According to experts, 8 warning signs that you should stop drinking beer – do not beat it

So you put the coffee mug on the floor, listening to the signs that you should stop drinking coffee immediately. And what are the warning signs that it’s time to stop drinking beer?

First, regular and excessive alcohol consumption can lead to serious health problems. Here are the negative side effects of drinking alcohol daily at the Mayo Clinic). And don’t be fooled by the fact that beer, for example, looks “sessional” (i.e., it’s easier to overeat in one sitting on the taste buds) than a martini. Although occasional drinking is good, experts warn that drinking too much or too little alcohol every day can have serious health consequences.

“As with all alcoholic beverages, drinking too much beer can be harmful to your health. It’s easy to do, especially in session sessions. You don’t care how much you consume,” he says. Kim Yavitz, RD, a registered nutritionist and owner of a gym in St. Petersburg. Louis, Missouri. In the short term, drinking too much beer can lead to digestive problems, “irritability”, poor sleep, headaches and behavioral problems. Regular drinking increases the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and liver damage. Heart disease , depression, some types of cancer, financial difficulties and relationship issues. Yes, we do not accept any of the above, please and thank you.

In the future, the general signs and symptoms should stop you from boiling that immediately.

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If you drink beer regularly and have high blood pressure, it may help to reduce or eliminate it. “Drinking too much alcohol can often lead to high blood pressure, as well as more serious heart conditions such as heart disease and stroke,” he says. Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, An inclusive plant-based nutritionist in Stamford, Connecticut, and plant owner with Amy. “In fact, according to the World Health Organization, 7 out of every 100 deaths worldwide from hypertensive heart disease may be related to alcohol.”

Drink a pint of beer

If you notice this, it’s time to put the bottle down and seek help. “The more beer you drink, the more immune you are to its physical and behavioral effects. This adaptation, called functional tolerance, may seem like a good thing if you really like beer, but it’s actually a major red flag, and you need to reduce it.” Явиц. “Even if you don’t try to make noise, functional tolerance may make you feel safer to drink more beer, and this will increase the likelihood of health problems over time.”

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“While alcohol helps you fall asleep because of its sedative properties, it prevents deep sleep. Blocking vasopressin (a hormone that prevents water loss) causes frequent urination, which doesn’t even improve the quality of your sleep!” says a registered nutritionist Kylie Ivanir, MS, RD. “Don’t drink beer before bed for optimal sleep.” In addition, drinking too much beer can lead to poor sleep and poor brain function day and night. “Alcohol impairs your ability to sleep deeply and worsens your brain fog throughout the day,” he says.

Daytime fatigue can be a sign of reducing or eliminating beer from your diet. “Throwing a cold drink or two can help you relax at night, but it won’t do you any good the next day. Alcohol can disrupt your sleep cycle and cause you to fall asleep during the day,” says Yavitz. “In one study in 2018, sleep quality decreased by 9% in adults who drank only one or two drinks, and by 39% in those who drank more than two drinks. Reducing beer – especially in the evening – helps you feel more energetic at work.”

The beer harms the liver

Take your annual physique just to see if your liver enzymes are elevated? There are many reasons for this, but from these medications to infections, it can be a sign of drinking too much beer. “If your blood tests are high for liver enzymes like AST or ALT, it means your liver needs a break,” says Ivanir, who recommends replacing beer with soda and lemon if you like a holiday drink for a night’s rest.

The sad woman by the window is thinking

Or stress. Or both? If you suffer from stress or anxiety, evaluate whether you drink beer. “Pira increases cortisol levels and increases feelings of stress and anxiety,” says Ivanir. It’s time to load up on these foods to deal with anxiety, exercise to release endorphins, and make an appointment with a therapist.

It hurts a lot

If you notice how often you get sick, then your beer habit may be to blame. “If you drink too much, it can weaken your immune system – which increases your chances of getting sick. According to the World Health Organization, alcohol abuse can even increase your risk of contracting HIV,” Gorin said. “This is due to a decline in immunity, as well as dangerous sexual behavior accompanied by alcohol abuse.”

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Yes, it’s not fun. And that beer clock may be to blame for the ritual. According to Ivanir, if you suffer from cancer, you can try your beer. “Carbonation in beer can increase swelling in some people, so it’s best to use a flat option like wine.” Looking for de-fuf? Check out these 15 best (and instant!) Anti-cancer foods.

If you seem to have more stomach, ah, long-term, pay attention to how much beer you drink. “If you’re overweight or notice an increase in belly fat (even if you’re overweight!), You can benefit from cutting down on beer,” says Yavitz. “Most beers contain between 60 and 300 calories in 12 ounces, and even if you drink in moderation, the calories will increase quickly. There is also some evidence that your body burns less fat for a few hours after drinking alcohol, so it’s a good idea to reduce it.” if you’re trying to lose weight and you’re not seeing the results you want. “

gluten sensitivity

Do you feel bad every time you drink beer? It could be gluten. “Most beers are made from wheat, barley or rye, all of which contain gluten and can cause your symptoms,” says Ivanir. “While there are gluten-free options on the market, it’s a good idea to switch to a truly gluten-free option, such as wine.”

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