According to doctors, the general symptoms of low testosterone

  • Loss of libido and fatigue are the most common symptoms of low testosterone, doctors say.
  • Hormones can also affect your mental focus, mood, and muscle and strength building.
  • A blood test can determine if your testosterone is low and if treatment can improve your symptoms.

Testosterone is an important hormone for muscle, bone strength and sexual health, especially in men.

Low testosterone levels can cause a number of health symptoms, and as the number of people grows, their experiences and treatment options are opening up, Dr. says. Elise Brett, an endocrinologist in New York City.

“I think the awareness has increased and it’s more convenient than patients have already discussed and asked for a checkup,” Brett told Insider.

A blood test can determine if you have a testosterone deficiency and rule out other possible explanations for any of the symptoms.

Potential red flags that you may want to check for testosterone levels include changes in mood, energy, fitness, focus, and sexual health.

Doctors say decreased libido is the most common complaint that leads to testosterone testing

According to Brett, the most common reason patients ask for a testosterone test is their sexual desire.

However, low libido a day or even a week may not be a cause for concern.

“Symptoms usually appear within a few months,” he said.

Other possible explanations for short- and long-term loss of the sex drive include stress, performance anxiety, and lack of sleep.

Mood swings and symptoms of depression may be hormone-related

Another common symptom associated with low testosterone is a persistent, decreased overall mood. Along with other symptoms, this may be a signal to check your hormones.

“I see a lot of men, maybe not


But it seems that the mood will decrease and treatment will help, ”said Brett.

Difficulty building or maintaining muscle and strength can also be a symptom

Because testosterone is an important hormone for muscle building, low levels can lead to muscle loss or loss of strength, says Dr. Gabe Mirkin, sports medicine specialist.

However, using testosterone therapy to increase strength and muscle mass deficiency can lead to unexpected side effects, Mirkin says.

“If it’s normal, you’re not in anyone’s place when you take testosterone,” he said.

Fatigue or loss of endurance are also negative effects of low testosterone

According to Brett and Mirkin, patients with low testosterone lose energy and become more tired during the day or unable to perform the exercises they were able to do earlier, including exercise.

Forgetfulness and blurred vision may be signs of screening

According to Mirkin, another possible sign of low testosterone is cognitive problems. Patients find it difficult to concentrate without thinking, he said.

A healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of hormonal problems

While there is no reliable way to prevent low testosterone, healthy choices can support healthy testosterone levels, doctors say.

According to Mirkin, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, not smoking and abstaining from alcohol can help prevent factors such as inflammation that can interfere with your hormones and overall health.

“Diet is incredibly important,” he said. “Your diet should include fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, limited meat, sugar and fried foods.”

If a test shows you have low testosterone, doctors will look for the underlying cause, like any other illness, Brett said. Treatment may include testosterone replacement through gels, injections, tablets, or patches.

It is important to work with your doctor on the right dose and timing, as treatment can sometimes interfere with your body’s ability to produce its own testosterone.

“The longer you stay, the more dependent you become,” Brett said.

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