A complete list of the best characters

Genshin Impact, like virtually all gacha-style video games (though it is nonetheless a decent RPG), nonetheless makes the participant depending on characters and synergy to attain difficult goals.

Therefore, The enemy With the options and components of the RPG model 3.0, HoYovers has ready a complete list with all the characters in the recreation.


SS degree

Characters are normally very uncommon, however they work in virtually any composition and have a huge effect.

  • Ayaka – DPS/Cryo
  • Bennett – Support/Pyro
  • Hu Tao – DPS/Pyro
  • Kazuha – Support/Anemo
  • Kokomi – Support/Hydro
  • Raiden Shogun – DPS/Electro
  • Xiangling – Secondary/Pyro DPS
  • Xingqiu – Medium/Hydro DPS
  • Yelan – Secondary/Hydro DPS
  • Zhongli – Support/Geo

C diploma

Some characters are nonetheless uncommon and all stay highly effective, however at a extra “management” degree than these listed in SS.

  • Albedo – Medium/Geo DPS
  • Ayato is DPS/Hydro
  • Chile (Tartaglia) – DPS/Hydro
  • Diona – Support/Cryo
  • Eula – DPS/Cryo
  • Fischl – Secondary/Electro DPS
  • Ganyu – DPS/Cryo
  • Gorou – Support/Geo
  • Heizou – Secondary DPS/Anemo
  • This is DPS/Geo
  • Soul – Support/Anemo
  • Kuki Shinobu – Support/Electro
  • Mona – Support/Hydro
  • Sarah – Support/Electro
  • Shenhe – Support/Cryo
  • Sucrose – assist/Anemo
  • Tignari – DPS/Dendro
  • Traveler (Dendro) – Support / Dendro
  • Venti – Secondary DPS/Anemo
  • Yoimiya – DPS/Pyro
  • Yoon Jin – Support/Geo

Grade A

There are additionally 4 star characters right here and they’re straightforward to get. It’s nonetheless doable to place collectively good groups right here, however possibly construct a composition with some of the ones talked about in the earlier ranges.

  • Beidou – Secondary/Electro DPS
  • Collei – Support / Dendro
  • Diluc – DPS/Pyro
  • Dory – Support/Electro
  • Keqing – DPS/Electro
  • Klee – DPS/Pyro
  • Qiqi – Support/Cryo
  • Rosaria – Support/Cryo
  • Sayu – Support/Anemo
  • The Traveler (Electro) – Support’/Electro
  • Xiao is DPS/Anemo
  • Yae Miko – Secondary/Electro DPS
  • Yanfei – DPS/Pyro

Grade B

  • Barbara – Support/Hydro
  • Jeongyun – Support/Cryo
  • Ningguang – DPS/Geo
  • Noelle – DPS/Geo
  • Thomas is a DPS/Pyro

Grade C

  • Kaeya – Medium/Cryo DPS
  • Lisa – Secondary/Electro DPS
  • Razor – DPS/Electro
  • Xinyan – Support/Pyro

You additionally want to grasp what every characteristic means, DPS, assist, and the like. At this level:

  • DPS: the principal supply of staff injury, a personality designed to enhance allies and deal as a lot injury as doable;
  • Second DPS: The overwhelming majority of Genshin Impact combos are constructed with two methods to deal injury, with Secondary DPS coming into play if it is extra suited to fight than main DPS, or if the character has a capability that may solely be used whereas it is on. area;
  • To assist: not essentially healers and the like, but in addition characters whose talents assist others get well vitality, deal extra injury, or acquire stamina.

It must be famous that this list is ready on the foundation of private opinions and the group of the portal. Genshin.ggHoyoverse’s largest on-line useful resource for RPG data.

This list can be up to date as Genshin Impact updates, so verify again to see the place the new characters are allotted.

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albedo image under the influence of genshin


the image of the beydu under genshin influence


photo of genshin impression barbara


the image of kaeya ​​in genshin influence



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