Achievement game and its ridiculously easy platinum christian games

Winning a platinum trophy means you’ve done something difficult and difficult. In other words, you have really dedicated yourself to the game. In some cases this can be difficult, and in others it will take several hours. But lately, that reputation is getting weaker and weaker.

There have been a few games that have followed this philosophy in the past, and there are still a few that still exist, but Sony itself has placed the platinum trophy on games that are easy to find. Just finish the game and clear it (usually it doesn’t require a full clear) and the platinum will come and everything is easy to do. Lately, it’s been making up for it with more difficult DLC trophies, but for those who only care about platinum, it’s easy.

PSN Trophies

Famous companies

Over time, companies started offering games with easy platinum. But some publishers paid full attention to this issue. Ratalaika Games and eastasiasoft do it carefully: they release indie games that are sincere, but platinum is obtained in a short time (although it offers much more than platinum, you do not need to advance much in the game asks).

On our YouTube channel, we’ve started offering guides to these lightweight platinums from these two companies (and a few others). Check it all out in this playlist of 92 videos and growing.

But there are companies that are totally committed to it. You may have noticed ThiGames games: they all “jump” something like Taco, Pizza, Sushi, Burger and more. In most cases, it’s just the same game as changing the main character.

The Jumping Pizza

Breakthrough Gaming

Now we have Breakthrough Gaming. Your games will turn heads because the image looks like it was made in Paint. But there is something very interesting about this story.

Search about the company and you will find its official website. There’s a description of their philosophy: “Breakthrough Gaming creates Christian-themed video games that you can play today on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Windows 10, Windows 11, smartphones and tablets.” Exactly what you read: games try to convey a Christian message. And not coincidentally, their launch always happens on Sundays.

We are not here to discuss what the company wants to offer, but rather its platinum. All Breakthrough Gaming titles have ridiculously easy platinums, but they try to offer something extra, like bowling or other genres. But lately they have managed to outdo each other.

Achievement Game Visual Novels

For the past few weeks, Breakthrough Gaming has been offering visual novels. We know that, in general, Visual Novels don’t go solid platinum. Most of them allow you to skip the whole story by choosing only the items you need to get all the trophies. There are some cases like The language of love, from Ratalaika Games, you just have to start the game and it will progress automatically. There’s no choice and platinum is yours in less than three minutes.

But what about Breakthrough Gaming? His visual novels are less likely to go platinum 15 seconds. You didn’t read that wrong: platinum can be earned in less time than it takes to get to this paragraph. Of course, you can read the entire content of the game, but we know that the company does not sell the game for this, but precisely for those who want platinum on their profiles.

And the most interesting thing is its price. The language of love, mentioned above, costs R$ 64.50 on the PS Store (although there is currently a 60% discount). It’s not something that’s affordable considering what it has to offer. Breakthrough Gaming’s visual novel games are only R$2.60 (US$0.49 abroad).

The following games in this style are still available next Sunday:

Below you can see the platinum Welcome to Mark’s Story in Project World: Summer Ice (Visual Novel)released today:


What I want everyone to learn from this story is that platinum numbers on any player’s profile mean nothing these days. With a ridiculous amount of simple, short, and cheap games, having 100 or 1000 platinum means nothing. Here is the record of a system that had the chance to show its real achievements, but is still flawed today.

It’s unlikely that Sony will pass on this, but you can use it as a real achievement to separate games by difficulty. Sites like PSN Trophy Leaders allow you to do this (click on “Difficulty” under “Sort by”). So you can see which player got platinum.

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