According to the useless, that’s what happens when you die

What happens when we die? It’s a query that has plagued humanity’s best minds for so long as people have possessed them – and has lately grow to be the topic of various new scientific research.

Now, a web-based discussion board has posed this query particularly to those that have clinically died and are available again to life, and acquired lots of of responses.

Although the veracity of the responses needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, responses to a big survey on this subject fall into three classes.

There are those that really feel nothing in any respect; mild expertise and any interplay with different human/everybody; and people who felt that they have been watching what was taking place whereas they have been “dying” unable to do something.

The first group corresponded intently with the responses of the solely Redditor who had formally died, and twice invited questions from different customers on the subject.

The latter group, in the meantime, appears to agree with the work of Dr. Sam Parnia, who, cardiac arrest sufferers, described that almost 40 % had some kind of “consciousness” when they have been clinically useless.

Here’s a style of a few of the responses from Reddit customers – they do not appear to have come to a consensus on the subject but:

“I used to be having an angiogram, the display and speaking to the physician. Alarms went off and everybody panicked. My world went delicate and foggy and every part went black. The subsequent factor I keep in mind was opening my eyes and listening to the physician say, ‘We bought her again.’ It was truly a extra peaceable feeling than anything.”

“One day I collapsed throughout class. My respiratory and circulation stopped. I felt like I used to be falling right into a bottomless pit as my friends cried for assist. I got here again to life. I do not keep in mind a little bit time earlier than and after loss of life.”

“The heroin overdose EMTs stated my coronary heart had stopped. I did not see something, like a dreamless sleep.”

“I collapsed at a piece assembly in February 2014 and had no pulse or coronary heart rhythm for about 5 minutes. my final reminiscence was about an hour earlier than the incident, and my subsequent reminiscence was two days laterwhen I got here out of a medically induced coma.”

“I used to be flat for about 40 seconds. That’s it unconscious, as if asleep with out dreaming.”

“Pure, good, steady sleep, no desires.”

“I keep in mind a little bit of the ambulance, however not from my physique. It was the strangest expertise I’ve ever had. It might have been a dream, however I noticed my unconscious physique in the ambulance. I keep in mind there was a man in the ambulance with me (I did not see him till I handed out) with mint inexperienced hair, I can not keep in mind his title, however when I remembered three days later I requested.’

– I used to be standing in entrance of a giant wall of sunshine. It stretched up, down, left and proper so far as I might see. Like placing your eyes 6 inches from a fluorescent mild bulb. The subsequent factor I keep in mind is waking up in the hospital.”

“I used to be standing there. There was a fog round me, and I noticed my finest buddy (who I had a combat with at the time and stopped speaking to me) got here out of the fog. He stated I can not go but, I’ve to strive, if I promised not to quit, he would see me again on the floor. I undoubtedly agreed, and I instantly pushed into my physique.”

“I’ve a vivid ‘flashback’ of myself being taken to the hospital in an ambulance Standing in the emergency room, I seemed down at myself / others are in the ambulance.”

“When I coded, I do not keep in mind the feeling of floating, although I used to be in a position to keep in mind the particulars of what occurred when I “died”. on the different aspect of the room. No white lights, no useless kinfolk, nobody telling me to return, however I might see issues that have been invisible from the place my physique was. I keep in mind speaking and getting offended as a result of nobody answered me. My mom informed me, “You did not say something, you’re useless.”

“I noticed nothing. Black, lengthy clean, however I felt like every part was positive and nothing was flawed. Imagine that the earlier existence is the identical as the subsequent existence.”

[This article was originally published in October 2015]

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