to contact our Patient Advice and Complaints Group, which will investigate the patient’s concerns in a timely and appropriate manner. Method. Method.” .
Lois Walker / SWNS

But Walker, who previously suffered from skin disease, asked his doctor, “Do you think I can’t have cancer?” However, he said he was “getting older” and his body was “not working”.

“I just think he could have been caught earlier, so I wouldn’t have been diagnosed late – I’m leaving my three children behind,” he said. “If the NHS doesn’t recognize that everything needs to change, I feel sorry for everyone and no one.”

In December 2020, she found out she was pregnant. Fourteen weeks later, she said she became very ill after learning her son’s gender, unable to walk or eat, and that the pain became “more tolerable” each time she became pregnant.

“The doctor said my weight was the same as it was 12 months ago, at which time I was nine months pregnant – it didn’t ring any bells,” he said.

With the sons of Lois
She is pictured with a mother of three, her son Ray and another son, Ronnie.
Lois Walker / SWNS

When his condition became unbearable, he said that he would die if the doctors did not take him seriously. He was hospitalized and given morphine to alleviate the pain, but treatment was stopped there.

“Then the last drop was that they had to involve a mental health team because I said we both had to put an end to our lives and I’m ashamed to say that,” he said.

After months of demanding a deeper examination of her symptoms, her doctor found a mass behind her uterus and prompted her to give birth the next day – when they found cancer.

In September 2021, she gave birth to her third child and was diagnosed with an incurable disease.

Lois Walker gave birth through Section C.
Doctors called it hypochondria and dismissed their concerns.
Lois Walker / SWNS

“When they opened me up, they said, ‘Didn’t I think you had an operation on your stomach?’ he said. and I said I didn’t say it, ”he recalls. “Then I found out something had been found, and they called a few doctors.”

“They basically told me to send biopsies because my stomach was so sore that I had to wait. But I still knew, ”he continued. “The doctor actually took my hand and cried. He said he would actually take me down.”

However, a spokesman for Dove Valley Practice told NS, “We are saddened to hear Ms. Walker’s concerns about her care and that she did not listen to SWperson. We reviewed Ms. Walker’s care and test referrals and shared with her at the time.

A spokesman for Barnsley Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust also told the news agency, “It’s unfortunate to hear that Ms. Walker is concerned about her care.”

The spokesperson continued: “We urge any patient with patient care concerns to contact our Patient Advice and Complaints Group, which will investigate patient concerns to take timely and appropriate action.”

Lois Walker's stomach ulcer
When the doctor opened his stomach, he was diagnosed with an internal organ disease.
Lois Walker / SWNS

But apology and chemotherapy did not help much for Walker, whose cancer was still rampant and had become terminal.

“Because my liver was attached to the diaphragm, I had to have it cut. My bladder was attached to the back of my uterus, so I had to cut it off, and all my eggs came together, ”she said. “Then I received a strong message that it was in my stomach, stomach and liver. Of course, this is never good – they are my most important organs. ”

Due to his illness, his family formed an online fundraising organization in favor of Cancer Research UK.

In a page written by his sister, Walker called the newborn a “miracle” and said it was “not a big success by the NHS.”

“We plan to wait for him as long as possible,” he said at the end of his story.

Although the fundraiser is receiving donations for cancer research, no love or money can save Walker. Now she is trying to live as long as she can because she is focused on fighting the disease.

“It’s just about living comfortably, how long I’ve been here, we’re there now,” he said.


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